Water is the most essential and important part of our daily life. We use water for many purposes and water temperature is an important thing to consider.  We can’t use the water at normal temperature all over the year. During winter, we feel the acute need for hot water. But, most of us don’t use hot water because of not getting it ready instantly. A water heater can be a perfect solution for this situation.

A Hybrid Water heater can supply hot water all times.  It is a water heater with a storage tank which uses a unique technology to keep your water hot all times. But when you decide to buy a water heater for your home, you may become confused about which one should be bought and will be best. Nothing to worry at all, you’re at the right place.

Here, we’ve tried to mention the Best 4 Hybrid Water Heaters with buying guide as you don’t become confused and can take the right decision to buy the perfect Water Heater for your home.

Best Hybrid Water Heater – Comparisons

Product NameSizeItem WeightPrice
Product Name:
Westinghouse 80 Gal. Electric
80 Gallon
Item Weight:
151 pounds
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Product Name:
Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump
50 Gallon
Item Weight:
200 pounds
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Product Name:
Zojirushi CV-DSC40 Hybrid
Item Weight:
8.6 pounds
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Product Name:
Eternal BU195M Condensing
19.5 Gallons
Item Weight:
105 pounds
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Best Hybrid Water Heater – Reviews


Our first choice is Westinghouse 80 Gallons Water Heater, a water heater with amazing features to fulfill your need and requirements. This 80 gallons water heater is for large residents with multiple families. It is 23.25×69×23.25 inches in dimension with 4,500 wattages and 240voltage.

This water heater is rust and corrosion resistant with stainless steel construction. It can deliver temperature from 110 Degrees F to 170 Degrees F. It will provide you with hot water without any cold water mixing. The heating elements with low density will protect burning out. This water heater with 98% thermal capability has a lifetime limited warranty. It can deliver 84 gallons at first hour and 20 GPH recovery rate at 90 ̊rise.


  • Long lasting and durable with 316L stainless steel construction
  • Always produce water at the desired temperature
  • 98% thermal efficiency
  • Perfect for large families
  • No mixing of hot and cold water


  • Heavy in weight and expensive in price


This water heater has high 2.0 Energy Factor (EF). The most notable feature of this water heater is that it has 3 operation modes. The 3 modes are Energy Saving Mode, Normal Mode, and Electric Heat only mode. You can choose from these modes which will adjust with your needs. This feature will enable you to set your desired mood and save your energy as well as money.

This water heater is long-lasting for its durable construction. This is a water heater with multiple technologies which makes it longer lasting than other water heaters on the market. It has anode rod protection to lengthen the tank’s life. You can hardly find a water heater with plenty of such benefits.

This water heater works actively which means it will save your energy and money. Besides, it has 3 types of drain connections like inlet, outlet, and condensate.


  • 3 operating modes
  • Durable
  • Works efficiently


  • Sometimes, all the modes don’t work properly


This one is going to be the perfect item for your kitchen or your personal use. As this is 8×11×14 inches in dimension, it has a 4-liter capacity which is enough for your needs. It will be able to supply warm water for you all the times. It has three different temperature settings to adjust according to your requirements.

You can choose from one of the three settings like 175 degrees, 195 degrees, and 208 degrees. It will be very beneficial for you as it has Auto shut-off and timer settings. You can use this without any hassle of turning it off when you aren’t at home. It comes with an energy-efficient feature which will save your energy and money. It will keep your water warm for a long time without consuming energy.

Overall, this one is durable with stainless steel construction and very user-friendly.


  • Durable and user-friendly
  • 4-liter capacity
  • 3 different temperature settings
  • Auto shut-off and timer settings


  • Not suitable for the whole family


This one is going to be the most expensive water heater on this list. But you won’t have to worry about the cost, if you want a long-lasting water heater with multiple settings and to use for multiple purposes, then nothing can be compared with this unit. This is 32×22×18.5 inches in dimension and perfect for most residential and commercial use.

This heater is safe to use and environment-friendly product as it doesn’t leave any carbon footprint behind this. It comes with a 98% running capability and energy saving feature. This one is suitable for big houses consisting of many family members and for commercial use with a flow rate of 19.5 GPM.


  • A flow rate of 19.5 GPM
  • Suitable for multiple purposes
  • 98% efficiency and ultra-low radiation


  • Expensive and only for large houses and multiple commercial purposes



The first thing you should look at when buying a water heater for you is which tank you’re going to set with the water heater.  There are many options to buy, but the glass-lined tanks are more durable and long-lasting. This type of tank is rust and corrosion resistant and is able to give the best results.


The size of the water heater is an unavoidable thing to consider. You should have a clear idea about the space you’re going to fit the water heater. So, you should find a suitable place for your water heater where the heater will adjust perfectly and will work properly.


The capacity of the water heater means what amount of water it is able to hold. You should buy a heater with a holding capacity fulfilling the need of your family members. The more are your family members, the more should be the capacity of your heater.


Hybrid water heaters are more efficient than electric and gas water heaters. This will save your energy as well as money. So, you should think about the energy efficiency rate of your heater before buying.


Cost and durability of the water heater is a very significant thing to consider. You need to buy a heater which will be durable according to its cost. In some cases, if you want a longer lasting water heater for your home, then you may have to spend a little bit more money. Durable water heaters are able to give the best services for many years.


The display is an integral thing which most people consider while buying any product. When you are buying a heater, then you should buy a user-friendly one. The heater should have simple settings which are comfortable to use.


The water heater should be made of anti-scale build up elements. This feature will ensure the durability of the water heater.


The installation process is a must thing to be considered while buying a water heater. Units with easy installation process don’t require plumber’s help.  But the heaters with difficult installation process are better to be installed by the plumbers.


Water heaters made of stainless steel are the most durable and long-lasting.  Besides, heaters with brass drain valves are more durable than plastic drain valves. So, while buying a heater it’ll be better to buy a heater with stainless steel construction and brass drain valves.


A high-quality water heater means a heater made with durable elements like anode rod protection, corrosion resistant, and stainless steel body. A high-quality water heater is going to give you the desired services for a long time.


Recovery rate is a vital thing to consider while buying a water heater for your home or office. A water heater with a high recovery rate won’t take time to provide you hot water whenever you need.


It’s better to buy a water heater which can be used for multi-purpose.  A heater with such feature is able to serve simultaneously for multiple purposes like cooking, shower, washing, etc.


Different types of hybrid water heaters have a variety of operating modes. They come with the hybrid mode, Heat pump mode, Vacation mode, High Demand, and Standard mode.  You should buy a heater with user-friendly operating modes. Heaters come with almost the same settings but with different names and you have to know about the settings to understand which are most suitable for you.


Safety is a crucial thing to think about while buying any device. A water heater should be safe to use for every member of your family. So, it is important to be aware of the settings of the water heater whether they are safe to use.


Hybrid water heaters are powered by either gas or electric. You should consider the power source available in your home either will be adjustable with your water heater or not.


All of the information we’ve tried to inform you are the most important things to regard while buying a water heater though there are many other facts. If you want to buy a perfect water heater for your home or other purposes, these are the crucial things to consider and will be very helpful for you.

But it may seem difficult for someone to buy a water heater keeping in mind such things, then we’re here to help you in this situation. We hope, this article will help you a lot to take the right decision about buying the most suitable Hybrid Water Heater for your home.






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