Grilling and preparing BBQs are very commonly done for satisfying cravings of having juicy meat. However, both of these cooking processes involves handling very high temperatures and fire that can cause your hands to get burned. Hence, to keep your hands protected from burns and injuries you need to get the best BBQ gloves.

This entire guide is a compilation of details regarding the 5 best BBQ gloves in the market. All these pairs of gloves listed down below are high in quality with the capability of resisting high temperatures. Your hands are always going to stay protected once you get one of these gloves. Go through the details of their properties and you will find one that fits all your requirements.

  1. Grill Armor Extreme Heat Gloves:

Keep your hands protected with these high heat resistant Grill Armor Extreme Heat Gloves. These gloves have the capability of resisting up to 932 Fahrenheit making it perfectly suitable for taking out hot dishes from the baking oven. Also, you can use it while you use the grill.

Choose amongst 4 colors that seem appealing to you. These gloves are available in red, black, blue, and grey. Other than getting the convenience of choosing your preferable color you get the experience of easy cleaning. They are machine washable so you don’t need to waste energy behind trying to hand wash them.

Keep them nearby you with the help of the handy hook that comes along with the gloves. You can hang the gloves at a convenient place in your kitchen or on any suitable spot of your grill.

It is meant to be used while handling fire pit, fireplace, or a bonfire. The fabric that is used to make the gloves does not catch fire or even melt in the heat. You will not face issues while holding things because of the grip that it has on its surface.


  • Fits all hands as it is flexible.
  • Comes along with a money-back guarantee.
  • Comes available in 4 different colors.
  • Gloves are machine washable and fire-resistant.


  • The gloves are not suitable to be used if they are wet. You need to dry them completely after machine wash.
  1. JIESUO Silicone BBQ Gloves:

Keep your wrists and hands protected with these JIESUO Silicone BBQ Gloves that are 3.14 inches long. These gloves have a dual-layer design to protect your delicate hands from burning. The fabric that it is made up of is anti-skidding silicone that is heat resistant up to 446 Fahrenheit for providing you extra protection while you hand grill and oven.

We know that heat results in the hand palms getting sweaty. That is why these gloves have a unique cotton liner that does the job of sweat absorption. This cotton liner lets air to get it to keep your hands dry so that you can comfortably grill, bake, and cook delicious meals during summer.

Stay assured that no matter how tough and heated up the environment is around you there will be no odor forming. No matter what sauces or dips you have to handle while preparing delicious BBQ the gloves will not get stained. You can immediately hand wash the gloves after use or machine wash later if you feel lazy.

The size of your hands does not matter as it can fit all kinds of hands. You will feel comfortable handling things as the gloves come with grips so that things don’t slip off. Giving you comfort while you cook meals is the ultimate goal of these gloves.


  • High heat resistance up to 446 Fahrenheit.
  • Long in terms of length that covers up the wrists as well.
  • Easy to clean as it is stain resistant and waterproof.
  • The cotton liner prevents hands from sweating much.


  • The gloves will fit loose for people who have small fingers.
  1. UNIQME BBQ Gloves:

You will not sweat out much and feel uncomfortable with these UNIQME BBQ Gloves. The inner of these gloves consists of a cotton layer that soaks in moisture to make them comfortable for wearing on. To add more, the inner is heat resistant and has a soft feel.

Moving on to the outer layer, the gloves are not only waterproof but are made up of very durable material that lets you a lot of things while protecting your hands. The thick silicone gloves can let you handle steam and hot liquid without causing any burns. These gloves are completely waterproof and impermeable to hot liquid substances.

You get to handle dishes and plates with utmost care without worrying about breaking things or making them fall. The gloves are textured to provide grip and to ensure non-slip protection. Handling hot food like holding hot smoking steaks and lamb rib chops are easy with these heat resistant gloves. The gloves can resist heat up to 572 Fahrenheit while keeping your hands protected.


  • BA Free silicon gloves that are safe for food handling.
  • Dishwasher safe gloves that are easy to clean.
  • Comfortable inner cotton lining that soaks in moisture.
  • Long in terms of length covering wrists and hands completely.


  • Comes in one size only. These gloves might be difficult to be worn by many users for having too small hands or very long fingers.
  1. Bogo Brands Oven Gloves:

Bogo Brands Oven Gloves comes in two pairs making your purchase worth it. The gloves are very versatile as you can wear them on while you bake, grill, cook, prepare BBQ, or any time when you need protection from heat. These gloves come with heat resistance capability up to 480 degrees. They are suitable to be used for both commercial and household purposes.

Cleaning these gloves is not at all a tiring task. You can clean all the stains using the washing machine. To ensure that the gloves are usual for a long period all the stains wash off from its surface easily without much rubbing and scrubbing.

The gloves are long enough in terms of length providing coverage to both your hands and wrists. The gloves are meant to fit on anyone who uses them because of the slightly flexible fabric.


  • The gloves are made up of fabric that is comfortable to wear on.
  • The size of the gloves is compatible to fit almost all hand sizes.
  • Easy to clean as they are machine washable.
  • In one set two pairs of these gloves are included.


  • These gloves are not impermeable to liquid. So it is not safe to handle hot liquid substances with these.
  • Not fireproof.
  1. RAPICCA BBQ Gloves:

RAPICCA BBQ Gloves are high-quality gloves that are resistant to water, stain, and fire. The gloves are manufactured using neoprene rubber that is safe for food handling. Now you can easily prepare delicious and juicy grills or smoky BBQ without compromising with the skin of your hands.

The non-slip design lets you handle wet or oily meat without them slipping off your hands. You can handle dishes without the risk of anything falling off from your hands. You will get the comfort you desire because of the durable and soft cotton liner. The gloves do not get heated up and as well as fit loosely so you can do chores without difficulty.

As the rubber coating of the gloves is waterproof you can handle boiling water or steam without putting your hands at risk. The gloves will not melt even after coming into contact with high temperatures up to 932 Fahrenheit. There is no risk of catching fire while you grill or roast with live fire around you.


  • Very easy to wash.
  • Textured palm design for easy handling of things.
  • Very high resistance against heat up to 932 Fahrenheit.
  • Long 14-inch sleeve for protecting the arms.


  • The gloves have loose-fitting which might make it difficult for skinny people to wear on.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, get one pair of these 5 best BBQ gloves to make cooking food at high temperatures easy for you. There are a lot of incidents were people accidentally burned their hands while trying to save their food from getting overcooked. To prevent all of these unwanted and painful experiences getting these gloves are immensely important.


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