Culligan WSH-C125 Filter Head Review

Hair is an important part of our body. Most of us are concerned about our hair. A healthy bath plays an important role in protecting our hair from damages.  In most cases, hair damage is caused due to improper shower system and water with chlorine and sulfur. That’s why the shower system and water quality is the first thing to consider about protecting your hair from damages.

I was suffering from hair fall for a long time. I couldn’t find the reason of my hair fall. One day, I found that hair fall can be caused due to water mixed with chlorine and sulfur. Then I found the reason of my hair fall. So, I decided to buy a water filter shower head. I bought Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered shower head and I think it was the right choice. Now, I have been recovered from my hair fall problem and my hair has been silky and smooth. This shower head is just amazing and very helpful for hair and skin. If you are suffering from hair fall, then I highly recommend you to use this shower head and notice the difference with your own eyes.

Culligan WSH-C125 filtered shower head is a wall-mounted chrome filtered shower head with a message. It has anti-clog rubber spray nozzles which offer 5 spray settings for added comfort. It includes whr-140 filters sulfur odor, chlorine, and scale for a full 10,000 gallons or 6 months giving a cleaner, softer and smoother hair and skin. It can be installed on any standard ½” threaded shower arm. It has five-year warranty. It has patented filter media Bacteriostatic and it limits passage and growth of bacteria for a pure and clean shower environment.

The Culligan wall mount showerhead reduces Chlorine and scale buildup for a softer and smoother shower. You can have a mellifluous and pleasant bath.  It reduces harsh chlorine levels and damages scale buildup and thus it offers a refreshing and regenerative shower experience. The strain system dispels up to 99% of chlorine and the excrement within water that can destroy hair follicles which result in parched and itchy skin and scalp. Besides, it is able to offer you hydrating aliment that your skin, hair and scalp need by decreasing the extent of scale which is a ticklish and translucent relic, created by minerals in water.

This showerhead offers five spray settings to befit your temperament in the purpose of offering you a softer, mild and more nourishing, reviving shower. Select from a full-body spray for utmost water coverage, to a bracing pulse for a reviving and relaxing muscle massage. Varied spray settings will provide you with varied flow of water and will give you a relaxing and refreshing shower. Here are the five spray settings available in the Culligan Wsh-C125 wall mount filtered shower head which will provide you with clean and pure water while bathing.

  1. Soft Rain Spray:   If you feel that the flow of water is very cogent to your body and you aren’t feeling comfortable with the flow control, then you can select soft rain spray. It will provide you with soft and smooth water flow.
  2. Full Body Spray:  While taking a bath, if you want maximum water coverage you can use Full Body Spray setting. This setting will provide you with a lofty flow of water while bathing.
  3. Full Body Spray/ Rain Combo: If you want to alleviate your strain feeling, then the Rain Combo Spray Setting of the Culligan Showerhead will provide you with absolute relaxation and freshness while bathing.     
  4. Pulse Combo: Full water stream with the message is applicable in the Culligan Showerhead with the help of Pulse Combo setting while bathing.
  5. Invigorating Pulse:  Invigorating pulse setting of the Culligan Shower Head will provide you with an energizing and reviving muscle message through which you can take a refreshing and smooth bath.

The most beneficial thing about this showerhead is that it can be installed in a very simple way without any tool. It can be installed within minutes by using the included Teflon tape. You will have to wrap the tape around your existing shower arm, and fix the head- no tools are needed. You can do it by yourself. You’ll instantly enjoy fresh and clean water.

This showerhead filter system is tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 177 to reduce chlorine. The wall mount showerhead will provide your family fresh, pure and chemical free showers. Moreover, this showerhead successfully filters water for 6 months or 10,000 gallons- before it needs changing. It means it needs to be replaced every 6 months.

This showerhead is inexpensive. Moreover, it has five-year warranty, which is great considering its price.

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  • Clog free nozzle available in the Culligan Showerhead.
  • Without any tools, easy to complete the installation.
  • Replacement is possible and replacement filters are cheap!
  • Inexpensive and affordable for all with low price top Rated Shower Heads.
  • Allows you to extract chlorine in only the shower.


  • Doesn’t extract hard water and soap scum and it’s not a long term solution for extracting hard water.
  • If your shower faucet is old, tools are needed for installation
  • No best handheld showerhead coalition comes along with the Culligan shower head.


Overall, the Culligan WSH C125 wall mount 10,000 gallons capacity filtered shower head is an outstanding and inexpensive solution to water problems causing hair damages and dry skin. Besides, it decreases odors present in water supplies. It eliminates 99% of the harmful chlorine from water while bathing. It acts as a health protector of my family and me. It’s very safe to use and long lasting as it is certified by NFC which is safer certification to use Culligan WSH-C125 wall mount shower head.

The system is inexpensive enough that they can be fitted to every shower in the house and requires no tools.  But replacement filters need changing every 6 months. (they are relatively cheap)

This isn’t a solution for hard water problem, as it’s a water filtration system. So, if your hard water problem is acute, then you should try a water softener.  But for everyone else, this is a great option at a very affordable price.

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