A fashionable bathtub can elevate the beauty of your bathroom. But this is not all, as you go on selecting the first step is the material-selection. These days people mostly prefer acrylic bathtub to others.

Acrylic tubs are the vacuum-inside sheets of acrylic materials, sometimes with fiberglass to increase durability. Acrylic being soft you can put it at whatever level you want of your home. Its smooth surface has the heat-absorbing quality and you feel the heat as you touch it in the normal temperature.

These tubs are popular because of its being careful to your mind, body, as well as the wallet. They are durable, low-maintenance, comfortable, and affordable. As you buy you would also feel them as easy to clean and repair.

In this review, we have arranged a list of five best acrylic bathtubs available. You would get a detailed description of all the products, proper use of them, and what are the things you might face whenever using them for better understanding.


Let’s start with the most stunning and elegant acrylic bathtub. Woodbridge 59″ is going to be the glossy white part of your bathroom. Its acrylic material provides a smooth surface with a warm feeling on your body. The scratch-preventive surface keeps the gloss intact for the long term.

The double-walled feature of the tub provides maximum insulation. The water-holding capacity is 58 gallons and the depth of water for overflow is 13″. The tub is large enough to hold two people together without any complication. The gentle bending at parts offers a comfortable and enjoyable shower.

For a long term carefree shower this tub includes a polished nickel overflow and the pop-up draining. The superior quality drain and the adjustable pipe serve you with an anti-odor shower all the time. So, transform your bath to a long shower at any time of the day you want.

This freestanding bathtub comes with freestanding faucet in a single package. The installation is very easy to handle. The package also includes the instruction manual for better understanding.


  • Great product for the money and easy for installation
  • Anti-scratch glossy finish for long term
  • Double-walled feature with nice warm surface
  • Retains the warmth of the water for long term
  • Brushed-nickel drain and overflow prevents odor-making
  • Package includes the instruction manual
  • 30 days money-back and one year warranty


  • Some consumers complain about water-leaking


Kohler K-1229-LA-0

The exclusive hourglass-shape bathtub is the best fit for your stylish shower room. Its delicate curves perfectly fit your body for a comfortable shower. The backrest position gives you comfort during the shower. This Mariposa 5.5 feet bathtub is perfect for any standard size person and its acrylic material provides durable and stable construction.

Its removable integral apron makes the access of the front pump easy. You need to order the right style apron while ordering the bathtub; otherwise, it will be a hassle to change it further. The internal flange prevents water from leaking behind the wall.

Simple to install this tub leaves no more further hassle for you. The left-handed drain matches with your already surviving plumbing. You do not have to spend any more money on it. The textured bottom surface gets the proper grip of the floor and prevents the tub from slipping and ensures safety.

The overflow drain removes the excess water and secures the floor from being flooded. Its three wall tile in installation provides both waterproof surface and security to your child. Its one year warranty provides you the further safety-feeling of any manufacturer defect.


  • Comes from the USA
  • Acrylic material makes the construction lightweight but durable
  • Unique design makes your bathroom stylish
  • Dual way faucet-installation option
  • Alcove provides comfortable back-support
  • Textured bottom provides safety from slipping
  • One year warranty


  • Includes only soaking bath therapy, no jets for aromatherapy


American Standard 2461.002.020

Our third bathtub comes with a glossy anti-slip smooth surface. The scratch-resistant enamel-finish top layer makes your cleaning easier. Its exclusive steel layer at the center creates a stable and durable tub. Its durable acrylic material makes it heavy from other tubs here, but it is certainly lightweight than cast-iron tubs.

This is a well-engineered product with a drain hole at its right. As you stand on it, you can see the tub slanting gradually towards the hole. Thus, it assures no unwanted water-gathering on the surface. Again its heat-retention quality keeps the water warmer for a long period.

With 14″ overflow depth, you get a better soaking experience. The overflow port being at high position the regular overflow kits will not be the perfect match and you need to purchase another PVC pipe to make it fit. Again, the wall at the overflow port is very thick and you should choose a longer cover screw to reach the pipe’s backend.

Like Kohler K-1229-LA-0, this tub also features the fundamental apron and tile ridge for your ultimate comfort. You may use the bath salt also, but be sure of finely rinsing out the tub after the shower.


  • Cost-effective product
  • Durable and stable enough
  • Deep tub with non-slippery enamel-finish surface
  • The thick covering layer keeps the water warmer for long term
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Apron and tile ridge for your comfortable shower


  • Heavier than other acrylic bathtubs


AKDY 67” Smooth Glossy
This gorgeous freestanding bathtub has a pearl-white finish. The double-walled durable acrylic construction with fiberglass reinforcement can withstand the roughest usage for a longer time. The surface is easy to clean and is stain-preventive also. With 79-gallon water holding capacity this tub can serve you for as much time as you would like to take a bath.

You have no more hassle with the leveling of this tub on your uneven bathroom. Its adjustable feel keeps the tub at a perfect level for you to feel secure whenever you are within. Its curved head-counter gives you a comfortable feeling even, for a long term shower. With its 67” size it is comfortable for a single person, but it can support two people also at a time.

Its center-located drain ensures the proper drainage of the water. The tub includes a flexible hose to attach with the drain and the floor under it remains independent of the drain to some degree. It also has the overflow to maintain excess water.

Very easy to install this bathtub takes a little time to assemble. There is no necessity of installing the faucet. To set the central drain hose put the tub on a high platform and after that, fix the feet at the bottom and your tub is ready at your service.


Super glossy stain-proof surface
Durable double-walled acrylic construction with fiberglass reinforcement
Adjustable feet secures your bath
No hassle to assemble
Central drain and overflow maintains the water flow
One year warranty for the parts


The shape does not let you submerge fully, you need to keep either your head or knee out of water

Kingston Brass Contemporary

Transform your contemporary bathroom with an outstanding luxurious spa with this Kingston bathtub. Its three sides wall-enclosed feature and apron-attached single side provide an exclusive bathtub for you. This alcove bathtub is the right choice to melt away all the stresses of a long working day.

It is durable construction of 3-5 mm thick acrylic and cast-iron material. But this fiberglass reinforcement acrylic and resin manufactured tub are much lighter than the contemporary cast-iron-made tubs. This formation helps in warmth-retention of the water for a long time. Thus, this easy to handle tub provides you a comfortable showering comfort.

The surface can have scratches but removing them is easier than an enamel finishing surface. With a dazzling enamel on the cast-iron looking surface, this tub includes all the qualities of cast-iron except the weight.

This tub leaves you an option of choosing the right or left-sided drain. This is a great field to select the perfect one for your bathroom. The installation becomes easier with the drain’s position being 3 ½” above the floor. Just adjust the inside dual feet and nothing else, as the outer side gets support from the apron.

With this, you also get the facility to convert your tub into a combo shower/tub feature. Add a shower rod and the curtain and then, just install a shower faucet and a tub to make the assembling correctly


  • Durable and heat-retaining acrylic and cast-iron construction
  • Lighter in weight and easy to manage
  • Takes a little space
  • Glossy surface removes stains easily
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can convert a tub to a shower/tub
  • Compact and well-packaged delivery
  • One year warranty


  • Does not include the drain kits
  • The bottom is of 3-inch off the ground only, so it is not as deep as you may think before



Final Verdict

After a long discussion about the five best acrylic bathtubs available we have come to the final point. If you are eager to give a spa-like look to your bathroom and get a long term service you have got no other choice than an acrylic bathtub.

But as you see there are so many of them with so many common as well as distinctive qualities, it becomes tough to decide. The focal point of this article is to make things easier for you. A proper understanding of the features and constructive qualities of the products pointed out here will help you to make your selection the right one.


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