Winter puts its chilly impact on your bathroom, you must be afraid of the cold sensation before taking having a shower. What if your bathroom is hot with your favorable heat and you step out of the bathroom with a comfortable feeling. Having a shower will no longer be a painful task.

A bathroom heater is a real solution to your chilling shower-room. A perfect heater, either portable or importable, can create a comfortable heat to your washroom. So, you don’t need to switch on your central home heater to raise the temperature of the bathroom anymore. The heater of your bathroom will do it for you shortly enough.

In this article, we have arranged five best bathroom heaters available. Here, you will get a detailed description of each bathroom heater. The usage, pros, and cons of the products are here for your convenience.

















Lasko CD08200 Bathroom

This small, portable, stylish silver color heater can fill your large cold bathroom with a hot temperature. It swiftly covers 225 square/feet with its heat. With its light-weight, you can move with it anywhere you want. It has no handle for movement, but you can easily move it by holding on both sides.

You get three heat options with this heater. It has two high heat and one low heat settings. One high heat has got the timer of one hour. You can set another high heat and low heat setting manually. In regular use, the low heat is perfect enough to give you a homely feeling at your bathroom.

It is not any thermostatic heater; you can control the heat using the button at the top. The highest temperature is 1500 watts with its ceramic heating elements. As you put in the plug and press the button, it makes a beep sound and it starts operating. As the product runs, only the metal mesh at the front gets hot, so be a bit careful.

The heater has built-in overheat protection to ensure better safety. It also includes the ALCI safety plug which shuts off the device during short-circuit. With this heater, you get the best heating experience at a very cost-effective price.


  • A cost-effective product
  • A small, light-weight, portable device
  • Warms up a large space in no time
  • Safe to use during your shower
  • Three heat options
  • Does not create much sound
  • Includes some safety features
  • Ready to use, no assembling is necessary
  • Top and sides remain cool during use


  • Some people complain about a bit of vibration during use





Broan Model 157 Low


Broan model 157 is the spot heating device to solve the delaying service of the central heating function. The central heating process can take time to heat the whole room. But this specific spot heater can easily heat a particular space. So, hang it on your shower and feel the heat closely.

This low profile heater with a satin nickel finishing shall increase the beauty of your shower room. The aluminum grille of this ceiling mount heater gets only 2 ¾” extension down to the ceiling. So, there is no risk of your hands getting the reach of the fan accidentally.

Its heat efficient motor is permanently lubricated and saves your further maintenance cost. It runs smoothly and spreads the heat through its circulating fan. Within five minutes it reaches its highest 1250 watt which is enough to make your shower room under your favorable temperature.

Like Lasko CD08200, this heater also includes overheating protection. For its safe and reliable operation, this heater gets position within the UL-list. In order to control perfectly, you can also buy the 61W/61V- 15 minutes timer, 59W/59V-1 hour timer, and 86W thermostat (line voltage).

This simple, small tool comes to your house not pre-assembled. But it is very easy to assemble all the parts as everything necessary comes with the package.


  • Simple and low profile lightweight feature
  • Takes a little space
  • Smart looking feature
  • Faster spot heating system
  • Permanently lubricated energy-efficient motor
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Includes overheat protection
  • Has one-year warranty support from the manufacturer


  • Some people complain about the customer support
  • The fan can be a bit noisy








OPOLAR Space Ceramic

This is another space-saving versatile heater. Though designed only for the bathroom, you may use it in the drawing-room or at your office. It features IP21 which makes the product water-resistant. Its well-sealed outward housing and the plastic cover on the switch protects the device from condensation.

This space ceramic heater is efficient with its solid durable feature. It can make the heat faster and raises the heat to your favorable temperature. Its oscillation at 80 degrees is liable for the faster and effective heating of a wide space.

It has two heat settings and a fan for the maximum coverage of the heat. Its lowest heat setting is at 750W and the highest one is at 1500W. The rotate switch at the front controls the heat according to your choice.

To control the room temperature the device includes a detector for thermostat. You can put it off at any time you feel the room temperature is too hot. This heater also includes the safety plug ALCI which automatically cut off the connection in case of any danger.

It also includes two safety features, like, overheat and tip-over safety. The device switches off automatically during over-heating problem or any kind of knocking down. This little portable heater has a handle. Try to grasp it with both of your hands to avoid any accident.


  • Small, smart, and portable device
  • Features water-resistant qualities
  • Has a thermostat detector
  • Safety plug disconnects in advance of any danger
  • It has overheat and tip-over protection
  • Includes one year warranty and replaces in case of any defect with the device


  • Have a careful grip of the handle, it may slip off
  • It is not water-proof. Keep it out of water during your shower





Stiebel Eltron 074058

This product of our list has an exceptional wall mount design. It is a well-engineered and aesthetically alluring heat-providing unit. This heater motivates your wish for a peaceful environment during the shower. It creates a whispering-like sound as its fan moves within.

It is a German product with a unique down-draft style. In this system, the heater drags into the cool air at the top and emits the hot air from its bottom part. With this process, the heater spreads the heat evenly and you get the maximum relief.

With its 18W motor and built-in thermostat, this heater can be a reliable source of heat for any small room. With this thermostat, you can easily do the heat adjustment.  Its three heat settings with the 1-3 labels on the thermostat dial. As you move to the 3rd setting you turn on the warmest mode and it creates about 85 degrees within a closed room and it is almost 60 at its lowest.

The fan gets off automatically when it reaches the desired temperature. You can also turn off using the switch when the heat is no more necessary. It also has a frost protection heating system to maintain the temperature above freezing.


  • Includes quietly moving fan
  • No need of extra power cord, it directly connects to the home wiring
  • The fun stops as it reaches the desired temperature
  • Includes three years limited warranty


  • The wire is visible from above after installation










Holmes Digital Bathroom

This is a compact portable heater which takes a little space. So, besides using for shower room heating purposes, you may use it in other parts of your home also. It emits warm air and quickly distributes it all through the room. You may put it standing or wall mounting in whatever way you prefer.

The exclusive easy to set digital control system lets you control your level of comfort. The LCD at the front makes the temperature, time, and set timer visible to you. Though the fan runs quietly, the digital display reminds you of its running still.

The heater has a single heat setting and the output remains 1500W constantly. It includes the timer feature for you to pre-heat the bathroom before you start taking a shower. The programmable thermostat adds to your convenience.

This product also comes with an ALCI plug for complete protection from any kind of electricity-related danger. You also get one year warranty along with the heater for you to change or repair in case of any manufacturer defect.


  • Lightweight, portable compact tool
  • Digital display for easy to read
  • Pre-heating timer raises the temperature in advance
  • ALCI plug ensures the safety
  • One year warranty


  • After unplugging, you need to reset the full set-up











Final Verdict

No more compromise with cold in the winter mornings. Have a bathroom heater, and enjoy the heat every time you need to use the chilly bathroom. A perfect heater can transform the cool air of your bathroom into a comfortable hot environment in no time.

All five heaters are the best bathroom heater available. All of them are distinctive in some ways. Each of them has the qualities to bring you comfort during a shower. So, you need to choose the perfect one to suit your necessity.

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