Toilet Flapper is one of the most important parts of a toilet. If you are interested to know what is it and, how it works then, this is the thing which holds water in the tank. Moreover, it controls the water flow and, releases the water into the bowl during the flush. The flapper is made of rubber and is connected with the water tank lever through a chain.

This part contributes a lot in water usage because due to ruined or broken toilet flappers a lot of water is wasted. Consequently, you will have to pay an extra bill for this water waste. If you want to stop wasting water, then you must replace your toilet flapper.

If you have become tired of searching the most suitable toilet flapper among a lot of toilet flappers available in the market, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with a list of Best Toilet Flappers.


1.    Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper:

If you’re looking for a proper solution to fix your flowing or noisy toilet, then this Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Flapper will be perfect for you. The 501 Flapper includes 400A Fill Valve which is one of the famous toilet fill valves throughout the world.

This toilet flapper is suitable for 3.5 gpf to 7 gpf toilets. Thus it will suit even older toilets with high flushing capacity. Besides, it is designed universally so that it can suit any type of toilet design. This flapper is of high-quality and very durable with a warranty of 5 years. The flapper features a solid frame that will prevent leaks for ensuring the safest seal and a powerful flush.

The toilet flappers break down or get ruined due to the growth of bacteria. So, this features a built-in microban which will protect the breaking down of the flapper. Apart from this microban feature, this comes as corrosion, chlorine, and hard water-resistant. This comes with a simple installation process. So, if you want to install it by yourself, then you can install it easily within 10 minutes.

In this way, this toilet flapper will solve your running toilet problem with its high-quality solid construction and top-notch service for longer.


  • Perfect for 3.5 gpf to even 7 gpf toilets
  • Features Microban that protects breaking down
  • Durable with solid frame and 5-years warranty
  • Chlorine resistant for harsh water areas


  • Suits only with toilets with a rate of 3.5 gpf or larger
  • Flusher handle isn’t included



If you have a toilet with a rate of 1.6 gpf, then this Korky 16 BP Toilet Flapper will be the top choice for you. This flapper is designed for the toilet that is made since 1994. This part includes an adjustable flapper and a stainless steel chain. It will fit in the standard 2-inch flush valve openings. So make sure if it suits your toilet fixture or not.

The flapper is made from a long-lasting, high-quality red rubber. Consequently, it prevents the growth of bacteria and resists harsh water, chlorine, city water, and well water. The rubber is such a flexible so that it can seal the tank tightly. So, it will stop flushing as soon as it is done. Eventually, you will enjoy better flapper performance.

It will save a minimum of 50% water or more in standard toilets. So, it is among the top choice for low water-consumption. The flapper is made durable with a 5-year warranty. This 0.3-ounce flapper is designed universally that suits all brands. You can install it easily in your toilet.

So, get this Korky 16 BP 1.6 gpf Toilet Flapper for your toilet to fix your water leakage problem.


  • Made of high-quality red rubber
  • Chlorine, bacteria, hard water, and city water resistant
  • Perfect for toilets with a rate of 1.6 gpf
  • Water saving with a tight seal
  • Universal design to suit all older or newer toilet models


  • Don’t suit all toilets



3.    TOTO THU331S 28+1 Rings Toilet Flapper:


TOTO THU331S Toilet Flapper has made its place in our top picks because of its high performance for a long time. TOTO is one of the leading brands in the world of plumbing for its innovative technology and incomparable creativity. This flapper is designed especially with modern creativity to suit modern toilets. In addition, it is a reliable and long-lasting flapper to serve for a long time.

You will thank its entire design and skill when you will enjoy low water consumption. It is capable of saving water by controlling the water flow efficiently. As a result, you won’t have to pay extra bills for more water consumption. The flapper is made from plastic materials and, it includes a stainless steel chain. It comes with a dimension of 6.4 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches and 4.8 ounces weight.

If you know to plumb then, this one is going to give you an awesome plumbing experience. As this features a super-simple installation process, it is easy to maintain and install. Moreover, this flapper comes with low maintenance costs.

Overall, TOTO comes with this toilet flapper without any compromise in its durability, quality, performance, and functionality. Besides, it prioritizes customer satisfaction along with its design and features.


  • High level of performance
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • Offers decreased maintenance cost
  • Low water-consumption
  • Super easy installation process


  • Doesn’t suit in some toilet models


4.    Plumb Craft Water Saving Forever Toilet Flapper:


If you are finding the best solution to control your water usage and save your water bill, then you’ll love this Plumb Craft Water Saving Forever Toilet Flapper. What makes it a unique flapper is a water-saving dial which you can adjust according to your needs. Actually, this dial controls the amount of water flow during every flush that will save up to 54% water per flush. As a result, you will be able to decrease your water bill to a large extent.

It features a two-way mounting suitable for both plastic and brass 2″ flush valves. It is suitable for most modern toilets like Kohler, American Standard, Mansfield, Glacier Bay, and others. Besides, it will suit most water-saving toilets with a rate of 1.6 gpf.

You are getting this durable flapper with a limited lifetime warranty. Besides, it is made long-lasting with strong rubber and polypropylene plastic body. So, you won’t have to worry about its durability during installment and use. Moreover, you can install it very simply.

So, if you have been sure that this flapper comes with every facility you want for an effective flush, then choose this one for you. You’ll get this one efficient in water-saving without any doubt.


  • Adjustable water-saving dial
  • Hard water, chlorine resistant
  • Reliable and durable with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Two-way mounting system
  • Perfect solution for leaky toilets to save water


  • Faulty chain hook


5.    Plumbcraft Toilet Flush Valve and Flapper:


PlumbCraft is one of the popular brands of toilet repair kit for its reliability for more than 50 years. This PlumbCraft Toilet Flush valve and Flapper features a highly strong seal that offers leak-free performance. The flapper includes a flush valve and a long chain with less chance of breaking down.

This flush valve and flapper will be suitable for majority toilet tanks featuring 3-inches flush drains like American Standard, Mansfield, Glacier Bay. If you want to replace your damaged 3-inch flush valve, then get this one for your toilet for a powerful flush with a better experience.

This one is also a water-saving flapper to save your water usage as well as the water bill. This is designed simply with a sleek rubber and plastic body. Plumbcraft comes with creative and efficient products that offer reliability for over five decades. It comes with a very simple installation process will all necessary instructions in detail. Moreover, it is made as chlorine, harsh water, and corrosion-resistant. As a result, it offers more durability than others.

In fine, if you choose this PlumbCraft Toilet Flush valve and Flapper for your leaky toilet issue, then you have chosen the right thing for sure.


  • Proper and tight seal offering leak-free performance
  • Suits most toilets with 3-inch flush drains
  • Reliable and durable a for a long time
  • Simple design with water-saving feature
  • Comes with a quite simple installation process


  • Tank-to-bowl Gasket isn’t included



Finally, we’ve come to the final stage of our list of 5 Best Toilet Flappers. You must have noticed that all of these flappers are incomparable from each other. These flappers come with some similar features but they have some uniqueness of their own.

They differ from each other in aspects of durability, dimension, installation process, flexibility, quality, and longevity.  There are some things to consider when choosing the right toilet flapper for your leaky and running toilet. You should choose the flapper which is suitable for your toilet model, flush drain, and water consumption level. You’ll enjoy the utmost benefits from the toilet flapper only after you choose the most suitable one. Now it’s up to you.














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