If you are health conscious and can’t rely on just bottled water and so looking for a portable water filter for carrying to wherever you go, then nothing can be compared with a water filter pitcher.

Water filter pitchers are best for travelers who want pure drinking water all the time. This type of water filter is small in size and easily portable to anywhere. Besides, they are elegant and compact in design, so they enhance the appearance of your home or office. You need to fill up the filter with water; it will provide you with clean and pure water by removing contaminants and heavy metals, etc. You will enjoy fresh and better-tasting coffee, juice, and tea with this water filter pitcher.

There are diverse types of water filter pitchers available, and you may get confused with these various types. These filters are different based on quality, design, and price. So, we’ve tried to mention 5 Best Water Filter Pitcher for helping you to buy the most suitable one of high-quality and better performance. This article is going to help you in purchasing the best water filter pitcher without any confusions and hassles.

Best Water Filter Pitchers – Comparisons

Product NameWeightSizePrice
Product Name:
HoLife Portable Water Purifier
1.69 pounds
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Product Name:
LeDoux Waters Pitcher Filters
4.8 ounces
10 Cup
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Product Name:
EveryDrop Premium Water Filter
8.5 ounces
2 pack
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Product Name:
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher
2.4 pounds
8 cups
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Product Name:
BWT Designer Water Filter
3 pounds
3 Bonus
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Best Water Filter Pitchers – Reviews


HoLife Alkaline water filter pitcher is going to provide you with Alkaline water for a healthier and better life of your family. Alkaline water will help to improve your immune system, digestive system. It will also help you to hydrate your skin and lose weight. This water filter pitcher will make your water so delicious that you will enjoy more aromatic tea, juice, and coffee.

It comes with an advanced carbon block which works efficiently for the removal of 99% of various harmful pollutants, sediment, turbidity, dirt, heavy metals, chlorine odor, and taste, etc. found in your tap water. The filtered water is body friendly and will be suitable for babies. You will be able to enjoy BPA free, fresh water to cook more delicious rice and foods for your family. This will filter your ordinary water with six layers of the purification system.

HoLife is giving you 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% money back guarantee.  So, there will be no problem if this water filter disappoints you within 30 days, you will get your money back, or your filter will be replaced. There is a replacement reminder on the filter which will remind you of the time of replacing the filter cartridge.


  • Alkaline water improves the digestive and immune system
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Reduces 99% of harmful contaminants


  • Sometimes, it may leak


If your tap water tastes horrible and you want to get rid of this acute problem, then you can buy this Ledoux water replacement filter for your water filter pitchers. This filter replacement cartridge fits with most water filter pitchers including Brita pitchers making your tap water better tasting.

This water filter has a 4 stage filtration system which will turn your ordinary tap water into delicious, better tasting and sparkling water perfect for drinking, cooking, and other purposes. The PP net in the first stage of filtration works efficiently for reducing suspended particles in water. The activated carbon in the second stage of filtration effectively eliminates chlorine odor and taste. Ion exchange resin makes water pure and clean by filtering limescale and harmful contaminants like heavy metals from water. The filtration net in the last stage of filtration works for final filtration. Thus it will make your water pure, crystal clear and free from contaminants and impurities like chlorine, cadmium, pesticides, aluminum, zinc, lead, and copper, etc.

There is an LCD timer which will enable you to replace the filter at a proper time easily. Besides, the transparent lens on top of it will let you fill up the pitcher correctly without any hassles as it closes automatically when the pitcher is filled up. You will be able to refill water in the pitcher without any mess.


  • Unique 4 stage filtration system
  • Fits with most filters
  • Reduces bad odor and taste, heavy metals, and harmful pollutants
  • A great alternative to using bottled water
  • Comes with filter replacement reminder


  • The replacement process is a bit difficult


This Odoga replacement water filter comes with a unique Mineral retaining technology which will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. The coconut activated carbon filter of this water filter works efficiently for reserving the essential elements of water like minerals, calcium, fluoride, etc. Thus it will produce reinvigorating and sparkling water which will nourish and energize you to enjoy a healthy life. You won’t have to worry about providing essential nutrients to your loved ones with this water filter.

This water filter reduces harmful pollutants like chlorine, thallium, cadmium, mercury, and heavy metals found in your tap water. You can install it very conveniently, and replacement is also effortless. Ultimately, this water filter is a replacement filter for Whirlpool 4396510, 4396508, EDR5RXD1, 4392857, WF-L500, WF-NLC240V, 4396918, W10186668, Everydrop Filter 5, Kenmore 46-9010, and many more.


  • Keeps essential elements of water safe
  • Provides rejuvenating and fresh water
  • Removes harmful contaminants, chemicals, and heavy metals
  • Easy to install and replace
  • BPA free and made of food grade materials


  • Some may face problems in adjusting the taste of the water


When you are looking for a simple, portable water filter, then you must be amazed seeing this Aquagear Water Filter. Because this water filter is in the shape of a pitcher and is portable. You can use it anywhere you want and even in your traveling. This is made with 100% FDA-approved food grade and 100% recyclable materials which provide fresh and pure water.

This works for removing contaminants amazingly. It removes 99.9% of harmful pollutants, including chromium, fluoride, chloramine, mercury, lead, chlorine, etc. It is a five-stage filter with 2-micron pores comprising of a fluoride/lead filter. This will provide healthier and purer drinking water as it keeps healthy minerals like Magnesium and calcium safe.

This water filter is outstanding for its durability and reliability. You can rely on this water filter because it meets NSF and ANSI standard 42 and 53 for removal of contaminants, lead and copper. Besides, this comes with a lifetime guarantee with 100% satisfaction. Enjoy 99.99% contaminant free, pure, and healthy drinking water.


  • Simple, well designed and easy to use
  • No hassle of installing
  • Great for contaminants reduction up to 2000% more than other filters
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Tested and certified for contaminants removal


  • Water pressure slows down
  • Small and not suitable for large families


If you are looking for a perfect water filter pitcher, then you can buy this BWT premium water filter pitcher. This filter comes with a unique patented BWT magnesium technology which will make your water delicious, crystal clear, pure, and healthy by mineralizing the water with beneficial Magnesium. This not only filters water but also helps in improving health.

This adds Magnesium in water, which is an essential element of a healthy diet. The BWT filtered water will improve your water quality and will enable you to make your foods, tea, juice, coffee, ice cubes more delicious than before. Besides, it will energize you and will provide you healthier skin and a balanced body. This works as a booster for your vitality. So, it can be said that a jug of BWT water a day provides as much Magnesium as seven apples. Thus, BWT will let you and your loved ones to lead a healthy lifestyle.


  • Unique BWT filtration technology
  • Mineralizes water with Magnesium
  • NSF/ANSI certified
  • Makes tea, coffee, and juice more aromatic and delicious
  • Best for a healthy and balanced diet


  • Filter replacement cost is expensive
  • Not enough space for filtered water


Water filter pitchers are used for easy access to pure drinking water everywhere. You can carry it anywhere you want. That’s why water filter pitchers are used by most of the people for household and commercial purposes. You’ll get confused when you go to buy a water filter pitcher for your home because of varieties of water filter pitchers. In this context, a buying guide will be beneficial for you. Here are the things that should be considered while buying a water filter pitcher: 


Water filter pitchers should be easy to use and lightweight. Besides, it should be easy to install and clean. If it is difficult to use and clean, it will make you bored. So, you should buy a water filter pitcher with an easy installation process and maintenance.


We use filters for pure and clean water free from all harmful contaminants. Water filter pitchers have filtration power which works effectively for the removal of all harmful contaminants, lead, chlorine odor, and taste, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. If you are aware of the pollutants, your tap water contains, then you should buy a water filter able to remove those particular contaminants. Then water filter will help you to improve your water to the greatest extent.


The filter pitcher material should be durable and made of food grade materials. Plastic water pitchers should be made of harmless plastics. Glass pitchers are expensive but safer to use.


There is some filtration system which works for removing harmful pollutants and heavy metals.  The activated carbon filter works efficiently for the reduction of chlorine, pesticides, etc. Reverse osmosis filters can produce clean and pure water by removing all contaminants. Ion exchange filters soften the water. You should know about the filtration system of the water filter pitcher you are going to buy.


Most people use water filters for improving the taste of their tap water. Ordinary tap water decreases the flavor of foods and drinks. So, if the water filter pitcher you are buying can improve the taste of your water, then you will get benefits from the filter. Water filter pitchers remove chlorine odor and taste and make water sparkling, delicious and free of bad smell.


Water filter pitchers must be certified and verified by a standard certification like NFS, ANSI, TUV, FDA and other certifications for assuring the safety of the filtered water. If the filter is tested and certified, then you can drink it without any confusion.


Filters need replacement after a certain period. Sometimes, replacement filters cost more than filters. So, you should buy a cost-effective filter. Some filter offers long life for more than two months; these filters are considered to be profitable and useful indeed. Besides, the replacement process should be easy and hassle-free. Otherwise, the replacement may seem to you costly and tedious.


Size matters while buying water filters. If you have a large family, then you should purchase filters with 18-cup capacity suitable for large families. 8-10 cup capacity filters will be perfect for small families. Again, large size pitchers take more space of the countertop, refrigerator or wherever it is kept. So, think about the space available for the pitcher and members of your family and buy according to the area available and size of your family.


A filter replacement indicator is a crucial part of water filters. If the filter doesn’t have a filter replacement indicator, then it would be difficult to understand the proper time. As the indicator tells about the time of replacement, then you should consider the fact while buying the filter.


It is good to buy anything keeping in mind the fact of warranty. A water filter pitcher with extended warranty will serve you as your expectations. Some manufacturers offer a money back guarantee within a specified period. So, you can get back your money if you face any problem while using the pitcher.

These are the facts which should be considered while buying a water filter pitcher for your home. We expect that this article will guide you to buy the best and suitable water filter pitcher for your home.


We’ve tried to mention the Best five water filter pitchers. All these filters will provide you safe, pure, and clean water for your whole family.

But we highly recommend the BWT Premium Water filter Pitcher. This is one of the best water filter pitchers because of its high standard and quality. The unique BWT technology will mineralize your water by adding Magnesium in the water for providing fresh, pure, safe, and delicious water full of essential elements of water.  This filter is more durable and stable than other water filters. It comes with a filter replacement indicator, which helps replace the filter at the proper time. Overall, you can rely on this BWT water filter for enjoying safe and pure water.

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