If you are not acquainted with the Countertop Water Filter, then we’re introducing you with the easy to use, simple water filtration system- Countertop Water Filter.

This countertop water filter is excellent for removing contaminants and chemicals existing in tap water. Besides, it reduces bad smell and taste of tap water and turns water into good, clean water for drinking and other uses. This is hassle-free to use as you can keep on your countertop and you won’t have to worry about mounting a heavy unit.

This is very beneficial for the people living in rented flats. Mounting heavy filters isn’t always possible in rented apartments; then this can be the best solution. Some of countertop water filters will help you to upgrade the immune system and loss weight. These filters will improve your health by improving your water quality.

When you decide to buy a countertop water filter, then it may seem a confusing task to you because of varieties of water filters available on the market. You should choose the perfect one for you, and for this, you may get help from this article.

Best Countertop Water Filter – Comparisons

Product NameFilter CapacityWeightPrice
Product Name:
APEX Countertop Water Filter
Filter Capacity:
750 gallon
5 pounds
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Product Name:
Aquasana Countertop Water
Filter Capacity:
450 Gallon
2.95 pounds
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Product Name:
Berkey Countertop Water Filter
Filter Capacity:
6000 gallon
8.82 pounds
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Product Name:
CleanWater4Less Countertop Water
Filter Capacity:
10,000 Gallon
3.35 pounds
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Product Name:
Brondell Countertop Water Filter
Filter Capacity:
5,000 gallon
6.2 pounds
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Best Countertop Water Filter – Reviews


People who don’t want to bear the hassle of using bottled water, this water filter will help them a lot. This will save your money and energy of buying bottled water frequently for your home. You will get rid of this tedious and money wasting job. Besides, if you stop buying bottled water, you will eventually contribute to saving the world from the harm of plastic bottles. The universe is getting polluted day by day, and bottles are one of the leading causes of this pollution. If you set up your source of purified water, then you will help in the reduction of plastic bottles.

The primary function of this water filter is removing contaminants existing in tap water. It generally removes radon, sediment, giardia cysts, chlorine, cryptosporidium, mercury, and toxic pesticides, etc. It is efficient in reducing bad taste and odor of water. It will improve the taste of your water undoubtedly indeed. Thus, it will improve the quality of water and provide you with clean, pure, and better tasting fresh water.

Overall, this water filter is certified by NSF and FDA for providing safe and pure water. You can install it without any hassles as it comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions. You can choose among the beautiful colors the most suitable one according to your choice to increase the beauty of your kitchen.


  • Cost-effective
  • Environment-friendly
  • Available in various dazzling colors
  • Great for contaminants removal
  • Connects to any standard faucet
  • Simple to install


  • Sometimes, the faucet creates a problem in using


This Aquasana Countertop Water Filter performs outstandingly in the removal of contaminants up to 97% and removes 11x more contaminants than the leading gravity pitcher. It eliminates 77 contaminants in total, including chlorine, mercury, lead, turbidity, asbestos, particulates, volatile organic compounds, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, atrazine, chloramine, and others.

There are activated carbon, catalytic carbon, ion-exchange which work efficiently for filtering water and removing of harmful contaminants. You can use it without any mess as you can install it only by attaching it with your faucet. It will save the space of your sink and minimize the hassle of installing and maintaining heavy units.

Additionally, it keeps the healthy minerals of water like magnesium, calcium, and potassium for providing more healthy and pure water for your family. So, you can enjoy better tasting, healthier, pure and clean water with this Aquasana countertop water filter.


  • Reduces 77 contaminants and bad taste and odor
  • Easy to install and use
  • Saves your kitchen space
  • Turns normal tap water into healthy, pure and fresh water
  • Keeps healthy elements for healthier drinking water


  • Expensive
  • Water pressure decreases


If you want a water filter with huge water holding capacity, then this Barkey water filter is suitable for you. There are four types of filters with different holding capacity. Travel Barkey water filter can hold 1.5 gallons of water. It will be ideal for small families and travelers. This is so compact that you can carry it on your travel.

Royal Barkey filter can hold 3.25 gallons of water. This will provide clean and fresh water by removing the food color from water and keeping the essential elements of water. Imperial Barkey filter can hold 4.5 gallons of water, and the Crown Barkey water filter can hold 6 gallons of water. These filters are suitable for commercial place comprising of huge members.

You can choose the filter which can meet your needs. The advantage of this Barkey water filter is that it allows you to choose the most suitable one for you. It comes with two Black Barkey filters and two PF2 filters which work efficiently for removing contaminants and providing pure and healthy water with better taste.


  • Available in different size
  • Made of stainless steel and is beautifully designed
  • No need for electricity or water pressure
  • Easily portable


  • Possibility of overfilling
  • Expensive


If you are searching a cost-effective water filter for you, then very few water filter can be comparable with this Cleanwater4less countertop water filter. This is great in price and works very effectively.

The filtering capacity of this water filter is impressive because it can filter out all the harmful elements, bacteria, and chemicals of water. This turns ordinary tap water into delicious, sparkling, and pure water. There will be no need of replacement as it can filter 10,000 gallons of water. So, it will save your money of replacing cartridges.

It comes with such a simple installation process that you won’t need the help of any tools. There is a classy diverter valve which will be attached with your faucet easily. Buy this easy to use a water filter for your home and get relieved from buying bottled water. Besides, it will enhance the charm of your kitchen as it is made of stainless steel and is suitable for the kitchen of any design.


  • No replacement filter
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • 10,000 gallons filtering capacity
  •     No tool installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Compact


  • No filter replacement indicator
  • Not much durable


It comes with a three-stage patented Nanotrap technology which provides high-quality filtration which is mostly available in complex counter systems. It is unique, classy, and stylish; I design which will suit your kitchen design and enhance the allure of your kitchen. For dispensing water, there is a push-button control which is comfy to use.  It will fit with any faucet easily with included adapters.

You can install it without any hassle within just 10 minutes, and filter replacement is also hassle-free and straightforward. You can rely on it the provided water quality because it meets NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, and 372 and is tested and certified by WQA. It works efficiently like complex reverse osmosis systems.

Overall, this water filter will eliminate contaminants with three advanced water filter like a composite plus filter, nanotrap filter, and carbon block filter. These filters will remove pesticides, industrial chemicals, turbidity, herbicides, microorganisms, volatile organic compounds and bad odor and taste from water. Enjoy fresh, pure, and healthy water with this water filter.


  • Elegant and simple in design
  • Hassle-free to use
  • Three stage filter for contaminants removal
  • Tested and certified


  • The on/off button disables after a long period of use
  • The replacement cost is expensive


When you decide to buy anything, then you must have a clear idea about the thing before you buy. This will allow you to buy the best and the most suitable one for you. Likewise, if you want to buy a countertop water filter, then you must keep in mind some factors before buying.

There are varieties of countertop water filters of various size, price, and filtering capacity. This may make the task difficult for you to buy the perfect one for you. In this situation, we are here to provide you with the best countertop water filter buying guide. This guide will direct you how you’ll choose the best countertop water filter for your home quickly.

There are some factors which you should consider before you buy the countertop water filter, like:

Filtration capability:

As filtration is the primary function of the countertop water filter, so you should think at first about the filtration capacity of the filter you’re going to buy. You should buy the filter which will be able to remove the contaminants, heavy metals, chemicals existing in your tap water. Some water filter can’t remove all the pollutants and chemicals. So you must be sure about the fact that the filter you are buying can remove the particular contaminants found on your tap water.


Generally, the size of the filter matters while buying a filter. There are usually two kinds of countertop water filters. The water filter pitcher isn’t connected with the faucet but is very comfortable to use. You need to fill up this filter with water after a certain period. This type of filter is portable, so it’s ideal for traveling and commercial use.

The faucet filter is the type of filter which you can attach directly to the faucet and so it is more comfortable to use. This filter will allow you to get fi8ltered water anytime you want.

Water Quality:

Usually, we use a water filter for improving the quality of our tap water. The water filter you are buying must need to improve the quality of your water and provide you with clean, pure, and delicious water for your whole family by removing pollutants from your water.

Size and Space:

When you go to buy a water filter for using in the countertop, you must think about the space of your countertop. If your family consists of many members and your countertop is wide enough, then you can buy a large water filter which will fit in the space where you’ll place it. Here, we’ve mentioned about water filter of various size and shape; you can select according to your choice.

Ease of installation and use:

If it is comfy to use and maintain, then you must fall in love with your accessories. So, if you buy a water filter with easy maintenance and use, then it will be useful for you. Some water filters come with a straightforward installation process; you can install them without any tool and use them comfortably.

Filter Replacement cost and process:

Filter replacement is an important fact when buying a water filter. Some countertop water filter needs to be replaced after a certain period. So, consider the cost of replacement before you buy it. Besides, if the replacement is a lengthy and challenging process, then it may seem a troublesome task for you. So, think about the replacement cost and process before you buy the filter.

Appearance and Design:

Some of us want to buy things which match with their design of the room, kitchen or shower. This type of people can choose the water filter, which is most suitable for their kitchen design and has a good appearance.

Alkaline Water:

Some countertop water filters can make your water alkaline. Alkaline water can improve the immune system, digestive system. Besides, it will hydrate your skin and help to lose weight. This type of water filter will help you to lead a healthier life.


Here we’ve mentioned five best countertop water filters with all details and functions. All the water filters have amazing features and provide clean and pure water. These works efficiently for the removal of harmful elements, chemicals, heavy metals, lead, etc.

We are recommending the Brondell Cypress Water Filter System as it comes with unique technology for reducing contaminants and filtering water efficiently. It is unique in design and luxurious in look, which will adjust with your kitchen design easily.








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