Tired of you old worn out vacuum cleaner that barely makes your house look clean? Are you in search of a proper vacuum cleaner that will let you clean all the hard corners in a very efficient way? If yes, you definitely came at the right place. This entire article will enlighten you regarding 5 best self-propelled vacuum cleaners. Each of them differ in terms of features and various cleaning techniques. You will definitely find an ideal one that will match all your requirements.

1.     Hoover Wind Tunnel:

You badly do wish for a vacuum cleaner, that can be adjusted to your height so that you don’t have to bend yourself for properly cleaning the floors. And your wish will be fulfilled by the Hoover Wind Tunnel upright vacuum cleaner. The cleaner can be very easily adjusted to 7 different height positions according to your own personal convenience.

The cleaning power of the vacuum cleaner is 2 times stronger than any other vacuum cleaner, since you don’t have to run the vacuum cleaner over the same place twice or thrice. The whole cleaning duration will be very quick and easy. You will not find yourself lazy any longer when you have to clean up your house.

The vacuum cleaner consists of great wind tunnel 3 technology. You will get amazing suction power to simply lift and remove dirt from various surfaces. Also, deep dirt embedded between tough spaces will get proper cleaning effect.

Ø  Pros:

·       For cleaning stairs and ceilings, you are getting a convenient telescoping extension wand.

·       The quick pass brush roll allows you to clean of dirt from surface in one go.

·       Pet turbo tool has been included to remove clingy pet hair from carpets.

·       Pivoting dusting tool is included with the vacuum cleaner for cleaning ceiling fans and also shelves.

·       You will face no kind of hassle for changing the filter, since it can be cleaned easily with water.

Ø  Cons:

·       This vacuum cleaner is loud and noisy.


2.     Shark Rotator Professional:

Keeping the environment clean is the ultimate goal of getting yourself a vacuum cleaner. You can achieve that ultimate goal by using the Shark Rotator Professional vacuum cleaner. Since, the anti-allergen seal technology prevents allergic molecules escaping the vacuum cleaner.

The dust capacity is large enough to capture 1.3 quarts’ amount of dirt. This decreases your hassle of not requiring to clean the cup on a frequent basis. Furthermore, the upright design of the vacuum cleaner allows you to clean the stairs and above floor areas in a very convenient way. You just need to lift the pod using one hand and then just clean the stairs with the hose.

The pod is lightweight enough for easy lifting. You can view dirty spots on the carpet by the help of the LED headlights present on the nozzle. You can use this feature for cleaning all sort of floors and not only stairs.

Ø  Pros:

·       You can clean the walls as well with the lift away pod feature of the vacuum cleaner.

·       Comes in two attractive colors to choose from. One is white and the other is red.

·       The vacuum cleaner does not give out any kind of annoying noise.

·       Pet tool has been included with the vacuum cleaner for properly cleaning pet hair sticking in a stubborn way with carpets.

·       The dust cup capacity is large.

Ø  Cons:

·       There is a requirement of replacing the belt after some months of use. You will need to purchase the belt separately and get it replaced by using the help of professionals.

3.     Hoover React Premier:

Different kind of floors need different sort of cleaning technique to capture dirt in proper way. And you are getting that convenient experience with the Hoover React Premier upright vacuum cleaner. The cleaner has a floor sense technology, that can detect the kind of floor that you want to clean. And then the cleaner adjusts the speed of the brush roll automatically depending on the type of floor you wish to clean.

You don’t need to do extra work of removing furniture to reach very difficult places. There is a powered reach mode that allows you to have proper access around difficult corners. With the wind tunnel feature of the cleaner you can be cleaning even the tiniest dirt without struggling much.

The money that you will be paying for the cleaner will be a great investment. Since, a lot of convenient cleaning tools will be included with the cleaner. Tools like crevice tool, flexible dusting brush, baseboard duster, powered stair tool and upholstery tool. You will be getting an accessory bag as well for keeping the tools safely inside it.

Ø  Pros:

·       A lot of convenient professional cleaning tools has been included with the cleaner.

·       Floor sense technology can cause the speed of brush roll automatically change.

·        Convenient pet hair cleaning can be done with the vacuum cleaner.

·       No suction loss technology allows you to clean the floor mess using very less time.

Ø  Cons:

·       Does not come with a warranty.


4.     iRobot Roomba 960:

Do you find the job of standing the whole time with vacuum cleaner very tiring? If yes, then this iRobot Roomba 960 robot vacuum cleaner is for you. You will have your house cleaned, while you just simply sit and relax yourself on the couch watching TV. The robot cleaner intelligently can navigate your entire house and can take in all the small molecules very precisely.

You can control the movement of the robot as well. All you will need to do is to download the iRobot Home App for connecting with the vacuum cleaner. Using that app, you can control the speed of cleaning. Cleaning technique and the places that you want clean. you can connect the cleaner and your mobile phone using Wi-Fi.

You can stay completely unbothered regarding the issue of charging it. It can automatically recharge itself whenever required. You will only need to keep the charging station safe for the vacuum cleaner to detect it and then recharge itself.

Ø  Pros:

·       The filter is highly efficient for capturing 99% of allergens, dust, pet hair and as well as pollen.

·       Comes with proper usual manual to help you use the vacuum cleaner in the right way.

·       You can control all the movements of the vacuum cleaner with the help of the mobile app.

·       The vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning both carpets and hard floors.

Ø  Cons:

·       It is not possible to clean the stairs with this kind of vacuum cleaner.

5.     Eureka Floor Rover:

You will no longer face issues of moving furniture with the Eureka Floor Rover vacuum cleaner. The cleaner has a maneuverability system that let you reach between and under furniture very easily. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner not only has a large capacity filter cup, you will not need to replace the cup over time of use. That is because, the cup is easily detachable and can be rinsed with water.

You can go for using the vacuum on all type of surfaces. Since, the wheels of the vacuum cleaner can glide around very easily for cleaning. The multi-stage cyclone system of the vacuum cleaner takes in both small and large particles separately. This makes the vacuum cleaner perfect for pet owners.

To make your cleaning session very comfortable, the vacuum cleaner has a unique ergonomic handle. You can hold the handle very easily for conveniently cleaning stairs and other hard floors with proper precision.

Ø  Pros:

·       The 30-foot cord length helps you clean without the hassle of plugging and unplugging the vacuum cleaner.

·       A pet turbo brush is included that you can use to clean off pet hair from various surfaces.

·       Comes with 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

·       Removable filter can be washed by rinsing with water. You don’t need to replace it over time.

Ø  Cons:

·       There is no extendable hose present for cleaning tough to reach areas.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, if you are looking for the best self-propelled vacuum cleaner, then you definitely found one after going thoroughly through this entire article. You will be satisfied with the convenient cleaning experience that you are going to get from whichever vacuum cleaner that you have chosen.

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