Do you have the time to spare at your SPA for a shower at the hot tab every day? It would be tough to spare so much time from your busy schedule. What if you can bring your spa at home? It can be true and you can own a hot bathtub yourself.

Romantic weather with a hot tub bath behind your yard is a comfortable place to rest in. A long term showering after a long stressful working day helps you to melt your tensions away. It also becomes profitable for your joint and muscle pain. It adds to your comfort as you can invite your friends for a shower and have a long term chattering with them.

This review puts light on the best plug and play hot tub available. A right choice for the hot tub can ensure you better comfort. For the perfect choice you need a proper understanding of the qualities you need in a hot tub and you would get all things you need in this article.

Essential Hot Tubs 30 Jets

Step into your world of Essential hot tub and enjoy from a soothing shower to a complete hydro-massage. Everything is at your fingertips and your satisfaction depends on your command. On the hot summer days, enjoy an ice-cold beverage from the conveniently place ice- bucket while having a shower.

The most alluring feature is its ergonomic seating capacity for six persons. So, you may invite your friends to share the water treatment. Among the seats, two are the captain’s chairs which have the headrest for additional comfort. Four other chairs are the loungers with a pillow to prevent the possible back-pain.

For massage purposes, this bathtub includes 30 jets. These jets are available from any seat of the tub. So, you may have the refreshing massage from the Captain’s seat or a full body massaging from the Lounger seat. Only a single button touch can change your experience from passive to invigorating treatment.

Plug into the electric 120V/15A outlet with your GFCI cord for the shower. For the cold days, you may transform the electric unit to 220V for maximum hot water. For your mental soothing, it includes the two water columns with LED lights to change with the adjustable flow control knob.


  • Comes from the USA
  • Stainless steel jets for full body massage
  • Six people ergonomic seating capacity and comfortable headrest
  • Longest Lounger seats are perfect for the tallest persons
  • Perfect for all seasons with Balboa heater
  • Lovely interior layout
  • Heavy-duty cover to protect the tub when it rests


  • Changing the electric unit needs professional handling

Bestway 54190E Helsinki

This is a homely tub to make heaven at your backyard. This is the best inflatable hot tub with its marvelous craftsmanship. You may relax at the cushioned seat and enjoy the hot massaging with its 83 air jets. These jets offer a soothing experience and the air bubbles come from everywhere to give you full-body massages.

The wood panel print on the exterior wall makes it more attractive to you. The wall gets the support of fine interwoven stitches which keep the tub strong and intact even after continuous inflation and disinflation. Its supportive cover increases longevity by protecting the tub when remains unused and its safety clips ensure child-safety by keeping it locked.

It makes enough room for seven adults. Even the tallest person can take a bath conveniently enough into this tub. The pump being digitally controlled you can control heating, inflation, and filtration with the touch controlling panel.

The Freeze preventing winterizing system activates against water reaching the freezing point. It also increases the circulation of the water to protect the inner parts from cold water. This tub is easy to set up and it would take you 20 minutes only to set.


  • Rigid inflatable product
  • Continuous digital heating and filtering technology
  • Perfect for all season
  • Comfortable for seven persons
  • Freezing preventing technology helps the water from reaching a freezing temperature
  • The cover secures the water temperature and clip keeps it locked for children
  • Heat and bubble works for body massage


  • Costs extra electronic bill







Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity

This smart-looking little hot tub is going to be a part of your everyday relaxation. You may get no difference in this item with other well-known brands. But it has got some specialties which distinguish itself. Its ECO thermoplastic material gives you a secure feeling while being friendly to the environment.

The Lifesmart is a plug and play tub that lightens your further stress of waiting for it. As the motor creates friction and increases the heat of the water minimum at 80 degrees. It would raise the water temperature to 104 within 24 hours.

Simple to set up, this hot tub takes a bit of time to assemble. The only thing you need to undergo is to make holes to fix the hook of the cover strap. You would rarely need fastening the strap except for the high wind situation. It has a foam insulation bottom and needs extra support from the ground itself as you establish it.

It has enough free space for four people showering and 13 jets are always ready to provide your spa service. With its digital control comfortable dialing you can have a perfect mixing of water and air. It also provides you spa-like sensation with the waterfall and interchangeable blue and red moon cap lightening.


  • Simple assembling is necessary
  • Comes with a 4” heavy-duty energy-saving cover
  • Compatible for 4 people
  • Includes 13 massage jets
  • Multicolor underwater interchangeable LED lights
  • The digital controlling functioning system
  • Wonderful waterfall feature
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor positioning


  • Customer service is not that good





Essential Hot Tubs 14 Jets

It seems like Essential can do a proper evaluation of your money. Like all their products, this one is also a user-friendly hot tub. It takes about 15 hours to convert your cold water to a 104 degree. The most alluring thing with this tub is that you will not notice any big changes in your electric bill even after continuous use of it.

This lightweight product has the resin construction material which offers strength and stability. The bottom has a solid bottom resin construction with the foam insulated formation for interior formation.

This tub is also easy to set up. It comes with a connection of 110V as well as a GFCI cord. Fill up the tub with 200 gallons cold water, plug it into an outlet of 15 amps, and get ready to enjoy. Its 14 stainless steel hydrotherapeutic jets activate with the power supply. You may also convert the connection to 220V, with hard wire, and rejuvenates in the chilly winter days.

Its heavy-duty cover keeps the hot tub locked with the clips when it remains unused. It can retain the heat intact for the long term.  Its LED lightening system change color according to your preference and give you a spa-like feeling.


  • Full body resin construction makes it stable
  • Lightweight and moveable
  • The connection is convertible from 110V to 220 V
  • The light changes color and enlightens the water
  • Heavy-duty cover with locking clips
  • Consumes less power and no surprising change in the electric bill


  • Some people complain about the leakage and electrical issues








Hudson Bay Spas

Buy this one and never regret of your spending. This tub is well worth your money. Place it in your backyard and have a family shower together. It is perfect for two adult people, but it can hold a maximum of four adults or six children. As you all get in the water can overflow, pour into the water again as you need more.

This is a smart-looking tub with a durable multilayer fiberglass configuration. It also has the slip-resistant floor to avoid any accident. The tab has a synthetic standard mahogany cabinet at its side.

It also includes stainless steel standard jets for body massage. You may enjoy these therapeutic massages from any seat. Its seven multicolor LED lights will surely change your mood and elevate a tranquil setting in your mind.

The product comes fully assembled. You just need to screw on the bar to adjust the cover. The tub has also the ability to maintain the freezing temperature. The heater goes to a maximum of 104 degrees. Using this you would also be able to save electricity because of its low consumption of energy.


  • Durable multi-layer fiberglass construction
  • Energy-efficient product
  • Controls the freezing temperature
  • Interchanging colors change your mood
  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Full body massage jets
  • Safety lock cover


  • Customer service is not satisfactory






Final Verdict

A hot tub is a plug-and-play offer for you. All of your stresses melt away as you rest on the tub closing your eyelids. Rejuvenate your full body with the massaging jets. The built-in LED lights give you a spa feeling. So, make your spa at home today.

This is not easy to choose the right tub for you. You need to know about the products’ quality a lot. This review lists the five best plug and play hot tub available helps with your selection. You need to choose the right one which fits you the best.

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