The people who suffer from hard water problems only they can understand the effects of hard water on skin, hair, and clothes. Hard water does harm to our skin and hair, which is a matter of concern.  Because of hard water, the skin becomes dry, and hair color becomes dull. In this situation, a water softener can be the best solution.

If you want to get rid of hard water effects on your hair and skin, then you can use a shower head water softener. This shower head water softener will soften your water by removing extra calcium and magnesium from water and purify your water by eliminating toxic elements found in water. If you want soft water for your shower, then you must install a shower head water softener. This water softener will make you experience a better relaxing bath than before.

Take a look at this review of 4 Best Shower Head Water Softeners which is going to help you to find the best shower head water softener for you.

Best Shower Head Water Softeners – Comparisons

Product NameItem WeightSizePrice
Product Name:
Chlorine Filter & Hard
Item Weight:
1.35 pounds
12 Stage
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Product Name:
Cedar & Citrus Inline Showerhead
Item Weight:
10.4 ounces
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Product Name:
Shower Filter System Showerhead
Item Weight:
10.6 ounces
Multi Stage
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Product Name:
Bathroom In-Line Shower Head
Item Weight:
14.9 ounces
Single Unit
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Best Shower Head Water Softeners – Review


AquaHomeGroup has brought a unique 12 stages shower head water filter for hard water which will soften and purify water by its 12 stage filtration system. This will suit in any bathroom with its elegant chrome finish look. This will solve your hair, skin, and nail problems caused by hard water and purify your water from contaminants. This comes with some fantastic features for ensuring the best shower experience.

The 12 stage filtration system includes activated coconut carbon, polypropylene cotton, Kinetic Degradation fluxion Process media, Calcium Sulfite, Alkaline Ceramic Balls, Energy Ceramic balls, Maifan stone, Germanium ball, Ceramic balls with ions, etc. When water goes through these stages, it will be purified and soft. This filtration system will remove all contaminants, chemicals, impurities, and heavy metals from water. Besides, it will make your water healthy enough to improve your health conditions and immune system, increase the beauty of skin and hair.

This water softener will protect your skin from many skin problems like asthma, bronchitis, eczema, itchy skin, and fungus. It will repair brittle nails, bone-dry hair, and it will prevent your hair from loss and your skin from aging. So, this water softener is going to help you to get relieved from hair, skin, and nail problems. The fantastic feature of this shower head water softener is that you can set it with most overhead, handheld, combo, and rainfall showerheads for multipurpose use.

Overall, this shower head water softener will enable you to enjoy soft, smooth skin and shiny hair as it works as a purifier, softener, and moisturizer together to give the best shower experience. Besides, it will help you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by providing pure and soft water all the time. 


  • 12 Stages filtration system for purifying and softening water
  • Removes all toxic elements, chemicals, heavy metals, bad odor and taste of water
  • Give release from hair, skin and nail problems
  • Easy installation process and comfortable maintenance with good water pressure
  • Anti-corrosion, rust-free and durable
  • A solution for many issues and multipurpose use


  • Made of plastic
  • May not last long if your water is too much contaminated and dirty


If you want to enjoy a shower head providing a pleasant shower experience and soft, pure water, then this Cedar & Citrus Showerhead filter and water softener is the perfect one for you. This showerhead is going to provide you an enjoyable shower experience with pure and soft water. Besides, it comes with a unique characteristic that you can use it effectively in hot water to 212 ̊F and holds power for up to 1 year. Its bacteriostatic feature enables it to resist the increase of new bacteria in the filter and hinders mildew in the shower.

If you are disappointed with your rough hair and dry skin, then you need a shower head water softener.  In most times these problems arise as a result of heavy sediments existing in water and hard water. Once you install this showerhead water softener, then you will begin to experience more silky and smooth hair and soft skin than before. This is what you need for an overall enjoyable shower experience.

Finally, this showerhead water softener will provide you healthy, clean and safe water by eliminating sediment, fungus, chlorine, rust, algae, bloodworms, hydrogen sulfide, bad odor and taste from your water.


  • Provides safe and soft water by advanced water softening and filtration system
  • Easy to use and install
  • Easily removable and replaceable filter cartridge
  • Chlorine-free soft water to enjoy softer, shiny hair and smooth skin


  • Sometimes, it doesn’t last for long
  • In some cases, it can’t remove the hardness of water


This shower head water softener comes with a unique water softening and filtration system, which is going to provide soft, clean, and pure water for a better and satisfying shower experience. This showerhead filters harmful elements like magnesium, iron, lead, calcium, iron, chromium, and fluoride. Its unique Nano-sponge removes almost heavy metals like copper, rust, and sediments. Its advanced and robust turbo jets ensure high pressure and better performance, and so it works much under low pressure indeed.

There are antibacterial calcium sulfite ceramic balls for restraining the increase of mold mildew and bacteria. This showerhead water softener will help you to recover your hair damage and skin problems. It will provide you with refreshing shower experience and high pressure for improving your hair, skin, and nail conditions. It will come to you with all parts including one function multi-stage dechlorinator, washer, water softener oversize rain shower, plumber and Teflon tape will full installation instructions which will enable you to install it without the need of any tool or plumbers.

Ultimately, you can rely on this showerhead water softener as this is going to provide you soft and pure water for approximately 6 to 8 months. Bring this classic showerhead water softener with a polished chrome finish to enhance the appearance of your shower.


  • Provides clean and soft water for a healthy and smooth shower experience
  • A high-quality showerhead water softener with unique features
  • Easy to use and install
  • Turbocharged sprays are best for low water pressure
  • For both overhead and wall mounted shower heads
  • 6 to 8 months guarantee


  • No flow restrictor causes leaks in some cases   
  • Not suitable for cold weather


If you are searching for a water softener with filter for your existing showerhead, then this Inline water filter of Culligan will be perfect for you. This water filter will fit with any standard ½” thread shower heads and will work effectively with the shower head existing in your bathroom.

This is a WHR- 140 water filter which removes chlorine, sulfur odor, and scale for better shower experience. Its bacteriostatic characteristic inhibits the increase of bacteria for a refreshing shower experience. It is tested, and NSF certified. You can install it very easily without the need for any tools.

Conclusively, Culligan is providing you an adjustable water filter with six months of guarantee. This shower head is going to ensure cleaner and better shower experience with improvements in hair and skin conditions.


  • Adjustable with any standard shower arms
  • Single water filter for using with existing shower heads  
  • Removes chlorine, sulfur odor and hardness of water for sleeker hair and smoother skin
  • Bacteriostatic feature resists the growth of bacteria
  • Tested and verified by NSF


  • Sometimes, it leaks
  • Can’t remove chlorine to 100%   


A showerhead water softener is a matter of great concern for the people who have hard water. Selecting the perfect showerhead water softener from a wide range of water softeners available on the markets is a puzzling task. But choosing the right showerhead water softener is very significant for enjoying clean and soft shower experience.

If you love yourself, then you must try to ensure soft water for your skin, hair, and nails. A perfect showerhead water softener will protect your skin from drying and your hair from fall and damage and thus it will ensure softer, smoother skin and silky hair for you. So, we’ve come up with the Best showerhead water softener buying guide to help you get the perfect shower head water softener. Before you buy a shower head water softener, you must consider the following things:

  • Flow Rate: Flow rate is an important thing to consider while purchasing a shower head water softener. Flow rate indicates in which amount the water softener can provide water per minute. Most water softeners provide two gallons of water or more than per minute. Showerhead water softeners provide high pressure. Some water softeners work effectively under low pressure. So, bring a shower head water softener with a high flow rate for an enjoyable shower experience.
  • Filtration System: Filtration power is another vital thing to consider. Showerhead water softener with filtration power will make your shower cleaner and safer. It will eliminate all the contaminants and chemicals harmful for hair, skin, and nails. Thus you are getting clean and fresh water for your shower.
  • Price and Quality: Price is a certain thing while purchasing anything. Consider the quality as well as the price of the model you are going to buy. Make sure you are purchasing the product with high quality and best price. Not all the models with high price are of high quality. You can get a model with high quality at a cost effective price. That’s why you need to have ideas about showerhead water softeners with high quality and better performance.
  • Durability: You should buy a shower head water softener with a long filter cartridge life. Some models last only 3 to 6 months. Eventually, they cost a lot overall. So, buy a model with a durability of 9 months or a year. A durable showerhead water softener will minimize the hassle of changing the filter frequently even they are expensive.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Showerhead water softeners are easier to install than whole house water softeners. They are so convenient to install that you will be able to install them without the help of any instrument or plumber. Buy the model with a simple installation process and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Appearance: Bring the showerhead water softener with an outstanding appearance to suit your bathroom. A showerhead water softener with unique design will enhance the beauty and appearance of your shower room to a great extent. Do not hesitate to buy the unique one, even at a high price. For giving your home an enchanting look, it is essential to purchase the things which suit the design and fixtures of your home.
  • Warranty: Warranty is an unavoidable fact while buying a showerhead water softener. Choose the model for which the company is giving the most exceptional warranty. Showerhead water softener with a warranty of a year will provide you service for a year without any mess.
  • Brand: The quality of any product depends significantly on the brand. The shower head water softeners of top brands are sure to provide you with better performance and high quality. Choose the best product of well-known brands though they cost more than normal brands.


We’ve done research and reviewed the best showerhead water softeners above. All the models mentioned above are of high quality providing the best performance. We’re highly recommending the AquaHomegroup 12 stage water filter for hard water. It is an excellent product, balancing quality, price, and features.

This is a shower head water softener with a powerful 12 stages filtration system. This will filter out all harmful contaminants, chemicals, bacteria, irritants, bad odors, and hardness of water to provide you clean, pure, and soft water for a rejuvenating shower experience. The different stages consisting of Calcium Sulfite, Ceramic balls, coconut carbon, KDF-55, etc. are for the removal of particular elements existing in the water. This is a perfect option for bathing children and pets. This will be good for well water as it removes all heavy metals and hardness. For getting the best results, wait from 5 to 10 minutes and let water for being filtered out properly. This showerhead water softener is the right choice for the care of your skin, hair, and nails. Once you buy this AquaHomegroup shower head filter for hard water, you won’t have to be worried about the hard water and all sorts of impurities.

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