After paying around 250 bucks you get to purchase a good quality gas grill for the preparation of juicy and smoky grilled meat. Isn’t it necessary that you make sure that your gas grill remain protected when it is not under use? Hence, to make sure that your huge investment remains safe, you need to best grill cover for your gas grill.

We all know very well, that gas grill is not meant to be stored indoors as it takes up a lot of space and also the amount of heat required to run a gas grill can rise the temperature of the indoors. The solution is to keep the gas grill at a safe place at the backyard or outdoors.

Therefore, if a gas grill is stored outdoors it is obvious that it will be affected by moisture, water, wind, dust and any obstacle that is thinkable. So, to make sure that you can keep your gas grill protected you can choose any of the grill cover that we have listed below. We have picked out 5 that are the best.

  1. ICOVER BBQ Grill Cover:

If you want to give your expensive gas grill the protection it needs for lasting life long, then it is the ICOVER BBQ Grill Cover that you are looking for. The heavy duty grill cover will ensure that your grill stays protected from all sort of dirt and debris.

To add more, no matter what sort of weather it is, be it the summer or the rainy season your grill will remain protected outdoors. The cover is definitely water resistant and as well as UV resistant. This will ensure that your grill stays protected from getting rusted and also the harmful UV rays will not be causing any sort of harm to the outer construction of your gas grill.

You can cover your grill in a convenient way because of the 2 handles that it has on both the sides. Apart from ease in taking the cover over the grill and off the grill, the handle can be used for easily hanging it whenever the grill is being used. Also, you can make sure that the cover does not get blown off from its position as the cover comes with 2 adjustable straps for securing it.

  • Pros:
  • The cover is dust resistant, water resistant and as well as weather resistant.
  • Sewed by double threading to protect the grill from getting ripped off.
  • Prevents air from getting inside because of having a concealed air vent design.
  • Comes back money back guarantee and 1-year warranty.


  • Cons:
  • The grill cover is not suitable to fit all the brands of gas grill. Compatible with specific brands only.


  1. Simple Houseware Waterproof Gas BBQ Grill Cover:

Don’t fear any longer about the grill cover blowing away with the gush of wind. The Simple Houseware Waterproof Gas BBQ Grill Cover will surely hold on tight with the fasteners straps that they have to secure your expensive gas grill from getting damaged.

This ultimate grill cover can be fasted on both the sides to ensure that your investment on the gas grill is worthy. To add more, the grill cover is made up of very high quality and durable polyester fabric that is rip resistant so that it does not get worn out easily.

For ensuring further longevity of the grill cover, you can easily clean it time to time after quite weeks by just hosing it down with splash of water. And to dry all the moisture off just let it stay under the sun.

Because of the cover being water proof and dust proof it is completely weather resistant. You can let your gas grill stay outside staying completely stress free of it being damaged because of harshness of the climate.

  • Pros:
  • The cleaning process of the cover is very easy.
  • Made up of heavy duty material so it will not get easily worn out.
  • Covers up the grill completely and prevents air and moisture from entering inside.


  • Cons:
  • The cover is not suitable to cover any other objects other than gas grills.


  1. Vic Tsing Grill Cover:

Are you worried where you will be storing your huge sized gas grill inside your residence? Don’t be anymore! The Vic Tsing Grill Cover is the toughest of all that has the capability of protecting your grill from all kind of forces. You will now be able to store your gas grill outside of your houses at the backyard without any stress.

With the help of two handles that comes with the cover at both the sides you can make your gas grill wear it on without any fuss. There are also two straps at the end of the grill cover that can be used for fastening so that no water and moisture can enter inside through any sort of opening.

Elements like wind, sand, storm, rain, dust and anything that is thinkable cannot do any sort of harm to your gas grill any longer. The durable material of the grill cover protects from all and as well you will witness the cover not wearing out any time soon and will last you very long. All your investment will be worth it.

  • Pros:
  • The cover is UV resistant to prevent sun from deteriorate.
  • Made up of very heavy duty material for not easily wearing out.
  • Cannot be blown off easily because of strong straps for fastening.
  • Very easy and convenient cleaning, simply hosing with water will do.


  • Cons:
  • You will need to be sure that your gas grill has dimensions within 58- inch x 24-inch x 44-inch.


  1. Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover:

We all do like our things to remain good as new. Don’t we? For such reason the Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover will be something that you will definitely love. The grill cover has been made to be fade resistant so that it does not decolorize because of the harmful UV rays falling on it.

Furthermore, even if it is freezing outside you will not see the grill cover getting cracked at subzero temperatures. To add more, the cover is being promised to give well protection under all circumstances and weather without getting affected in any way.

The cover is not at all lightweight. This makes sure that it easily does not get blown off by wind and also it can be fastened securely. The cover has been constructed with waterproof vinyl lining for ensuring protection from the rain.

  • Pros:
  • Manufactured by using high quality heavy duty vinyl.
  • It is weather resistant, making it perfect for preventing all sort of forces.
  • Comes with two handles for conveniently covering the gas grill.
  • Perfect for covering various type of gas grill.
  • Very versatile and can be stored easily.


  • Cons:
  • The cover must be air dried after hosing with water.


  1. Homitt Gas Grill Cover:

How do you find out if a grill cover is durable like it claims? Well, you will see the cover double sewn with edge and connection like how it has been done with the Homitt Gas Grill Cover. Being durable sewn this grill cover has been made rip resistant to prevent getting cracked because of tough freezing conditions.

Hang your grill cover safely indoors, whenever it is not being used or whenever you have to allow it to dry after cleaning it. The grill cover comes with two convenient handles to help you with these two purposes. Also, making the grill wear on the cover will not be a hassle any longer because of these two handles.

You can first initially cover the grill up and the using your hands you can drag it down. You can stay assured that this grill cover will be lasting you very long because the UV resistant property of the cover will make sure that it does not get faded out easily.

  • Pros:
  • Water repellent feature of the cover makes sure that moisture does not enter inside and cause the grill to get rusted.
  • Heavy duty material of the cover makes sure that it can resist all sort of forces.
  • Very versatile and can fit almost all popular brands of grill.
  • Comes with a storage bag with the cover.
  • Cons:
  • The grill cover is not suitable for grills that are smaller in size than the size of the cover.


To sum up, if you are searching for the best grill cover then this article is the place where you will find one. Anyone that you will choose will ensure that your gas grill remains protected under all circumstances. Getting a grill cover will ensure that all your investment behind it is worth every penny.

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