People’s attitudes towards the environment have been changed. Now they are thinking about how to protect the environment from destruction by using environment-friendly products. So, they are progressing through innovative technologies and features. As a result, they have been able to preserve natural resources to a large extent.

The composting toilet is also a part of it. This type of toilet is made eco-friendly to save the usage of water and power. This toilet transfers solid wastes into organic fertilizer. So, Natural composting material is used for this purpose. Even some toilets don’t require any water, power, and plumbing at all. This type of toilet is perfect for RVs, off-grid houses, camping sites, holiday cabins, tiny homes, and houseboats, etc. Where water supply, plumbing, and drainage system is hard to maintain, composting toilet is the best solution there.

We’re here to show you the Best Composting Toilets. So, let’s see.

  1. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet:

Nature’s Head is one of the well-known brands in the composting toilet industry.  This self-contained toilet is our first choice in the list of best composting toilet undoubtedly. This one is one of the high-quality composting toilets that is more efficient and eco-friendly.  This toilet is designed as user-friendly and easily portable with innovative technology. Again, it is made strong and durable enough to face any adverse weather or bad conditions.

It comes with two types of handles that can be mounted on any side of the toilet. The spider handle is space-saving and on the other hand, the crack handle is wider but more simple to use. Again, you don’t need any power to use it. So you can carry it wherever you want as it comes as easily portable and lightweight. Eventually, it has become popular among the campers, and travelers.

This type of toilet is also called a dry toilet because it doesn’t require any flushing. Instead of using a lot of water, you just need to spray some natural cleansers or white vinegar or a little water to clean the wastes. Thus, it is highly water-saving.

Overall, it is the best toilet for travelers and campers that worth the money. If you want to enjoy your camping and adventures without any hassles of getting relieved then pick this one.


  • Standard height elongated bowl
  • Separates solid and liquid wastes
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easily portable and lightweight


  • Not for heavy-duty
  • Expensive
  1. Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle:

This is another great option of Nature’s Head composting toilet. This one comes with a standard crank handle instead of a spider handle. Though this crank handle needs more space than the spider handle this is quicker and easier to use.

This one is called Dry Composting Toilet because it separates the liquid waste from the solid waste to keep solid wastes dry for longer. So, you can keep dry compost for longer and it won’t need much ventilation and heat. This toilet features an electric fan with a 5-inch vent hose and a power plug. You have to use a 12v battery or an adapter if you are going to use it on 110v house power. Thus, it offers an odor-free environment and better composting.

Besides, it is a portable and space-saving unit. So, it is perfect for RVs, boats, and camps. The toilet seat is set perfectly and is molded so that it doesn’t break or get loose. It is also simple to clean with its slow-close lid.

Overall, this dry composting toilet is different from the self-contained composting toilet for its handle and electric fan. This dry composting toilet comes with sturdy and durable construction. As a result, it is perfect for adverse conditions and weather.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable polyethylene construction
  • Electric fan and vent hose included
  • 5-year warranty


  • Urine bottle isn’t included
  • Height isn’t perfect for all


  1. Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet:

Sun-Mar is among the top composting toilet manufacturers. This Compact Self-contained toilet is one of our top choices because of its outstanding decomposition of wastes and great features. This one is designed simply in a small shape that makes it famous among people. Those who are looking for a composting toilet for a tiny home with few peoples, this compact toilet will be a perfect option for them.

The main feature of a composting toilet is it’s a waterless toilet to be used wherever you need. You won’t have to worry about water supply anymore. But you have to keep in mind that you’ll need electricity to run it. This one comes with a heavy-duty tank system that will enable you to install it anywhere.

Apart from a waterless unit, this compact toilet features a bio-drum to transform human wastes into compost. If you want to use it one your soil for increasing fertility, then you can use it undoubtedly. It is safe to use and odor-free. Thus, it is very eco-friendly.

Overall, it is one of the smallest composting toilets for its unique and space-saving design. It comes with a front operating agitator handle that is easier to use and maintain. Again, it is durable with a 5-year warranty.


  • Waterless and odor-free toilet
  • Compact, small and simple design
  • Easy to use front-operated agitator handle
  • Three chamber technology bio-drum
  • Durable with a 5-year warranty


  • Electricity is needed to run it
  • May face urine leakage problem


  1. Envirolet MS10 Waterless Self-Contained Composting Toilet:

You’ll get this Envirolet Waterless Self-Contained Composting Toilet as a multi-functional unit. It’s suitable for basement installations. If there is an AC electric power supply, then you can install this model. It’s also a heavy-duty model that a maximum of eight adult people can use daily. It’s durable construction and patented design makes it perfect for home or business organization, cabin, or cottage.

If you think that all composting toilets are the same then you check this one for sure. It is made with unique design and innovative Automatic Six-Way Aeration and evaporation system. It comes with dual fans, 4-inch wind turbine ventilator, and Envirolet compost accelerator. If you’ve got tired with a manual drum of the composting toilets, then you’ll love its system. Its high-profile system allows the users to handle this unit more easily and conveniently.

The dual fans are the most unique part. The dual fans with aeration basket offer enough evaporation with excellent odor-control and increased waste reduction. So, there is no need for an extra liquid drain. These fans work together with microbe action to circulate a high volume of air with a heavy flow rate. The aeration basket provides enhanced efficiency by offering maximal waste surface space.

Overall, this is an odor-free model with easy to clean and use features that you’re going to love.


  • Durable with a 5-year warranty
  • Odor-free and clean for longer
  • Easy to use and clean bowl design and trap
  • Dual fans for better evaporation


  • Needs electricity






If you’re looking for a space-saving toilet, then this Sun-Mar Corp Space saver is made for you. It comes as a compact unit with 22 inches depth and 19 inches width that fits in any corners, tiny homes, RVs, or cabinet. Though it’s a small unit, it’s comfortable to use even in an odd situation. Again, it comes with a stool that you adjust when you need it. It’s helpful for especially aged people and children.

It comes with Sun-Mar’s Patented Bio-Drum that works for the decomposition of the wastes into composts. It also comes with a turbofan for aeration and ventilation system which evaporate the liquid wastes and transfer wastes into clean fertilizer. When you’ll want to remove the composts you just have to pull out the drawer situated at its base. The most impressive fact is you won’t have to see the wastes and there will be no bad smell during the whole process. Isn’t it great?

It’s an eco-friendly as well as a water-saving unit. Instead of water, you just have to put sawdust or peat moss for producing composts. It comes with an emergency drain system to supply power when the power supply is unavailable.

Overall, it’s a water-efficient as well as space-saving unit perfect for small space with a few people to use occasionally.


  • Small and durable unit fit for small space
  • High-grade turbofan for an odor-free composting system
  • Easy to set up
  • Attachable stool for children


  • The turbofan needs electricity and doesn’t run with a battery
  • Expensive


Finally, you’ve known how different composting toilets work and what type of benefits you’ll enjoy. Composting toilets are water-saving and eco-friendly. There are usually three types of composting toilets you’ll get on the markets. Self-contained toilets are for a small family and come as both electric and non-electric models. On the other hand, the centralized units are for many people that need connection with the main composting location like the basement. Again, the combination of both centralized and self-contained toilets are more environment-friendly and durable than the standard toilets.

So, now it’s up to you what type of composting toilet will meet your requirements. We’ve shown the best composting toilets based on space-saving, electric or non-electric mode, multi-functional, and worth the investment units.



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