Cleaning up ash can be a very difficult chore if only you don’t have the right equipment. And we are here to help you get the right equipment by choosing the best ash vacuum. Ash vacuum is specifically made for cleaning ashes from various places to make your various task a lot easier.

Hence, we have listed down below about some of the best ash vacuums that stand out in the market and are loved by a lot of people for their amazing functionality, longevity, and performance. Have a look at them.

  1. PowerSmith PAVC101 All-In-One Ash Vacuum:

PowerSmith PAVC101 All-In-One Ash Vacuum picks up both warm and cool ash from all possible places. It has the capability of cleaning ash from fireplaces, barbeque grills, wooden stoves and also pellet stoves. If you are thinking about fire and safety that is taken care of by the fire-resistant filter.

The filter is washable to ensure proper cleaning and as well as it can be replaced whenever it seems to have worn out. The hose and the canister of this vacuum are made up of metal that is fire-resistant. Furthermore, you can use this vacuum as a normal shop vacuum anytime you want to if you don’t have ashes to clean.

No disturbance will be caused to anyone near you as this vacuum operates quietly. Even though the vacuum is quit it does have a powerful motor that provides great suction power for cleaning up even the tiniest size of dirt.

To give you a professional cleaning experience the vacuum does come up with some great accessories that are a wheeled base, two extendable wands, one brush nozzle, and turbos nozzle. The metal canister comes with a dirt holding capacity of 5.2 gallons and it can hold ashes up to 3 gallons.


  • Fire-resistant components that prevent dangerous hazards.
  • Comes with two types of nozzles for professional cleaning experience.
  • Hose and canister made up of metal to ensure durability.
  • Comes with a 16 feet long cord for easy shop use.


  • Requires assembly.
  1. ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon Ash Vacuum:

ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon Ash Vacuum has a very durable construction so it can last you for ages. The vacuum consists of a large canister made up of metal so that it can store up to 4.8 gallons of ashes. The powerful motor of this vacuum ensures that it generates great suction power which is up to 500 watts so not a speck of ash remains.

The vacuum is high in terms of versatility as it can take in cooled down ash from wooden and pellet stoves, BBQ grills, fireplaces, and lastly fire pits. Cleaning the filter is not at a hassle. It is easy to clean as it is resistant to clogging. The dual filtration system ensures that even the tiniest sized dust and ashes are cleaned from it.

Anyone can use this vacuum as it has a very easy operating system. You just need to flip to switch on the vacuum cleaner but before that attach the aluminum nozzle included with it. And then the powerful suction capability of the vacuum will do the job of cleaning. To help users to safely operate the vacuum, it comes with a stop switch that prevents the vacuum from working if the filter is not fitted properly.

Carrying the vacuum is easy as it comes with a handle on the top to hold onto. Other than easy portability the vacuum comes along with an organizer that helps you in storing the hose and other detachable components properly.


  • Dual filtration system to clean even tiniest sized ashes.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Great dirt holding capacity up to 4.8 gallons.
  • Easily portable with the handle to grip onto.


  • This vacuum cannot pick up hot ash.
  1. Armor All AA255 Utility Shop Vacuum:

Armor All AA255 Utility Shop Vacuum will not only serve you as a shop cleaning vacuum but it will do a great job as an ash vacuum as well. This vacuum comes with a tank made up of polypropylene that has the capability of holding 2.5 gallons of dirt. Convert this vacuum cleaner into a blower anytime you want for removing accumulated dirt in difficult corners.

With the 10 feet cord length of this vacuum cleaner, you will be getting the flexibility of moving around. You don’t need to face the hassle of re-plugging when you move from one place to another. to keep the cord well organized it does come with a cord wrap.

Proper cleaning of the vacuum has a detail brush. It does the perfect job of cleaning vents, dashboards, and any difficult corners with efficiency. The vacuum comes with a deluxe car nozzle that does efficient cleaning of cars as well.

With all the useful attachments included with you can pick up both wet and dry debris easily. Along with that, you are getting the freedom of moving it around with comfort as it is very lightweight.


  • Comes with an onboard storage system for keeping attachments organized.
  • Handle included for easy portability.
  • Very versatile as it can be used for cleaning different types of places.
  • It can be used as a blower.


  • Components of this vacuum cleaner are not fire-resistant. You can only pick up completely cooled down ashes.
  1. BACOENG 5.3 Advanced Ash Vacuum:

BACOENG 5.3 Advanced Ash Vacuum comes with a double filtration system that ensures that any dust particle cannot escape from the dirt container. This system helps to keep your environment healthy and also gives motor protection against damage.

Other than just picking up ashes it is suitable to pick dry dirt from a shop or even your homes. Using the help of the flexible metal hose that is 5 feet in the size you will be getting flexible cleaning experience. To reach difficult places and tight corners the 15-foot cord comes very handily. For cleaning various type of surfaces like carpets or normal floor that consists of tiles some useful attachment has been included.

You will be getting an extension wand for reaching high areas, crevice, and upholstery nozzles. The strong suction tube, made up of aluminum and the great suction power of the motor combined gives you professional cleaning experience. And whenever the canister of the vacuum is filled up with dirt you will be informant by an indicator.


  • Very versatile and suitable for indoor cleaning jobs.
  • Comes with various kind of attachments included.
  • Components of vacuum are made up of strong and durable metal.
  • Canister with 5.3 dirt holding capacity.


  • You can only clean dry debris with this vacuum. Wet dirt cannot be cleaned with it.
  1. Cougar Ash Vacuum Cleaner:

Cougar Ash Vacuum Cleaner comes with an automatic cord rewind system that gives the user easy cleaning experience. Users will not have to think about wrapping the cord up and how to keep it protected. For easy transport, it comes with a handle to grip on. The rear wheels of the vacuum and swivels casters present on the front give it the function of mobility.

With the 22 feet long hose you are getting great coverage and easy reach for convenience. It comes along with an extendable wand and power cord as well that is 15 feet long.

The great functionality of this vacuum cleaner lets you clean both wet and dry debris. You can use it for solving almost all sorts of household issues such as clogged sink, removing dust from fan blades, cleaning carpets of your stairs, and many more other purposes.

The two-stage motor lets you choose your preferred suction power. It takes in 4 gallons of dirt within the polypropylene tank. No noise will be created while the motor does it work. Giving you professional cleaning experience but peacefully.


  • The vacuum can clean multiple types of services.
  • Comes with casters on the front that can rotate at 360 degrees.
  • Handle included on the top for easy portability.
  • Automatic cord rewinding system.


  • The length of the hose is not very long.

Final Verdict

To sum up, we hope that now you can enjoy meat flavored with the smoke of charcoal without worrying about how to clean the mess afterward as you will be getting the best ash vacuum. The vacuums that we have listed above will efficiently clean all the ashes and will not take much of your time for doing it. Your environment will be kept clean and healthy as the ashes of wood lit in the fireplace will no longer be there in the air of your house.

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