A lot of health issues like cold, allergies, asthma, and many lung problems are caused because of living in an unhealthy environment. No matter how clean you keep the surface of your home. Allergens, irritants, bacteria, viruses will be present in the air. You need to get rid of these things and for that, you need to get the Best Filterless Air Purifier.

Now, you might think that why filterless air purifiers? That is because air purifiers that have filters can cause the trapped allergens to get released back into the air whenever it is changed or removed. So, we came up with this helpful guide that will enlighten you about some of the best filterless air purifiers in the market that are safe and hassle-free to use.

  1. Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier:

Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier improves the environment of your house making the air clean by reducing dust, irritants, and allergens. You get to breathe fresher air that improves your health if you have asthma, allergies, or breathing difficulties. The air purifier has a powerful technology that allows an air of about 3,500 square feet to get freshened up.

The air purifier releases negative ions that combine with positive ions which are the dust, allergens, and irritants. This results in the ions to get heavy and fall on the ground. You can then easily clean the floor and get rid of all these contaminants and breathe fresher air.

This air purifier also works for making your home smell nice with the help of ozone generation that releases active oxygen. This feature helps in eliminating odor caused by spilling of food, littering by pets, painting, smoking tobacco, and many other causes. These amazing features make it suitable for use in the office and your houses.


  • Comes with the capacity of providing dust control 24/7.
  • The stainless steel cabinet of the air purifier allows you to keep some necessary things inside it.
  • The classy and attractive design of the exterior consists of elegant cherry wood.
  • Provides great coverage of improving air quality for up to 3,500 square feet.


  • You have to keep maintaining the air purifier according to the instructions
  1. ​Airfree Tulip Filterless Air Purifier:

Airfree Tulip Filterless Air Purifier safely helps in purifying air without emitting any sort of toxic and dangerous products to the environment like UV light, ozone, ions, or anything harmful. Just like how boiling water has the power of killing microorganisms, bacteria, mold, and other allergens the air purifier kills all of these things with that efficiency.

The air purifier uses the concept of how boiling water effectively kills allergens and removes odor that is caused by a mess of dogs and cats. The air purifier improves the air quality of the environment of your house silently. You will be at peace while you sleep during the nights.

The safe technology of the air purifier creates a safe environment for people with lung issues and asthma to breathe without any difficulty. The technology of the air purifier is environment friendly as it does not consume much electrical energy. You also don’t need to spend behind it as there no need to buy replacement parts like a filter, sterilizer, cleaners, or other parts.


  • The smart design of the air purifier makes it go well with all types of interior décor.
  • Easily portable as it is lightweight and compact.
  • Comes with built-in light sections that can be used for seeing in the dark.
  • Silent and quiet operation.


  • Small in size so it is not suitable for use in large rooms or offices.
  1. ​​Envion Ionic Pro Turbo:

Envion Ionic Pro Turbo comes with the capability of cleaning an entire room of about 500 square feet 3 times in an hour. This makes the air purifier suitable for use in offices and small homes as well. The filter that the air purifier comes with is washable and can be used for uncountable years without any difficulty.

The easy to clean filter helps in saving up your money as you don’t need to spend it behind buying replacements. Furthermore, you get to save up your electricity bills as well. The purifier is designed to be energy efficient so this also makes it eco-friendly. The tower design of the air purifier makes it easy to store and compact for portability.

Using ionic purification, the air purifier comes with the capability of killing 99.9% of germs, allergens, pollutants that cause breathing issues. For making the environment of your homes safe and healthy the ionic purification does the job of destroying viruses that can cause cold and flu.

This air purifier will work and efficiently clean your air without making any sort of annoying noise. It is designed to be user friendly and very easy to operate. You just need to set your desired speed and the air purifier will work with great efficiency.


  • Lightweight and compact design making it easily portable.
  • Works with great efficiency and cleans the air of about 500 square feet.
  • Stylish and sophisticated tower design ensures that it does not take up much storage space.
  • Washable filter that is reusable for many years.


  • You will need to clean the air filter regularly.
  1. ​​Airfree P3000 Air Purifier:

Airfree P3000 Air Purifier uses the same technique of boiling water for killing germs, allergens, and other harmful components present in the air with 100% efficiency. The contaminated air of your house is taken into the air purifier and by using a temperature that is close to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, mold, viruses, bacteria, and odor is eliminated.

After sterilizing the air and making it safe for asthma patients and people with lung issues, it is then returned to the environment. The unique Thermodynamic TSS Technology of the air purifier makes it cost-efficient. You don’t need to spend much money behind buying replacement filters or maintenance of the air purifier.

Carrying the air purifier room to room or from your office to home is not at all a big deal. The air purifier is designed to be very compact and portable so you can carry it with you anywhere you want. You can easily keep the air purifier is your home without worrying about matching the home décor. The air purifier comes with a night light that can be adjusted according to your requirement, for making your night time comfortable.


  • The air purifier consumes a low amount of energy making it eco-friendly.
  • Silent operation makes it suitable for use in a house environment.
  • The air purifier does not require any kind of maintenance or filter replacement.
  • Comes with an adjustable night time light to give you comfort.


  • You need to keep the air purifier all the time, which is a problematic feature if you want to move it.
  1. ​Air Oasis 1000G3 Air and Surface Purifier:

Air Oasis 1000G3 Air and Surface Purifier is designed specially, so it can be using in workplaces. With 99% efficiency, it helps in reducing harmful viruses, bacteria, airborne allergens, and mold spores from both air and surfaces. The air purifier helps in improving the environment by eliminating odor and strong smells so you can breathe fresh and healthy air.

You can use the air purifier for efficiently cleaning the environment of pet kennels, carpet, basements, salons, shops, garages, hotel rooms, gym, and many more commercial places. As the air purifier comes with the capability of cleaning surfaces, it can be used for very contaminated areas.

Stay assured about the quality as it comes with a lifetime warranty of serving you without any hassle. Furthermore, it has a compact and sleek design so that it does not take up much storage space and goes well with all sorts of office décor as well.


  • Performs heavy-duty for cleaning commercial areas.
  • It purifies the air and cleans surfaces with 99% efficiency.
  • It eliminates contaminants and odors from the environment.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • The air purifier is not suitable for use in household areas.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, we hope that by getting the best filterless air purifier from the recommendations above, you will live a better life. You will no longer face difficulty in breathing or have health issues as these filterless air purifiers will help to cleanse your environment.

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