Are you looking for a kamado grill that will prepare juicy meat but efficiently use charcoal? If yes, you are going to find this entire guide useful as we are going to introduce you with 5 best kamado grills in the market. They have unique features to serve for letting users prepare juicy and delicious meats that they have ever tasted.

However, all the grills ensure that charcoal is used efficiently. We know well enough that charcoals are expensive. That is why you must get a grill that will produce heat and conserve it but by using less amount of charcoal. Let us go through the kamado grills listed down below without any further due.

  1. Char-Griller Akorn Jr. kamado Grill:

Char-Griller Akorn Jr. kamado Grill ensures that your food gets deliciously cooked with flavor-infused because of the even heating. The cooking surface is 153 square inches in size. With that amount of space, you can cook 5 to 6 patties at once. Sturdy steel construction ensures the grill lasts for a long time. The exterior of the grill is made up of powder-coated steel and the interior consists of porcelain-coated steel.

With this Kamado Grill, you can cook various kinds of meat as you can set temperature precisely between 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom damper lets you control the airflow so you can precisely set the temperature within this range. With the adjustable top damper, you can control the taste of your food. By maintaining the airflow and heat you can create high heat sear or even slow smoke.

Since this is a charcoal grill, it is obvious that ashes will be formed after the fuel gets used up. To ensure that no mess is caused to the surrounding the grill comes with a dump ash pan. All the ashes are collected in the pan and then you can easily dispose of without creating any mess.


  • Two durable handles to hold on, present on both sides.
  • It comes with strong sturdy legs to stand on for convenient cooking.
  • Easily portable.
  • Insulated wall conserves heat for even cooking.


  • Because of using high temperatures, the color of the exterior comes off with time.
  1. Kamado Joe Classic Charcoal Grill:

Kamado Joe Classic Charcoal Grill comes with locking wheels that let you move it from one spot to another easily. You don’t have to lift anything up or do any sort of chore behind moving this grill. And once you have placed the grill on a preferred spot you can lock it up.  The 18 inches cooking surface lets you prepare a generous amount of food.

This grill comes with a 2-Tier divide and conquers a flexible cooking system. Using this feature, you can transform the grill into a powerful cooking appliance. You can then cook food using various methods at different temperatures. And you can cook a different type of food simultaneously.

Using the top vent of the grill you can manage the airflow with precision. Using this feature, you can simply smoke food starting from 225 Fahrenheit and it sears the food up to 750 Fahrenheit.  If you have to let, go of some heat or smoke you can do that easily by lifting the dome. To make the lifting task easy, simply use your finger to operate the patented airlift hinge.


  • The top vent of the grill is rain and mold resistant.
  • All the pieces of the grill are easy to assemble.
  • 2 Tier divider system to cook various types of food all at once.
  • Stainless steel latch conserves heat and smoke to cook food evenly.


  • The cooking surface size is up to 18 inches. Large family owners might not find that size satisfying.
  1. Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Grill:

For great occasions and family gatherings, you would love to have the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Grill. This one comes with a primary cooking surface that is 314 square inches in size that you can use for grilling meat and anything like that. And a simple warming rack of the grill lets you just warm up your buns, pieces of bread, or prepare some dips and sauces.

The exterior of the grill has an insulated design that lets you conserve the use of charcoal but produce great heat. Insulation ensures that your meat is grilled and cooked properly while it contains its juiciness. With the folding shelves on the side, you can use it for keeping all the cooking ingredients by your side.

To help you move the grill to your preferred spot comfortably it came with rubber wheels. The cart is made up of sturdy tubular steel and has a locking caster present on the front for securely parking the grill. You will not face any hassle cleaning the ashes as well. The grill comes with a dump ash pan to collect all the mess without polluting the surrounding.


  • Easy heat control lets you set temperature from 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The powder-coated steel exterior is strong and sturdy.
  • Large 314 square inches cooking surface and 133 square inches warming rack.
  • Safe and smooth rubber wheels that can be locked.


  • It takes time for switching the temperatures from one to another.


  1. Broil King 911470 Kamado Grill:

Broil King 911470 Kamado Grill will give you the durable performance that you will leave you stunned when you use it. The exterior wall of this kamado grill is made up of double insulated steel. This insulated steel wall conserves heat and moisture to preserve the flavor of meat and to cook it evenly. It will not get cracked or have any after effect because of using high temperatures.

The insulation does another important job. As it conserves heat, it uses 2 times less amount of charcoal than a typical grill or smoker. You get to save up your bucks and also less amount of ashes will be produced. You can spend more on getting yourself important food ingredients to make a delicious meal instead of buying tons of charcoal.

This kamado grill is very convenient to clean. You don’t need to scrap out ashes from the walls of your grill. The steel ash catcher of the grill will be collecting all the ashes and you can remove it easily whenever it gets filled up.

You are getting some useful accessories included with the kamado grill. These are the secondary rack, side shelves, and a cart. The secondary rack can be used for warming up certain food items like pieces of bread and dips. Using the side shelves, you can keep all the necessary ingredients by your side. The mobility cart lets you move the grill to your preferred spot without the necessity of lifting it.


  • Comes with a 10-year warranty for the grill body.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Strong and sturdy construction that is built to last for a long time.
  • Comes with very useful accessories.
  • The cooking area is very spacious and 280 square inches in size.


  • Since the wall of the grill is insulated it gets difficult to lower the heat from higher temperatures.
  1. Pit Boss Ceramic Kamado Grill:

Pit Boss Ceramic Kamado Grill lets you set the perfect and precise cooking temperature using the cast iron tamper present at the top. The tamper does the job of controlling the airflow so you can cook delicious recipes by accurately controlling the temperature.

Dual Tier of the kamado grill lets you utilize more space and cook in generous amounts for the entire family. You will get to utilize the heat-generating the coal that is burning in an even better way.

To add more, the grill comes with solid bamboo shelves. You can keep all the essential cooking ingredients right by your side in an organized way. Once you are done with cooking and using the grill you can fold the shelves for convenient storage.


  • It comes with a lid to conserve heat for even cooking.
  • Wooden handle present that stays cool and helps in lifting the heavy lid.
  • Convenient wheels make it easily portable.
  • Spacious 567 square inches cooking surface.


  • It has a ceramic body. Which is sturdy but the paint will come off from it after a certain number of uses.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, you will not be disappointed with the food you cook using one of these best kamado grills that we listed above. All of the grills are meant to perform in the best possible way to give you ultimate satisfaction. We hope you can enjoy juicy meats with these grills on happy occasions with your entire family.


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