Are you in search of a perfect Raclette grill that will make your family dinners and picnics a very interesting one? If yes, you will be stunned by getting to know some of the best Raclette grills available in the market.

We listed below 5 best Raclette grills that are high in quality, easy to clean, and serves a generous number of peoples at once. Also, they are portable so that you can carry your grill to picnic and camping spots. So let us just have a look at the amazing features and functions these grills have.

  1. Swissmar Stelvio Raclette:

Swissmar Stelvio Raclette Grill has a granite stone grill top that lets you grill your food with perfection. You can be grilling various meat, seafood, vegetables, and patties to prepare your favorite juicy meals. Making burgers is more find now as you can just place cheese on top of patties and watch them melt gracefully.

Don’t sweat out about the melted cheese getting all over the stone. You can easily clean all of it with the help of the dishwasher. Spatulas and Raclette dishes included with the grill lets you prepare sides and sauces for dipping in the meat, veggies, and fishes. All the accessories included with the grill are heat resistant.

If you run out of ideas regarding what dishes you can prepare with this grill, take the help of the recipe book included with it. It is free. Carrying the grill to picnic spots or the backyard of your house is not at all a difficult chore. It is small in terms of dimensions and light in terms of weight.


  • All accessories included with the grill are dishwasher safe except the base unit.
  • Lightweight and small in dimensions to be easily portable.
  • Strong and sturdy stainless steel construction.
  • 8 spatulas and dishes included with the grill that is heat resistant.


  • You cannot use cooking spray on the top surface and Raclette dishes.
  1. Salton 6-Person Raclette:

Salton 6-Person Raclette Grill has a slim design so that you can place it on the kitchen countertop easily. And as the name of the grill suggest it helps you prepare recipes for 6 persons. You can prepare grills of juicy meat, delicious seafood, and healthy vegetables on top of its cooking surface.

Along with the Raclette grill, you will be getting 6 spatulas. The spatulas are designed is a special way, so that you do not face any difficulty removing food from the 6 Raclette pans. The grill plate and the Raclette pans consist of a nonstick surface. This ensures that food does not stick to the surface or gets burned.

You can easily clean the grill as the pans, spatula and the plate is washable with soap water. To add more, the grill has an indicator light that lets you know whether the switch is on or off. This is a safety feature, that grabs your attention so that you don’t leave the grill on accidentally when not required.


  • Free recipes included that are easy to prepare.
  • Easily portable as it is lightweight and small in dimensions.
  • 6 spatulas and 6 Raclette pans included.
  • Grill suitable to prepare food for 6 persons.
  • Nonstick cooking surface, spatula, and pans are washable
  • Indicator light updates users when the grill is on and off.


  • The surface area of the grilling plate is not spacious enough for preparing the grill for a large number of people.
  1. Swissmar KF-77041 Classic:

Swissmar KF-77041 Classic Raclette Grill comes along with the option of letting you choose the grill plate according to your preference. Cast aluminum, granite stone, or cast iron choose the one you think will prepare delicious meals. You can also later on interchange the grill plate if you change your mind later on.

With this Raclette grill, you can prepare various types of dishes like Fajitas, crepes, quesadillas, pancakes, and many more. That is because of the variable temperature control. The control lets you set the temperature according to the requirement of the recipe you wish to cook. To help you make the best use out of the grill, a recipe book has been included.

You can prepare melted cheese, sauce, or any desert for 8 persons at once with the 8-nonstick Raclette dishes included. The Raclette dishes come with handles that stay cool for easy usage and convenient serving. You are getting 8 spatulas as well for taking out food from the dishes.


  • All the dishes, spatulas and grilling plate consists of a non-stick layer.
  • User manual and recipe book included.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • 8 spatulas and 8 Raclette dishes included that are heat resistant.
  • Variable temperature control lets you set the desired heat.
  • Handles of dishes stay cool to ensure the user’s safety.


  • You cannot use the dishwasher for cleaning the dishes, spatulas, and the grilling plate.
  1. NutriChef Raclette Grill:

NutriChef Raclette Grill will be your assistant in making family parties or festival celebration a very enjoyable one. Cook food with perfection with the dual cooking surfaces. 8 Raclette dishes included lets you prepare food for 8 people at once. You will enjoy preparing juicy burgers with this grill!

This grill runs using 1200 wattage. The power is enough to gracefully melt the cheese and prepare grills of vegetables, tasty seafood, and meats. Other than just grilling spicy things, you can prepare desserts, pancakes, and many more because of the adjustable rotatory control. The LED light will guide you with the temperature setting and other operations.

The other interesting feature that makes this Raclette grill one of the best, is the switchable cooking surface. You can use both the upper and lower side according to your preference. If you are wondering how you will operate, let us tell you about how easy it is. Just plug in the grill with a source that can give out 1200 watts. And then you are all set for preparing a delicious meal.

If you are willing to carry this grill along with you to picnic spots or camps, you can do that as it does weight much. All you have to make sure is about the power source that it requires to operate.


  • Set the temperature with precision with the controls to try various recipes.
  • The nonstick cooking surface makes serving food easy.
  • The Raclette dishes come with stay-cool handles for easy use.
  • Switchable cooking surfaces.
  • Serves 8 persons at a time with the help of 8 Raclette dishes.


  • This grill lacks proper instructions for users to operate.
  1. Milliard Raclette Grill for Eight:

Milliard Raclette Grill is all about giving you the freedom of choosing your own cooking technique. The top of the grill is reversible with two different types of sides. One side is for grilling and the other is a flat side that lets you prepare items like pancakes, crepes, omelet, and many more.

This grill lets you serve eight persons at a time. There are 8 pans included that let you prepare melted cheese, dips, and sauces. You will be getting 8 wooden spatulas as well, that you can give each individual person to use for serving food from the pans.

Cleaning all these pans, spatulas and the grilling top is not at all a chore. All of these things are dishwasher safe. And if you prefer hand washing, you can do that as well. the pans and the grilling top have a nonstick layer making hand washing easy.


  • Spacious grilling surface.
  • The grill can be placed on the kitchen countertop.
  • 8 nonstick cheese pans included.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Grill top is reversible.
  • Indicator light reminds you to turn off the grill after use.


  • People who have never used a Raclette grill will face difficulty using this one. that is because proper instructions are not included.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, preparing grills in your kitchen or at your favorite picnic spot will be easy and convenient if you get one of these best Raclette grills. Each of the grills that we selected is all meant to serve 6 to 8 persons at once. So if you invite over a family for a festival celebration you will not face any sort of hassle.


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