Food lovers that love the flavor of meat grills don’t always have charcoal readily available. Getting the liberty of using a grill by burning charcoal and as well as gas when required makes things a lot easier. Hence, we came up with this guide to introduce with some very versatile best gas charcoal combo grills.

You don’t have to worry about spending huge money behind buying sacks of charcoal any longer. Craving for having some meat grills? Simply just connect it with the gas tank already present in your kitchen. Have a look at some of these combo grills listed down below to enjoy meaty goodness.

  1. Backyard Grill Durable Outdoor Grill Combo:

Backyard Grill Durable Outdoor Grill Combo is perfect to be settled in the backyard to enjoy family occasions like Christmas and other vacations. This combo grill lets you run it by using both charcoal and gas. It consists of 557 square inches of total cooking surface area. Where 262 square inches can be used by burning charcoal and rest 295 square inches lets you cook food using gas.

Cooking food on top of the surface will take very little time and yet it will get evenly cooked. That is because the 3 tube burners made up of stainless steel provide a total of 24,000 BTUs of heat. There are 2 side burners present as well that lets you lightly toast pieces of bread or prepare some dips and sauces while you prepare the main dish.

Storing the gas tank is easy as you will be getting a compartment at the bottom of the grill to position the tank. Other than that you can keep other essential things that you might need while preparing food on the grill.


  • Comes with a lid on top to help in covering up the food for speedy cooking.
  • Comes with wheels for moving the grill around.
  • Warming rack included.
  • Twi stay cook handle attached with the covering lid.


  • Requires assembly.
  1. Char-Broil Gas2Coal Charcoal Hybrid Grill:

Char-Broil Gas2Coal Charcoal Hybrid Grill lets you cook with both gas and charcoal. You can use the fuel that seems readily available to you and you will not require any kind of extra tools for switching. With gas, you can enjoy speedy cooking and prepare meals for a generous number of people at once.

And using charcoal you can infuse smoky flavor to the grills that you prepare on top of it. The 540square inch total cooking area lets you prepare burgers, grills, and many other food types for 8 to 10 persons. 120 square inch of the cooking area is a warming rack that lets you heat buns, pieces of bread, and anything that needs just simple warm-up.

This hybrid grill consists of components that are high in durability and quality. The grilling grates are made up of cast iron that is porcelain coated for easy cleaning and longevity. The 3 burners are made up of stainless steel that delivers a heat output of about 40,000 BTUs. And aside burner is present that gives a heat output of 12,000 BTUs. Other than just burners the grill comes along with two side shelves.


  • Comes with a charcoal tray and a storage compartment for keeping a propane tank.
  • Electronic ignition system eliminates the use of lighter or match,
  • Comes with a temperature gauge for monitoring temperature.
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


  • There is a chance of scraps and grease building up under the burners of the grill.
  • Assembling this grill takes a lot of time.
  1. Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal Combo Grill:

Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal Combo Grill has a large cooking surface area that lets you throw a BBQ party or a lunch at your friends and family altogether. You can prepare food up to 20 persons at once with this 1060 square inch surface area. And the best part is you can be using both has and charcoal for running this grill.

For keeping the gas tank in a proper place the grill comes with a storage compartment. Other than that cleaning the grill is not a chore as it comes with an air damper that lets you clean up ashes easily without creating a mess to the environment. Moving around the grill to any specific spot is not difficult as it comes with the wheel attached at the bottom.

The 750 square inches of the cooking surface is the main chamber and is present over cast-iron grates that are porcelain coated. The other 310 square inch of the cooking surface is present in the firebox chamber. This chamber lets you prepare grills using charcoals for getting the taste of delicious smoked out the flavor. The gas grilling chamber of the grill consists of three burners the deliver a total heat output of 36,000 BTUs.

For setting temperature with accuracy you will be getting a professional temperature gauge. Other than that you can monitor the internal temperature of the grill without the necessity of using any thermometer.


  • Comes with a lid to cover up food for speedy cooking.
  • The lid comes with cool to touch handle for easy access.
  • The door included for controlling the fire of burning charcoal with opening the chamber.
  • Very versatile grill.


  • The grill is heavy. Even if it comes with wheels on one side it gets difficult to move it around.
  1. Dyna-Glo DGB730SNB Grill:

Dyna-Glo DGB730SNB Grill cannot be only used in the household; it can be used for commercial purposes as well. Anyone willing to open up a restaurant that wishes to serve various kinds of burgers can think about this grill. This grill is constructed with stainless steel burners that are marked with commercial grade. Such kind of construction is high in terms of durability and gives you the ultimate performance that you need.

The grill comes with a large spacious cooking surface that is up to 952 square inches. You can prepare 38 burgers at once serving a huge number of people all at once. The burners of this grill provide up to 24,000 BTUs. With this amount of heat output, you can cook food with speed and serve a lot of people at once.

Set the perfect temperature according to your requirement with the help of the charcoal tray that can be easily adjusted. And getting the entire grill ready is not at all tough. The grill has an easy ignition system so you don’t need any kind of lighter or match. Just press the pulse and your grill is ready to use.


  • Comes with two side tables that let you keep ingredients on it.
  • Each of the side tables come with bars to hand towels.
  • Heavy-duty performing cast-iron grates.
  • Easy electro pulse ignition system that lets you control the temperature using simple fingertips.


  • Takes a very long time for assembling.
  1. Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 BBQ Grill:

Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 BBQ Grill lets you operate it in four different ways. You can connect it with a liquid propane gas tank, burn charcoals for using it, use the Infrared Dearing burner of the grill for lightly searing meat or just use it a Smoker Firebox to infuse your meat with authentic Smokey flavor.

By connecting the grill with a liquid propane gas tank you can prepare 20 Burgers at once. The grill consists of three burners that give enough heat output for doing so. Furthermore, using the grill by burning charcoals is not at all a hassle as you can control the temperature by simply adjusting the pan.

And for using the grill as a smoker box for slowly infusing smoky flavor to your meet you can burn your preferred flavored wood chunks. And your perfect juicy meat infused with smoky flavor will be ready to be served to your friends and family.

Two storage compartments included with the grill lets you keep the necessary stuff right by your side. The two side burners and the two main grilling surface comes with a lid that can be used to cover up the food for speedy cooking.


  • Easily moveable as it comes with 4 smooth wheels.
  • Each lid comes with stay-cool handles.
  • Large and spacious surface area for serving up to 20 persons at once.
  • Suitable for both commercial and household use.


  • Assembling the grill is tough as the components of the grill are heavy.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, we hope you will not face any disappointment when you run out of charcoals. These grills will let you have your juicy meat in peace because of their versatility. So choose the one that seems to fulfill all the requirements that you have amongst the best gas charcoal combo grills listed above.

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