During hot summer days, you need to ceiling fans both indoors and outdoors to beat the heat. However, not all ceiling fans are suitable for installing outdoors. That is why to enjoy your leisure time in your patio, or while you work in your workshop, you need to get to know about some of the best outdoor ceiling fans.

The ceiling fans we have listed down below, are designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are different from each other in features, operating systems, sizes, speeds, and many more. However, they are high in quality. You will find an outdoor ceiling fan that suits your requirements from these five.

  1. 52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan:

52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a 9-degree blade pitch and a 6 inch down rod. With these structural features, you will get to enjoy airspeed in three different intensities which are high, medium, and low. The ceiling fan can provide air to the entire room with great efficiency. It has the capacity of providing air to 103 cubic feet per minute.

For controlling the fan speed and various operations you have two options. One is with the help of a regulator that you can set on the wall, and the other is with the remote control included. You can keep the remote control safe with the stand that is included. For further convenience you can reverse the airflow manually, whenever required.

The ceiling fan is designed to look sleek and stylish wherever it is installed. The solid wood blades have a walnut finish with a stunning oil rubbed bronze to complement another décor.


  • The fan can be controlled with remote control for convenience.
  • The great airflow rate is about 103 cubic feet per minute.
  • Energy-efficient as it uses 62 watts to operate.
  • Comes with 3 different speeds.


  • You cannot use this ceiling fan in an environment that does not have any humidity.
  1. Prominence Home 51024 Indoor/Outdoor Journal Ceiling Fan:

Prominence Home 51024 Indoor/Outdoor Journal Ceiling Fan is perfect for using outdoors because it is ETL damp rated. You can use it in covered spaces so it makes it suitable for using indoors well. You get the liberty of choosing the type of blade you want from two options provided.

One side of the fan is made up of carbon fiber and the other is silver oak. So depending on the décor of the rest of the items choose one side. Installing the fan is not a chore as you can hang the fan to the ceiling in multiple positions easily.

For hanging the fan, you will be getting a 6 inches long down rod on a standard mount. Otherwise, you can hang the fan with angled ceilings as well. You will be getting detailed instructions included so you can install the fan yourself.

For even distribution of air throughout the room, the direction of the fan can be reversed manually whenever required. The powerful motor of the fan can provide 3 different speeds. Even if the ceiling fan provides strong airflow, the motor does not emit any sort of disturbing noise.


  • A ceiling fan can be installed on standard and angled ceilings.
  • Comes with detailed instructions for easy installation.
  • Powerful motor that even distributes airflow in three speeds.
  • Comes with two different blade options.


  • Does not have a remote control operating system.
  1. WAC Lighting Mocha Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan:

WAC Lighting Mocha Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is designed to suit this modern time as it has two very smart operating systems. One way of operating the ceiling fan is through an app that can be installed in both iOS and Android smartphones.

The ceiling fan can be upgraded through the app for operating with smart home technologies like Alexa, google assistant, and many more other options. You can control the speed of the fan, use various modes, update it for unlocking new features, and many more features.

The next operating system consists of using a remote control that uses Bluetooth for connectivity and requires a battery for operation. The remote control comes with a wall cradle for safely holding it and to make it easier for you to store it. This ceiling fan is not only just smart. It is designed to provide great airflow that is 70% more efficient compared to traditional ceiling fans that you have used till now.

Your room or the outdoor place where you install it will be illuminated with the LED luminaire. You can replace the LED luminaire in the future if anything goes wrong with it. You can control the brightness as well according to your requirement and it is safe to be used in wet locations. Doesn’t matter if it is indoors or outdoors.


  • Comes with a 6-inch download included for installation.
  • It can be easily installed on ceilings that have a slope of about 30-degree.
  • Comes with 6 airspeeds.
  • DC motor that silently operates and provides airflow with great efficiency.


  • You need the help of a professional for installing this ceiling fan.
  1. BIG BANBAN Modern Bird Cage Ceiling Fan:

BIG BANBAN Modern Bird Cage Ceiling Fan is designed for increasing the beauty of the location where it is installed. It is a ceiling fan with a beautiful gold crystal chandelier attached to it for illuminating your rooms while circulating cooling air. This two in one fandelier comes with a powerful motor that delivers air in 3 speeds without making any disturbing rattling or clicking sound.

The brightness of the chandelier can be controlled up to three different levels which are white, neutral light, and warm. For controlling all of these functions it comes with remote control included. You can control the lights and the speed of the fan with the remote.

For installation, you will be getting a manual included, so you can do it yourself. Two down rods of two different lengths are included for installing the fan. One is 4 inches and the other one is 8 inches in length. The maximum power usage of the ceiling fan is about 40 watts. It is energy efficient yet it delivers airflow to cover an entire room.


  • Powerful motor that operates silently without making noise.
  • Comes with a chandelier that has a LED light with a brightness that can be controlled.
  • The ceiling fan can run at 3 speeds.
  • Comes with two down rods that have two sizes.


  • Not suitable for using outdoors.
  1. Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Ceiling Fan:

Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Ceiling Fan has a traditional and modern operating system. Just like the traditional system it comes with pull chains that you can use it for switching the fan on or off. For the modern style operating system, the ceiling fan is designed to be compatible with remotes designed by Honeywell.

The ceiling fan comes with blades that are 52 inches in length to give proper airflow throughout the entire room. The length of the blades makes it suitable for use in both medium and large-sized rooms. The blades come in a sleek bronze finish that complements almost all sorts of decors.

The motor efficiently delivers airflow to cover the entire room. It has a silent operation making it suitable as an outdoor ceiling. So, there is no annoying sound of any rattling. You can enjoy airflow at three speeds, which are high, medium, and low.


  • 52 inches’ blades to disperse airflow efficiently in large rooms.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Two easy operating systems.
  • Silent motor operation.


  • The ceiling fan does not come with any remote control included. You have to purchase it separately.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, you will no longer need to suffer in the heat while you stay outside after getting to know about these best outdoor ceiling fans. They are perfect for installing in various outdoor locations like your patio, workshop, garage, or anywhere you need some air for beating the heat.

To match our modern lifestyle, we have listed some outdoor ceiling fans designed in that way. You will find these ceiling fans unique compared to the traditional ones you have used till now. So wait no longer, get the best outdoor ceiling fan for yourself, very soon.

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