Have you observed spots on your dishes or your clothes are not being cleaned properly or your shower isn’t much effective?

If your water is hard, then you may have noticed one of these things or all of it. These happen because of hard water. Hard water isn’t harmful to our body if there is no toxic element in water like lead. But hard water minimizes the lifetime of the appliances, especially water heaters and boilers, etc. Besides, it lessens the taste and quality of water.

Hard water is a common problem in many countries. To get rid of this problem, people are using water softeners. Hard water has a vast amount of calcium and magnesium in it. Water softeners remove the calcium and magnesium of water and restore them with sodium and salt by the ion exchange system. To get the best result from water softeners, you need to fill them with advanced resin after several periods.

The higher is the quality of your resin, the better water you will get from your water softener. There are varieties of water softener resin on the market. It becomes challenging to find the best water softener resin. That’s why we’ve tried to find out the 5 Best Water Softener Resin in 2019. We expect that this article is going to help you to find the best and high-quality resin for your water softener.   


This ABCwaters water softener resin is a standard resin applicable in all standard water softeners. This is a high-quality water softener resin with high capacity. So, this is going to provide better performance than other resin. This is 8% polystyrene cross-linked with DVB (Divinylbenzene) which is perfect for almost all water softeners unless there are iron and chlorine in the water in huge amount.

Usually, this resin is used in most homes as it is a high-quality standard resin. If you are finding a durable resin with longevity, then this ABCwaters resin will be perfect for you. This will perform well 12 to 15 years without any mess. This meets federal guidelines for potable water use.

You can rely on this water softener resin as it is USDA, FDA, and NSF approved. This resin is easily replaceable. So, you won’t have to undergo any extra hassles for filling your water softener with this resin. With its ion exchange capability, it will remove the extra calcium and magnesium of the water and replace them with sodium ions.


  • 8% cross-linked
  • Durable and reliable
  • Standard water softener resin
  • provides high performance


  • Sometimes, you may face problems in the taste of water and hardness
  • Not perfect for water containing iron at a high rate

This Liquagen Water Softening ion exchange resin is a premium grade resin and a high-end product at an affordable price. Now no waste of money in buying resin of high markup brands in the expensive price. You will get a resin loading to funnel free with it for making softener changing easy like a pro.  This ion exchange resin with an outstanding chemical and physical stability comes with good selectivity and thermotolerant characteristic.

You can use this resin in your water softener for the treatment of water for cooking, drinking, and making foods and drinks. Besides, you can use this resin for treating beverages, foods, and water for food processing and potable water.

The quality of this resin is tested by the well-known lab, which will provide excellent water from your water softener. If your water contains iron, then this resin will be perfect for you. Additionally, this resin will meet your household and commercial needs. Finally, be sure that you are getting an ideal product at a perfect price.


  • A resin with premium grade and high quality
  • Free resin loading funnel
  • Can be used for treating water for multiple purposes
  • Good selectivity and thermotolerant characteristic
  • Easy softener change


  • Inaccurate cross-link
  • Expensive for 0.5 cubic feet pack

Now we’re introducing you to a high-capacity resin manufactured by Resintech. This resin will soften water with its high quality and outstanding performance. This performs well and treats water superbly compared to other resins. Generally, this resin is more reliable and powerful resin found on the market at this price. This comes in 1 cubic foot package which will be sufficient enough for you to refill your water softener with this resin. Thus you will be able to enjoy more soft water than before with this resin.

This comes with 8% cross-link, which is enough for the people who don’t have iron or chlorine in the water in acute rate. So, it can be said that this resin is perfect for most people for using in household or commercial purpose.

Finally, you are getting a high end and high-capacity water softening resin at an affordable price without any doubt. You will be able to enjoy soft water with this top quality water softening resin.


  • High-quality water softening resin
  • 8% cross-link
  • One cubic foot package
  • Designed for outstanding performance
  • For both commercial and household use


  • Does not reduce TDS

This resin from Amanzi is a resin of cation type which indicates that this resin is of standard 8% cross-link. So, this resin is going to perform well in your water softener if you don’t have much iron or chlorine in your water. This cation resin performs outstandingly in most water softening systems for multiple household and commercial purposes. This resin will be perfect for commercial use as it has excellent economic softening capabilities.

This high-quality and high capacity resin will simplify water softener changing. So, you’ll be able to refill your water softening system easily with this cation resin. If you are looking for more reliable and durable water softening resin that this resin will meet up your needs as this has the longevity of over than ten years.

This Amanzi resin comes in standard 0.5 cubic feet of the package which you can use with most water softening systems. This resin is of standard grade which meets federal guidelines for potable water use.


  • Standard 8% cross-link
  • Cation resin
  • Lasts more than ten years
  • Easily usable
  • Ensures better performance


  • Not enough for all water softening systems

This resin is also from Amanzi. This is a bit different from 50-box resin mentioned earlier. This cation is 100-box that means this is the resin of fine mesh type. Fine mesh means that the beads of this resin are smaller than cation type.

This type of fine mesh resin is ideal for people living in a place with chlorine in water at a high rate. This resin will treat your water containing chlorine amazingly. Besides, this resin will treat iron in water better than other standard resins.

This resin comes with standard 8% cross-link. This is easily usable in most standard water softeners. This is a durable resin as this will last from 10 to 15 years easily. So, be sure that you are getting a water softening resin with long life expectancy and better performance.

Ultimately, if you are having problems because of iron and chlorine in your water then bring this Amanzi 100-box resin for your water softener and enjoy chlorine and iron free better soft water than before.


  • Standard 8% cross-link
  • Fine mesh type
  • Easily usable
  • Will last up to 15 years
  • Treats iron and chlorine outstandingly


  • Expensive



If you are dependent on water softeners for softening your hard water, then water softening resin is a must product for you. Water softening resin is the thing which removes the extra calcium and magnesium of the water and replaces them with sodium and thus turns hard water into soft water. So, you must have to buy water softening resin for your water softener.

There are multiple types of water softener resin available on the market which will confuse you. This may seem a difficult task for you to buy the perfect water softening resin. So, we’ve come up with a solution to simplify your task of purchasing water softening resin.  Here are the things which should be considered before buying water softening resin for your water softener.

  • Percent cross-link: In water softening resin, cross-linked Divinylbenzene (DVB) is applied to strengthen the connection of the beads. Based on the strength of this connection, the resins have various cross-link values, such as 8% cross-link ad 10% cross-link. The higher the cross-link eventually, the higher will be the price. So, the water softening resin of what cross-link should you buy, you can decide from the following details:

8% cross-link:  This 8% cross-link is a common cross-link used in most resins. This cross-link can dissolve iron from 3 to 5 ppm. This resin softens water amazingly and has a longevity of 10 to 15 years based on the quality of your water. This cross-link is perfect for the well or groundwater containing less iron and chlorine.

10% cross-link:  This 10% cross-link is a higher cross-link, which is expensive and performs better than 8% cross-links. This cross-link is stronger and will dissolve iron and chlorine up to 10 ppm. This type of cross-link is ideal for supplied municipal water containing iron and chlorine at a high rate. Besides, this cross-link has longer life expectancy than 8% cross-links.

So, bring the water softening resin which will suit with your water and water softener most.

  • Type:

Generally, there are two kinds of water softener resins are found-

  • Fine mesh resin:
    Fine mesh resins are small in size and can eliminate dissolved iron to 10 ppm. For improving the taste, feel, and smell of drinking water, activated carbon is used with it. This type of resin is needed for the people who want to treat water with extra iron or chlorine.
  • Standard ion exchange resin:
    Ion exchange resins are used in most resins for softening water. This can eliminate dissolved iron from 3 to 5 ppm. It removes calcium and potassium by replacing them with sodium chloride or potassium chloride.
  • Size: Water softener resins come in two sizes mainly, such as  
    • 1 cubic foot
    • 0.5 cubic feet
  • 1 cubic foot: Usually, most water softening resins come in 1 cubic foot of packages. This amount of resins is applicable in the tank, which is 9″ x 48″ in size.
  • 0.5 cubic feet: Very few resins come in 0.5 cubic feet package. This amount of resins is for small sized water softener tanks. Sometimes, one cubic feet resins come in two bags of 0.5 cubic feet.
  • Performance and capacity:

You should buy water softening resins with fantastic performance and high-capacity. High-quality resins will ensure better performance for you over a long time. The high-capacity resins will soften your water outstandingly with its exceptional performance.

  • Life expectancy:

The life expectancy of water softening resins is a vital thing to consider. Mostly high-quality resins ensure the longevity of 10 to 15 years. This means you need to replace the resins after 10 to 15 years. But this depends on your water quality and water use. So, you should buy the resins with a long life expectancy.

  • Use:

Water softener resins should be easily usable, which means that refilling your water softener will be easy. If refilling water softener with resins is difficult, then refilling will seem a tedious job for you. High-quality resins ensure simple use.

  • Using purpose:

Some resins are perfect for both commercial and residential use, and some are only for residential or commercial use. So, consider the using purpose before you buy resin for your water softener.

Finally, these are the facts which should be kept in mind before you buy a water softener resin. If you consider these things before purchasing water softener resins, then you can be sure that you are buying the right and best water softener resin.


Ultimately, now you’ve been aware of the Best five water softener resins. All these resins will ensure high-quality and better performance for softening your water. Now, this is your decision which one you will be excellent and perfect for your water softener and which one you should buy.

Consider the buying facts before you buy and be aware of the product details before you buy. We can assure you that thus you can buy the most suitable and perfect resin for your water softener.

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