Your bathroom needs to be the most hygienic and peaceful place for you. Always you try to keep your bathroom clean, but still, there is an undesirable odor remains. After a long time hot water bath you may notice the increase of humidity of the bathroom. This situation offers you an uneasy shower at the end.

This problem takes place as your bathroom does not include an exhaust fan. So the only solution is to bring in a dehumidifier for your bathroom. It can remove the excess moisture from your bathroom and save you of unpleasant odors and bacteria.

In this article, you will get a list of the best dehumidifier for the bathroom. We shall discuss all the parts of each product in detail. There would be some comparison between the products also. For your better convenience, here will be the pros and cons you shall face as you use the products.

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric

Don’t make you fool with its size. This dehumidifier will surely make you pleasantly surprised. It is a beast under the small covering that is going to devour all the moisture of your small bathroom. This little device shall help you out of the moisture problem of your boat or your kitchen also.

It is a silent worker at your house. This dehumidifier produces noise which is below the average rate of the maximum dehumidifier. So, it ensures no disturbance during a peaceful shower. You may also have a good night’s sleep keeping him awake in your room.

This Eva-dry saves the electricity payment by consuming less electric power. It takes into 22W only to activate. Thus, it is also an environmental friendly product. This is not a heater in that sense, as it consumes less energy; it does create the heat like a 22W bulb.

No assembling is necessary. You can just bring out the product and plug-in into a 110V socket. It is done and dehumidifying starts. The moisture collection container at the top may get full within two to seven days. In this situation, the LED light directing ‘FULL’ gets on and the machine stops working. You need to clean it before any more use.


  • Contains high-quality material which makes it durable
  • The lightweight and portable device
  • Operative for maximum 1100 cubic feet
  • Works silently
  • Includes power cord (5-6 feet)
  • Takes into a low energy power
  • Helps by absorbing odor and eliminating fungus
  • Easy to use
  • One year warranty


  • Not effective for big working space


Ivation 30 Pint Energy

Ivation offers you a comfortable shower after the consumption of excessive moisture, mildew, mold, dust, odors, and allergens. You can feel the difference after it starts with a single breath. For your maximum 2000 square/ft it can absorb 30 pints of moisture on every day. It will stop automatically as it has done its job and saves your energy.

This dehumidifier is a small and easily portable tool. It takes a little space and it can fit any place at only 31 pounds. The four stable easily-rolling wheels at the bottom help to move it from one room to another. So, you can use it wherever you want.

Bring it home, plug-in, and push the on button for activating the device. You may also choose between a normal and turbo-fan mode for better comfort. Its smart auto-start technology saves your pain of setting after a power cut.

Its LCD screen shall show the humidity percentage of the room, the timer, fan speed, reservoir condition, and many others. The timer setting for 24 hours helps you to maintain the atmosphere without any hassle.

Another plus point of this machine is that it blows out air from the top. Thus, it secures from any accident that may happen from the air blowing from the side. You may watch through the 0.8g reservoir tank and remove it easily with the handle when it is full. There is an additional hose connecting option for you to remove the moisture instantly.


  • Compact, small, and portable device
  • Convenient to use
  • Total control through the LCD screen
  • Produces little sound
  • Auto-stop and auto-start facility
  • Its frost sensor defrosts automatically
  • Air blows from the top
  • Easy to remove the reservoir
  • Reusable filter saves your currency


  • Costs hand strength and technique to attach an additional hose



Frigidaire FFAD033R1

The next one is the most popular dehumidifier in the market. Frigidaire names the feature for humidity management of their products as “effortless humidity control”. This 70-pint product works keeps the mold and mildew of your house under control and eliminates bacteria. Thus, it helps you to enjoy a refreshing home environment with the touch of a button.

This tool operates at low temperatures, at 41 degrees, and saves your electricity. It has also the auto shut-off operation when the water tank (about 6 liters) gets full. You may put it near the drain and use the hose that comes with it to solve the problem of removing the water tank again and again. In this way, it can fight with your humidity continuously.

It is a comparatively silent worker at the low setting. When your humidity is under control you can keep it at the low mode and have a sound sleep at night. As power increases to a high setting, the noise increases.

It also includes the digital controlling display that allows you to maintain the humidity level, control lock, and timer setting. The 24-hour timer setting lets you select and forget about it.


  • Easily portable with handles and the wheels, to move from room to room, under it
  • Includes automatically shut-off option
  • Produces less noise at low setting
  • A digital display allows ready-management of everything
  • Washable and reusable filter
  • Easy to vacant the water container
  • One year limited warranty


  • Increases the room temperature a bit by emitting hot air from its right side








Pure Enrichment Deluxe

This small compact dehumidifier is perfect for absorbing the humidity of your small bathroom. Its sleek outline fits any corner of your closet or bathroom and to eliminate the excess moisture throughout the year. The portable small feature makes it easy for you to transform it from one place to another.

The one-button controlling option is an exclusive feature of this product. This lets you control the device even in dark. The two speed settings, high and low, give you the option to choose to remove a maximum of 10 ounces of moisture from the air every day.

It includes a transparent water tank, at the bottom, and this allows you to measure the water level from outside. But don’t worry if you forget to notice. The water will not overflow. The dehumidifier has an auto shut-off setting which activates as the water container gets full and to avoid any overheating situation.

There is nothing to worry about the noise the machine creates. It produces a whisper-like operation that lets you enjoy a calm and peaceful shower at your moisture-free bathroom after a long tiring day. You may also set its timer setting for 4-8 hours and forget about it.


  • Small, compact and portable design
  • One Switch operation gives you the maximum control even at dark
  • Offers advanced humidity management option
  • Auto shut-off system helps to avoid any accident
  • Easily removable transparent water tank
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction with 5 years warranty


  • The cord is a bit short







Hysure Dehumidifier, 700ml

This little dehumidifier of Hysure works like a giant. It insanely works on the moisture to offer you a comfortable and smell free bathroom. It has a 700 ml water tank with the capacity to remove a maximum of 300 ml moisture in a day. This can be a great option for the nursery or any other small spaces in your house.


Are you worried about the noise? This little friend uses Peltier technology which includes no compressor. Thus, it presents a lightweight and noiseless product. Its noise remains under 33dB which is not disturbing at all and gives you a sound sleep at night when it works relentlessly.

It is a perfect eco-friendly product without any chemical ingredients and with an energy-saving solution. It consumes less electricity in comparison to others. It works best at 30°C and the 80% humidity level. The device becomes less active as the temperature and humidity get lower.

The automatic shut-down system gets on as the water tank gets full and light indicates you to remove the tank. There is no hose adjusting system with the container. So, you have to remove the tank to make it vacant.


  • Lightweight and portable with its handle
  • Produces less noise
  • Eco-friendly and electricity saving product
  • Removes moisture, odor, mildew, and condensation
  • Auto shut-off system
  • 2 years warranty and 30 days money return guarantee


  • Gets inactive at the low temperature and with low humidity

Final Verdict

A comfortable and odorless bathroom is the expectation to all. When there is no outlet for moisture in the bathroom, a dehumidifier can be the only solution to you. There are many types of dehumidifiers of various brands and it becomes difficult to choose the perfect one for you.

We have discussed the best dehumidifiers for the bathroom. All of them are a symbol of perfection. But you need to be selective and choose the right one you feel good for you.

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