Are you exhausted behind trying to scrub away stains and spots from your carpets? Are you in search of the best spot carpet cleaner that will not clean stains but will also remove odors coming from these spots of pet messes? If yes, then you are reading the right page that will be enlightening you regarding some spot carpet cleaners that are great in keeping your carpets spot free. Your carpets will surely look good as new once you get one of the carpet cleaner listed down below.

  1. Bissell Spot Clean Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner:

Bissell Spot Clean Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner is an absolute delight for pet owners. Since, this carpet cleaner has the capability of getting your carpets rid of spots caused by pet messes. The deep cleaning effect of the carpet cleaner helps you gain professional cleaning experience.

Apart from cleaning spots of pet messes, you can get rid of other stubborn spots of food, blood and of any other liquid with the help of the tough stain tool. You will not find any sort of dirt embedded between tight spaces because of the superior suction power that takes in everything.

For removing stains and odors of pet urine and stool from carpet two trial size bottles if the best formula urine eliminator has been included.


  • To clean the stairs with ease the vacuum cleaner has a compact design.
  • Compatible with OXT urine eliminator for removing pet urine stains and odors from the carpet.
  • 20 feet cord length gives you flexibility of cleaning rooms that are large in size.
  • Lightweight helps you to carry it to the desired spot whenever you need.
  • Super suction power helps to clean dirt and debris accumulated in very tight spaces.
  • On-board hose helps you clean around difficult corners of furniture.


  • Any sort of brush tool is not included with the carpet cleaner. Brushes are essential for certain type of cleaning technique.
  1. Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner:

Spots don’t only dull the shine of your carpets but they are homes to many disease causing microorganisms. These microorganisms can start growing inside the carpet cleaner and correct action needs to be taken for that. It is essential that you get a carpet cleaner that will not only remove spots but will also protect you from such microorganisms.

For such requirement you need to get the Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner. this ultimately cleaner does not only remove spots but with the help of the antimicrobial multipurpose tool it provides protection against bacteria and other molds forming inside the tool.

Using the help of cleaning solutions and the Hoover expert detergents combined with the powerful suction of the carpet cleaner can help you get rid of spots causes by pet and children messes. Not only spots of carpets on the floor, you can get spots on stairs and upholstery cleaned as well with the help of the hose that is 5 feet long to provide you extended reach.


  • The hose has a self-cleaning process to prevent bad odors.
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to store.
  • Does not any sort of loud annoying noise.
  • Great suction power helps you to clean spots efficiently.
  • Longer hose helps you reach difficult places for efficient cleaning.
  • The cord length of the vacuum cleaner is not long enough.


  • For filling in the tank with cleaning solution you will need to use a funnel or a filter otherwise the solution will spill all over.
  1. Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner:

With great tank capacity you will love the Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner.  You will not need to face the hassle of emptying the water again and again whenever it gets dirty since you will have enough water in the tank for finishing up the cleaning session. The water tank can be easily removed and filled so you will not need to use any funnel while filling the tank.

This ultimate cleaner uses the effectiveness of warm water combined with a cleaning solution and it suction power for cleaning the spot from its entire root. You can clean multiple other surfaces like the stairs, rugs, upholstery and even the auto interiors. The tough stain tool helps you clean all the hard to reach places.

Since it is lightweight to carry you can clean stairs very easily. Storing it and carrying it if you wish to shift is easy since it is small in dimensions and not at all bulky.


  • Cleaning formula helps you remove stubborn spots by loosening it from the carpet.
  • To prevent odor buildup in the hose a hydro rinse tool has been included that does the job of cleaning the hose after ease use.
  • Tough spots are removed with the help of powerful suction and strong spray.
  • Great tank capacity allows you to hold in large amount of water.


  • Does not comes with warranty from the manufacturer.
  1. Rug Doctor Pet Portable Carpet Cleaner:

The environment surely gets nasty if you get the smell of pet urine, vomit and stool even after cleaning the carpets so hard. Rug Doctor Pet Portable Carpet Cleaner will help you breathe in air that is free of such odor since it has great suction power for eliminating stains and the awful odor of pet mess. You can not only keep your carpets and rugs free from spots but you can also clean the pet beds as well.

For adding ease and comfort to your cleaning experience the carpet cleaner comes with a retractable handle and friendly wheels for smoothly going over carpets. You can immediately pick up the vacuum cleaner with your one hand whenever you see your kitten, dog, cat or any of your pet trying to run towards it. This helps to prevent accidents.

Not just stubborn spots are cleaned with this carpet cleaner. You will not have to be bothered with annoying pet hair lying all over since this once has great suction power for taking all the pet hair in it.


  • For proper hygiene maintenance the carpet cleaner has dual tank system to keep clean and dirty water separate.
  • Retractable handle helps you to have proper control while you ride the carpet cleaner on the carpet for spot cleaning.
  • Use it for multiple kind of surfaces and as well as pet beds and interiors of a car.
  • Great suction power and scrubbing capability does not leave behind any sort of stain and odor.


  • Since it is small in dimensions the tank capacity is not great enough to hold sufficient amount of water. You need to clean it frequently.


  1. Bissell Spot Bot Pet hands free carpet cleaner:

Bissell Spot Bot Pet hands free carpet cleaner is specialized in providing hands-free cleaning experience by having two modes. One mode allows you to clean fresh stains on the carpet with the cleaner without using your hands. The second mode allows you to clean stubborn stains that are strongly clinging with the surface of the carpet. Choosing between the two modes helps you select the right level of cleaning.

Since this carpet cleaner is all about keeping your hands protected from getting dirty, you can clean pet messes and hair without the need of touching these things. With the push of just one button you can use the great suction power for permanent removal of tough pet stains that seem to be holding onto the carpet in a stubborn way.

For efficient stain cleaning and to remove any sort of odor from the carpet you can use the Bissell Pet Oxy Boost Formula and as well as Bissell 2X Pet Stain and Odor Formula along with the carpet cleaner.


  • Deep Reach technology helps you gently scrub stubborn dirt from the fibers of carpet.
  • Power of warm water and cleaning formula is combined together to permanently remove pet stains and odor from the carpet.
  • Hose and tool included with the carpet cleaner helps you clean stains from furniture, car interiors, upholstery and stairs.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • According to some customers the quality of the hose is disappointing. It kind of starts leaking after certain time of use as the plastic breaks off.

Final Verdicts:

To sum up, you will now get to keep your entire house free from stains of pet messes and odors of it. Getting the best spot carpet cleaner from the above is all what you need now as a pet owner for maintaining proper hygiene and to take proper care of your house and your pets.

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