Zenfresh Filtration uplifts your shower habit to the luxurious spa-like experience. With 3 layers of the mineralized sphere this handheld shower filters water and refreshes your skin. It saves water but never sacrifices the water pressure.

What is more important for now is that this is an eco-friendly product which is totally recyclable from package to the product itself. With the guaranteed satisfaction this product builds up a comfortable shower habit at your home.

The principal structure of the showerhead is the negative ion mineralized layers. This part helps in removing the impurities from your water through filtration and increases the absorption of mineral nutrients. The minerals, from the unpurified water, make your skin dry and, thus create the imbalance in the oil glands. The bioactive stones in the Zenfresh will purify the water and recover the balance and thus, it makes dry skin smooth, decreases oil production, and increases the growth of the skin.

Three layers of the filter are comprised of three types of beads. The orange beads eliminate the heavy metal, bacteria, and, the chlorine from the water. Then the gray beads instill the hydrogen into small pieces and thus help in hydrating your skin. The white beads are called the energy balls and these balls maintain the PH level of the water.

So, all of the health benefits of the showerhead are entangled with the beads.

Water management is an important fact for this showerhead. Zenfresh saves water as it uses less water than other showerheads without compromising the water pressure. The head is made of holes (in total 128) made with the laser-cut micro cone technology. With the help of the holes, the showerhead produces enough water pressure while using a little amount of water (1.45 GPM). From this single fixed spray, we can get two types of water flows. The holes at the edge produce rain-like pressure and the middle holes produce high pressure.

No single thinking about the installation is needed. The installation process is very easy. You just need to arrange a hose and connect to the shower head within a minute. Follow the manual book if it seems to be complex to you.

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  1. Purifies the water and increases mineral nutrients
  2. Maintains the PH level of the water and thus makes the water comfortable
  3. Rejuvenates the dry skin and makes it smoother
  4. Saves water but never compromises with the water pressure.
  5. Made of recyclable ingredients and thus becomes an eco-friendly product
  6. Easy to install


  1. With a needle-hitting stream, this showerhead may not suit the people with sensitive skin
  2. Proper care is necessary as the plastic casting may get harmed with rough using
  3. After a long duration of using the spray may start spreading at a different angle. To solve this problem you may use CLR (calcium lime rust) on the holes and keep it there without any use for a few minutes.

Final Verdict

At the starting of a beautiful day or at the end of a stressful day you can get solace only at your washroom. A proper bath can give you energy and refreshes your body as well as the mind. So your shower head must be comfortable for you. Make your shower comfortable with Zenfresh Filtration shower Head.  The filtration is the thing which gets me. I love the water force which clears away my oils and leaves smooth skin just like having lotion on the body.

Again, I was searching for the showerhead which would control the water waste during the shower and luckily Zenfresh has got the water-saving process and no less water pressure is expected. So this is really a happy combination for any user.

The recyclable materials add to the quality which will be liked by the people who are concerned with the environment and earn more and more popularity.

So, comfort cannot be questioned as it varies from person to person and comfort is in having a refreshing shower with Zenfresh Filtration Shower Head. So I highly appreciate this product and hope the users will like its qualities also.

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