Those who love things with modern features and advanced technologies, Dual Flush Toilets are like a paradise on earth for them. The dual flush toilets are made not only with innovative technologies but also water-efficient features. So, you can have an advanced toilet along with water-saving facilities by choosing this type of toilet.

Dual flush toilets come with half/light-flush mode to save water up to 68%. This helps to save water bills also. People having water problems feel the need for such water-saving toilets. Again, you can choose the amount of water you want to use. So, this dual flush toilet is an efficient water-saving toilet with creative features.

There are a bunch of dual flush toilets available with different water usage systems, size, design, longevity, and shape. So, while choosing a dual flush toilet you have to think about your needs at first and then choose the right one. Therefore, we’ve picked 5 Best Dual Flush Toilets.

  1. American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet:

This American Standard H2option Dual Flush Toilet is top in our choice for its amazing dual flush system and ergonomic design. Its classy design, normal height, and round shape are perfect for any bathroom decors that suits well. Again, it comes in three different colors to suit bathroom designs. So, you can choose the one that suits well in your bathroom.

The feature which makes it a unique and best dual flush toilet is its powerful dual flush action. It features two chrome flush buttons to save water usage. This toilet uses 1.28 gpf for solid waste and 0.92 gpf for liquid waste. It uses a combination of both gravity and power jet action to clean the bowl completely. It doesn’t use more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. In addition, it is EPA WaterSense certified and ADA compliant.

Another impressive part of this toilet is the EverClean surface that prevents it from the growth of bacteria, stains, mildew, and molds. Its smooth and self-cleaning surface makes it an efficient, clean, and hygienic toilet for longer. Again, the Siphon jet bowl technology that helps to push out the waste with flushed water flow in efficient manner.

So, this one is an ultra-high efficient, water-saving dual flush toilet to use without any inconvenience. Besides, it’s durable with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Stylish look and varying colors
  • Powerful siphon jet dual flush action
  • EverClean surface free from stains and bacteria
  • Chrome plated push button and glazed 2″ trap-way


  • Toilet seat isn’t included
  • Its size isn’t perfect for everyone


  1. KOHLER K-3988-0 Wellworth Toilet:


If you’re looking for a high-efficient water-saving toilet, then this Kohler K-3988-0 Wellworth toilet will be a perfect option for you. This is a low flow two-pieced toilet with exceptional water-saving capacity that you’re expecting from your toilet.

This one comes as a combination of the K-4458 tank and the K-4198 bowl. Moreover, this one comes with a standard white color elongated bowl and a tall tank that provides further comfort and space. Its 2-1/8” fully-glazed trapways and standard 12-inch rough-in will provide you a strong flush with each flush.

The most desired feature of this type of water-efficient toilet is its high-rated dual flushing technology. You can choose either the full-flush or partial flush based on the amount of water you need to clean the waste in your toilet. The trip lever is situated on the left side featuring a dual flush button including both 1.1 gpf and 1.6 gpf options. Traditional water-saving toilets can save water up to 20% or more by using 1.6 gpf. But you can save more than 30% water with its 1.1 gpf function. This will save your water bills as well. Eventually, you’ll be able to save a minimum of 4,000 gallons of water per year.

Overall, this is one of the best dual-flush toilets with its sleek design and incomparable flushing technology. It’s a high-quality water-saving toilet that is WaterSense certified.


  • Two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl
  • Powerful dual flushing technology
  • Highly water-efficient that saves more than 30% water
  • Left-handed trip-lever


  • Taller people can feel uncomfortable


  1. EAGO TB222 Dual Flush Eco-Friendly Ceramic Toilet:


This is an excellent dual flush one-piece toilet with a slow-close toilet seat and lid. Along with its sleek design and attractive appearance, it offers a powerful performance. This is quite eco-friendly as it can save up to 10,000 gallons of water per year for a family consisting of 4 or 5 members. Its soft close seat includes a creative hinge system that allows the seat to drop without any sound.


The toilet is fully glazed from the inside and outside. Its 2-inch fully glazed trapway allows the waste to flow completely with just one flush. It comes with an effective and powerful 3-inch flush valve that minimizes the issues of traditional toilets with ball-chain flappers. So, you won’t have to face running water problem with its siphonic flush system. Its large water surface area will enable you to clean it easily and have an odor-free toilet.

Most amazingly, its flushing system is powerful when removing solid wastes and is efficient when removing liquids. It means it uses 1.6 gpf in full-flush and 0.8 gpf in half-flush with dual flush buttons. Besides, the wax ring included with it makes its installation very simple.

So, you’re getting a highly water-efficient dual-flush as well as WaterSense certified eco-friendly toilet.


  • Highly water-saving and eco-friendly
  • No running water issues
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Maintains a compatible water distribution
  • A slow-close seat and lid included


  • Seat height isn’t perfect for all
  • Flushing can seem somewhat sluggish


  1. TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet:


If you’re searching for a no-clog toilet, then this TOTO Drake two-piece toilet is enough for you. This features the TOTO G-Max flushing system that will clear the waste completely so that you don’t have to face any clogging issue. Its innovative gravity-fed flushing technology features a large 3-inch flush valve which is quite larger than the traditional 2-inch toilet flush valve. So, this provides a powerful flush every time you’ll use it that meets commercial and industrial standards.

This TOTO Drake bowl and tank is made of durable Vitreous China material that is simple to clean. It is simple to install with a straightforward installation process. If you love to install it by yourself, then you’ll be able to install it.

Its trap way is fully glazed and computer designed that provides additional cleaning power and ensures no clogging. In addition, it prevents the toilet from discoloration and growth of dirt. Besides, its siphon jet flushing technology offers a complete cleaning with 1.6 gpf. So, this is so hygienic and clean. Its high-rated tank and elongated bowl add elegance and more beauty to the bathroom décor. Again, it is ADA compliant. It is also very comfortable to use.

Overall, this is a high-ranking toilet for its powerful flushing performance, convenience to use, and attractive appearance.


  • Standard 12-inch rough-in
  • Powerful TOTO G-Max flushing technology
  • Elegant appearance and glossy surface that is
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Water efficient and comfortable



  • Cleaning the bowl can be messy and difficult


  1. American Standard 2887.216.222 H2 Option Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet:


The last but not the least of the dual flush toilets is American Standard H2option Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet. It’s an outstanding two-piece toilet with its excellent performance. Its robust construction sleek design and magnificent look make it one of the best dual flush toilets.

Its H2Option flushing technology features 1 gpf for half-flush mode and 1.6 gpf for full-flush mode. Eventually, it can save up to 25% water than standard 1.6 gpf toilets. In spite of having a powerful flush, it is very quiet while flushing. It has received the highest MaP rating for its powerful siphonic flush action that can handle solid wastes up to 1,000 grams in its heavy flush mode.

This one features a PowerWash rim that scours and power-wash the bowl completely. Its jet-powered siphonic bowl maintains a balanced water distribution for a clearer flush and bowl. Again, its mirror-like EverClean surface prevents the growth of bacteria, mildew, mold, fungus, and algae that cause discoloration and staining. As a result, you’ll enjoy a clean and glossy surface for longer after using it for a long time.

So, this is a highly recommended water-efficient dual flush toilet at a reasonable price as a perfect option to choose. It is user-friendly, comfortable, and simple to install.




  • Powerful but quiet H2Option flushing
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation process with speed connect system
  • PowerWash rim and jet-powered siphon


  • Clogs in some cases
  • Seat isn’t included


Yet confused to choose the right one?

If so, then let me help you.

These are 5 Best Dual Flush toilets. Though they all may seem to you equal, they are unique in some specific factors. Some are best for water-saving, some for the powerful flush. At first, decide what you prefer most. We’ve mentioned all details of the toilets with advantages and disadvantages to help you have a clear idea of them.

Finally, choose the one that can meet your requirements and suits your bathroom as well. Of course, only the right pick can provide you utmost comfort and pleasure in your bathroom.

















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