For electrical work or for bringing innovative changes to your workplace or home that is related to current, voltage, power, frequency, and many other parameters you need a Multimeter. Also, for HVAC applications as you cannot own many tools for measuring individual parameters. Hence, we came up with this helpful guide that will enlighten you about the best HVAC Multimeter available in the market.

The multimeter that we have listed down below vary in terms of features and how they operate. Yet, they all have the capacity of giving readings about various parameters with accuracy. If you are an electrician this HVAC Multimeter will be useful for you.

  1. Fluke 116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter:

Fluke 116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter gives you readings of various measurements with precision because of having low input imprudence. This feature prevents the Multimeter from getting any false readings because of ghost voltage. With the fluke 116 Multimeter, you get to take measurements of voltage, resistance, frequency, continuity, and capacitance with precision.

As it can take measurements of various things together it is a necessary tool that you should own. For HVAC applications you can use the Multimeter to measure temperature and as well as microamps. You can use the fluke 323 clamp meter for work related to electricity. It comes featured with true current and AC voltage that can take a precise and accurate measurement of nonlinear signals.

You can easily carry the whole kit with you to different places. The kit comes with a convenient soft case to keep in the meters and rest of the components. Then for ease in carrying, it comes with a shoulder strap to be easy to wear on. The user’s manual included with detailed instructions for your convenience.


  • Dust and water-resistant Multimeter making it suitable for use in tough conditions.
  • A multimeter can measure various parameters.
  • The meter has a large LED backlight to help you operate in darkness as well.
  • Comes with a built-in thermometer to help you use it for HVAC applications.


  • Expensive in terms of price.
  1. Amprobe AM-510 Commercial/Residential Multimeter:

Amprobe AM-510 Commercial/Residential Multimeter comes with amazing features that help you to in the installation of electrical sockets and panels. You can also use the multimeter while troubleshooting light fixtures as well. You can use the multimeter for detecting battery voltage and output of the alternator as well in transportations as well.

The meter comes with a built-in flashlight to help you detecting wires, fixing fuses when it is dark because of a power cut off. You will be getting a rubber tilt stand included and a probe holder that will let you take measurements very conveniently. Furthermore, with this multimeter, you get to measure direct current, alternating current, temperature, frequency, resistance, capacitance, and many more.

The LCD that the Multimeter features comes with an analog bar graph as well. You can take readings from the display very easily with proper precision. You will be getting many useful components included with the Multimeter.

One of the components is a set of test leads, next is a K-type thermocouple, a user manual, and a battery that is installed in the meter. For easy portability, the meter comes with a carrying case included. You can easily use the Velcro strap for carrying the case on your shoulder.


  • The enclosure consists of rubber over-molded for durability.
  • Comes with an LCD that is large enough to show results.
  • Meter comes with features of measuring both alternating and direct current.
  • Comes with the capability of detecting voltage without needing any sort of contact.


  • The NCV function of the Multimeter did not meet the expectations of many users.
  1. Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter:

Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter assures you of safety operation as it consists of a double fuse that will take on overload. This built-in double fuse makes the Multimeter suitable for measuring both AC and DC. Also, you can measure AC and DC voltage.

You don’t need to keep holding the digital Multimeter with your hand while working. The Multimeter comes with a support stand that can be propped up for making it stand stably. You can then keep doing any other work like noting down without any difficulty.

For noting down calculations you can keep the record of any measured parameter on the screen. You just need to press the hold button and the readings will be locked for you. For reading in dark, the LCD screen has a backlight function that will help you see the readings.

The Multimeter has an auto power-off system to help in saving charge. You will get a 9 V batteries included with the Multimeter, so you don’t need to purchase any separate batteries. This very versatile Multimeter can be used for measuring resistance, frequency, and continuity as well.


  • Data hold features to give you the convenience of keeping the reading recorded.
  • Auto switch-off system for saving up the battery charge.
  • Comes with 9B batteries included.
  • Backlight display to help you take readings in dark.


  • The auto-ranging function of the Multimeter does not work efficiently.
  1. Fieldpiece HS36 Expandable Auto-ranging True RMS Stick Multimeter:

Fieldpiece HS36 Expandable Auto-ranging True RMS Stick Multimeter has an auto-ranging feature that gives results with accuracy. This Multimeter is compatible to work with almost all Fieldpiece accessory heads so you get to measure various parameters with a single meter. You can use this Multimeter for detecting whether a circuit is open or closed as it comes with a LED beeper. The beeper lets you know if the high voltage over 30 V passes through the circuit.

The Multimeter comes with the feature of indicating voltage without needing any sort of contact. The function makes it sensitive to detect 24 V alternating current even on thermostats. Other than just taking readings of voltages, the Multimeter has the capability of measuring flame diode current that flows through heater control. The measurement is done with microamps present in the Multimeter.

You get to measure the capacitance of capacitors of motor start capacitors and motor run capacitors as well. You will feel comfortable using the Multimeter as it comes with a magnetic hanger that allows you to operate it, without you need to hold it. For easy portability, the Multimeter comes with a rugged ABS case included that comes with rubberized bumpers included. You will feel comfortable while holding the Multimeter as it has an ergonomic shape.


  • Multimeter comes with a backlight to help you see in the dark.
  • 9-volt batteries included and pre-installed in the Multimeter.
  • The auto power-off function of the Multimeter helps you to conserve battery energy.
  • Comes with a rugged ABS case for easy portability.


  • The voltage detector of the Multimeter does not have a wide range.
  1. Extech EX330 Mini Multimeter:

Extech EX330 Mini Multimeter gives you the flexibility of working on both small electronics and as well as the main electrical source because of the auto-ranging feature. You get to select the right measurement range so you can test out a lot of different components. For your convenience, you can freeze the display and keep the current result recorded so you can easily take notes.

Furthermore, there is a maximum data hold function that keeps the highest reading saved so you can later have a look at it. The Multimeter is thoughtfully designed for people with weak eyesight as well. The display shows you digits that are one inch large so you get to see the reading even in dark or where the lighting is very poor.

You don’t have to keep holding the meter while you make notes. The meter comes with a tilt stand so you don’t have to keep holding it. The meter will stand so you can conveniently have a look at the screen. For durability and the Multimeter to stay safe from getting damaged, it comes with a rubber holster that is impact resistant.


  • Two AAA batteries are included for the operation of the Multimeter.
  • Comes with a detailed user manual for easy operating.
  • Comes with a tilt stand included for a comfortable experience.
  • The display of the multimeter shows digits that are 1 inched in size so you can view them easily.


  • The battery connector of the multimeter is not strong enough according to some users.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, after getting to know about all of these easy and convenient to use the best HVAC Multimeter present in the market. You will no longer need to purchase separate equipment for measuring various parameters and waste your money. You will be getting all the features compiled together in one best HVAC Multimeter.

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