A comfortable fashionable bathroom induces your homely feelings. Increase its beauty with a splendid designed freestanding bathtub of your choice. With its aesthetic design and some spa-like features, it can give the ultimate relaxation to your body as well as the mind. Standing on its own, this tub can be the perfect piece of art for the bathroom.

With the increasing demand, different types of free-standing bathtubs are in the market. It is not easy to choose the right one for your bathroom. At first, you have to get the measurement of your bathroom space and then select the freestanding style you want. The material and also the tub faucet selection are also important for a comfortable bath.

Focusing on your problems, in this review we have made a list of five best freestanding bathtubs. Each of them is greater with some exclusive qualities surpassing another. You would also get a detailed description to provide you a better conception.
















MAYKKE Barnet 61” Acrylic

Maykke sends the beauty, comfort, and joy at your bathroom. Like other of its products, this freestanding bathtub is going to be a victorious purchase for you. This sturdy bathtub includes eight layers of acrylic material for fast heating and to keep your water warm. The white beauty with its smooth sleek surface creates a heavenly atmosphere at your bathroom.

An uneven placement on an uneven floor can disturb your pleasant feeling all the time. With this bathtub, you will face these occasions no more. Its adjustable and versatile foot keeps the tub standing at a level even on an uneven floor.

As flooding is a problem for most of the bathtubs, Maykke has introduced its overflow pattern to avoid such issues. With its advanced drain and an overflow system, you can go deep to your relaxation and add as much water as you want. Its chrome overflow slot and polished brass drain ensure the instant discharging of the waste for better convenience.

With an easy-to-assemble feature, you have to worry no more with remodeling the tub. Adjust the bottom leveler with your floor. In case, a direct connection from tub to plumbing is impossible, you may attach the flex hose with the waste pipe using PVC glue and make the connection.


  • Sturdy and durable oval acrylic construction
  • Proper leveling system on any uneven floor
  • Overflow slot discharges excessive water flow
  • Easy-to assemble
  • Flexible waste hose ensures small bath space accommodation
  • The product includes the user manual for proper installation
  • Good customer service
  • One year warranty


  • Does not include a filter and other accessories







It is a quality bathtub for the money. With constructive quality, SPA-like facilities, and spacious advantage it will be the perfect choice for you. The classical oval ergonomic surface with the supportive rectangular bottom gives you a comfortable bed to unload your everyday stresses. The tub is enough large for a moderate size couple to enjoy bathing together.

This is a thoughtfully innovative whirlpool bathtub with pure acrylic material. It makes the product exclusively durable and preventive to the damages with heat and other structural injuries. Again, the fiberglass addition with acrylic gives you an energizing and comfortable bathing experience.

Ariel Platinum is more than the conventional bathtubs. With a soothing bathing experience, it would provide you the hydrotherapy treatment with 14 multidimensional jets and six water flow options for choosing the best one you prefer. These targets your pressure points to give you a relaxing sensation.

With the 1.5 hp motor and three water provider openings, this tub gets 3.7 gallons water/minute. The rectangle silver faucet is the main opening to emit water in the waterfall system. The other two ways are the intake jet area and the handheld shower head for your further use.

Get chromate-therapy treatment with distinctive LED colors and enjoy a heavenly bathing experience. You would also get the FM radio, Bluetooth connection, and keypad (touch-screen) to get more of it. You may use bath salt and oil during your shower but clean the tub thoroughly after taking a bath to avoid corrosion.


  • Durable and comfortable construction with acrylic as well as fiberglass
  • Enough large for two moderate size adults
  • Automatic draining and overflow drain (18”) system
  • Three water flow options with pressure adjustment
  • Hydrotherapy and Chromo-therapy techniques
  • Includes a flex hose drain attachment
  • 30 days returning facility and two years manufacturer warranty


  • Does not include any heater




MAYKKE Hialeah 79”

Here we present another Maykke 79” bathtub to bring the wow factor in your bathroom. This bathtub shares all the great qualities of Maykke Barnet 61″ except its size. As you can assume it is perfect for tall people can put all the body underwater and enjoy a luxurious drench.

This durable and lightweight oval-shaped bathtub includes acrylic material construction. It provides a smooth within the outer finish for your body comfort. The 8-layer installation of the material keeps the water warmer for a longer period.

The white bathtub includes the drain at the middle and the overflow drainage at the top with polished chrome finishing. So, you no longer need to think about keeping your floor water-free as you take shower. To adjust the tub’s bottom there are the leveler feet which will keep it straight even on an uneven floor.

This tub is the beauty of your modern bathroom. You have no more thinking about the assembly. It needs no drilling or other remodeling for the proper installation of the tub. You may not place the tub outside as the company does not recommend so. Order the faucets you need and here you go.


  • Durable and lightweight acrylic material construction
  • Includes the drain and overflow adjustment system
  • Comes with a manual book for proper assembly
  • Water remains hot for a longer period
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable feet stands straight on any floor
  • One year warranty


  • Cannot place outside







AKDY 63” Modern Black

Get your real elegance at your conventional or modern bathroom with this oval-shaped Akdy freestanding bathtub. The glossy white within and the dazzling black exterior have given it a stunning look. The narrow and arched outline is unique and comfortable enough.

With fiberglass material configuration and acrylic coating, this tub is a sturdy and durable product. The acrylic coating shall protect it from any scratch or fading at the exterior wall. The fiberglass construction ensures the longevity of the tub. Its dual wall feature keeps the water warm for much time.

To fit on your even or uneven floor perfectly, this tub also includes the adjustable hidden leveler feet. It includes the easy emerging drain with the polished chrome finishing system. Its flexible hose provides an easy installing system with your plumbing.

This reclined 63-inch tub allows only a single standard-sized person to stretch out his whole body. With 20-inch soaking depth, your full body will remain under the warm water. It may also hold two middle-aged persons or three children, but the weight needs to remain 660 lbs.


  • Fiberglass material and acrylic layer makes it durable and glossy
  • Double-wall to keep the water warm
  • Large space within keeps the whole body underwater
  • Adjustable leveler feet keep it stable and straight
  • Flexible drain hose makes installation easier
  • One year limited warranty for parts


  • Does not include any overflow







Wyndham Collection Mermaid 60

If you have a small bathroom and wish to maximize the space of it, then this Wyndham Mermaid 60 is yours. But this is wider from the inside and can be enough for two standard-sized people in certain cases, though it is perfect for a single person with total immersion.

Its acrylic material makes the tub sturdy and easy to handle. It comes well-packaged and is not heavy at all to handle. It also keeps the water warmer and creates a better enjoyable experience for you than the traditional steel items.

Both the drain as well as the overflow stand at the middle position and thus, make both sides comfortable. You can lay your hands when you remain seated with its blunt edges. Both the draining plug and the overflow cable system, for drain to open or shut, work perfectly. The drain and the overflow kits can be Chrome or Nickel according to your choice.

For the stable standing, it includes the adjustable base options. The installation can be a bit tricky, but you can get total support from the instruction manual that comes with it.


  • Perfect for small bathroom, but wider from within
  • Sturdy, but easy to handle
  • Drain and overflow system work perfectly
  • The adjustable base makes it stand at any floor
  • Two years limited warranty


  • Drain and overflow system creates sound but is not much loud









Final Verdict

Convert your traditional-looking bathroom to a modern one with the installation of a freestanding bathtub. Feel homely after a stressful day in melting away the stress with the warm water. As a plus, some of them can offer you the hydrotherapy to give a spa-like feeling.

This review has put the light on the best freestanding bathtubs available. All of the products here are of high quality and this creates the option for you to choose the right one which matches your need.


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