Are you finding cleaning dirt and allergic particles from corners of your stairs? Are your stairs covered with carpets that acts as a host for many allergens to stay? Well, to help yourself keep the air clean and the stairs free of dirt there is a requirement that you get the best vacuum for stairs.

Hence, to help you get one for yourself, we came up with a guide that consist of details regarding 5 vacuums that perform in an amazing way. Each of the products are dedicated for keeping your stairs and the environment of your house beautiful, hygienic and fresh. You will definitely find one for fulfilling all your requirements.

  1. Dyson V8 Animal:

For cleaning the hair or far of animals that is present almost everywhere in the house, you will need a vacuum that is lightweight. And with Dyson V8 Animal vacuum, you will have a complete hassle free time since it is cordless and very light weight for moving around.

Reach very difficult corners to make the space completely hair free by converting it into a handheld vacuum. You can use it for not only the stairs but also for car seats. Control the intensity of the suction power depending on your requirement and the time you have. There is a maximum power mode that helps you with cleaning the dirt within 6 minutes.

The power of the vacuum comes from 2 tier radial that creates a cyclonic motion for increasing the air flow and to also capture very tiny dust. Hygiene is something that is being taken care by the vacuum at all times. The machine is powerful for taking in allergens for making the air that you breathe in very clean. You will get to clean spider webs on the sealing on any dirt buildup using the vacuum cleaner seen it can be extended.

  • Pros:
  • The vacuum cleaner is chargeable and can be used for 30 minutes straight for cleaning.
  • You can clean the stored up dirt inside the vacuum cleaner without needing to touch them, since there is an ejection method.
  • Very lightweight and hassle free to use since it is cordless.
  • High in terms of versatility since it can be used for all the rooms of the house and as well as car seat.
  • Cons:
  • For the battery to get charged completely it requires four hours of time.


  1. Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum:

If for allergic purposes you don’t own carpets, then you surely do have a house that consists of hard floors. And keeping the hard floor clean all the time by mopping specially if you have a pet, is surely tough. But no anymore! To ease your tough situations, you will need a Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum.

The vacuum can be used for both hard floors and carpet cleaning with just flip of one switch to turn the high cleaning power mode on. You will be getting a telescopic wand included with the vacuum to help you clean off dirt from difficult areas that you are unable to reach.

Cleaning the dirty cup has been made very easy since you will not get your hands into contact with the dirt for hygiene maintenance.  It is mess free and takes very less time to empty.

  • Pros:
  • No fuss of wrapping the cord of the vacuum. The cord can get automatically wrapped with the help of one button that you need to press with your legs.
  • Very lightweight so it can be moved around the house easily.
  • The vacuum can be used for cleaning different kinds of surfaces.
  • The vacuum cleaner will not take much storage space since it is small in terms of dimensions.
  • Cons:
  • The vacuum is cordless; hence you have the limitation on the distance that you can clean away from the power source.


  1. Shark Pet Perfect II:

Cleaning pet hair do require a special technique. That cleaning convenience cannot be felt with normal floor contact vacuums with long tubes. Hence, Shark Pet Perfect II vacuum has a hand holding system. You will need to just take it near difficult spaces with your hands. The vacuum has longer body for proper suction and as well as a wide head.

Since, it is cordless you have no issue or limitation of distance that you need think of. You will just charge it and start cleaning the places seem dirty. You will not need to think of where you need to store the vacuum since it is small in size and weightless.

The price of the vacuum is affordable and as well as it has strong suction power for cleaning of tough fur of animals that tend to attach with carpets.

  • Pros:
  • Comes with different cleaning accessories for applying different techniques.
  • Cordless and convenient hand-held system.
  • Lightweight makes it very easy to carry around.
  • Very convenient to store as it is not large in terms of size.
  • Cons:
  • The price of the replacement parts for this vacuum is very costly.


  1. Black and Decker 20V Max:

For maintenance of hygiene specially people who are allergic to certain particles, do need to make sure that their vacuum stays clean and free of dust. Hence, you will get that opportunity of maintaining hygiene with the Black and Decker 20V Max. The filter is washable and as well as very easily removable.

The vacuum provides you a very convenient and hassle free cleaning experience since it is cordless. You will see clean your exhaust from the vacuum since the 3-stage filtration system prevents the dirt and debris from escaping.

You will get 3 attachments with this vacuum for professional cleaning experience. You will get one dusting brush that flips up, a crevice tool and one stick vacuum attachment with a floor head. You can store all these attachments together since you will get a storage tool box. The vacuum consists of lithium ion batteries that can provide high power for enabling proper suction and so that the power does not fade off easily.

  • Pros:
  • The vacuum is indeed very versatile since you can use it for cleaning ceiling fans, car seats, rugs and as well as stairs.
  • Comes with a convenient pet hair brush.
  • Powerful lithium ion battery provides great suction power.
  • Lightweight and also comes with a storage box for keeping all the attachments safe inside it.
  • Cons:
  • The hose of the vacuum is flexible up to 4 feet only, to increase your reaching distance you will need something to stand on.


  1. Hoover Pet Max Complete:

Why should vacuums be only used for cleaning floors or carpets when it can be used for more? Yes, you heard it right. With Hoover Pet Max Complete vacuum, you can clean stairs, car seats, ceilings fans, furniture and anything where you see your pet’s hair.

You will be getting a hose that can be extended up to 12 feet for reaching high areas above you. your house will always have a clean air to breath in since all the dirt and debris even in the corners of your home will be cleaned of. To add more, if you are in those lazy days where you don’t feel like vacuuming, with the flexible dusting brush you can remove hair.

Once, the dirt and all the allergic substances enters the vacuum, it won’t get released at any cost. The filtration system of the vacuum allows 97% pet hair and the dirt to enter inside. With the unique allergen block technology, the particles don’t get the chance of escaping through the air.

  • Pros:
  • Lightweight and easy to store.
  • Filter can be rinsed with water for maintaining hygiene.
  • The vacuum is indeed versatile since you can use it to clean animal hair from all sort of surfaces.
  • Great suction power for taking hair out from difficult areas like car seats.
  • Comes with a hose that is expandable up to 12 feet.
  • Comes with warranty.
  • Cons:
  • This vacuum is costly in terms of price compared to other vacuums.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, after reaching the end of this entire guide you surely found out the best vacuum for the stairs of your residence. We assure you that whichever vacuum you have chosen will not cause any sort of disappointment. We have selected the 5 best ones in the market for making sure that you only buy something that is high in terms of quality, durability and versatility.

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