Are you looking for the best grill smoker combo that will let you enjoy restaurant-quality burgers at home? Are you confused about which grill will last longer and will be the right one to purchase? Then, you have arrived at the right place that will let you know about the 5 best grill smoker combo in the market.

We carefully selected 5 grills that are high in terms of quality. You will invest your money on the right one as you can use each of them for picnics, camping, and family gathering. Have a look at the amazing functions and features that each of them has to offer.

  1. Traeger Texas Elite Wood Pellet Grill:

No more wasting unsustainable resources like gas and charcoal with Traeger Texas Elite Wood Pellet Grill. This grill lets you use wood pellets to achieve the ultimate smoked out delicious meat that your entire family will enjoy.

This pellet grill can be used for accomplishing 6 different tasks to enjoy various kinds of meals. You can use it for grilling juicy meat, smoking out food, baking, roasting, braising, and preparing BBQ. The precise temperature control lets you set up the heat and enjoy the versatility that this grill has to offer. You can set heat up to 450 degrees.

Hassle-free auto-start ignition system makes this wood pellet grill the favorite of many users. You just have to switch on the start button and your grill is ready to be used. The digital elite controller consists of a LED display that lets you have a read of the current grill temperature very easily.

The grilling area is 646 square inches. Making it a perfect one for use during a family gathering, picnics, and even for using to satisfy sudden cravings.  You can fit in 6 whole chickens all together on this surface area to cook at once.


  • It comes with a porcelain grill grate that is easy to clean.
  • Very durable and powerful steel construction to ensure that the grill lasts long.
  • Comes with smooth gliding wheels for portability.
  • Locking casters let you park the grill securely.
  1. Char-Griller Akorn Charcoal Grill:

Anyone who is looking for a grill that can perform heavy-duty will love this Char-Griller Akorn Charcoal Grill. The exterior body consists of 22-gauge steel that is strong and sturdy. The powder-coated steel exterior has a nice finish. The walls have a proper design that ensures insulation trapping in heat and causing less amount of charcoal burning.

Tubular steel cart can hold the grill with perfect balance. 4 rubber wheels are attached to the cart. The wheels smoothly slide over surfaces and let you move it around. The casters present at the front of the wheel lock them in place so you can park the grill securely for convenient cooking.

It comes with a 314 square inches cooking surface that is made up of cast iron. You can grill delicious juicy meat, tasty seafood, and healthy vegetables. A 133 square inch warming rack is included as well that can be used for slightly heating pieces of bread and buns or preparing dips and sauces.

Damper included on the top and bottom of the grill that controls the airflow. By controlling the airflow you can create high heat or just a slow smoke. All the ashes formed from the burning of the charcoal that can be collected on the pan.


  • Comes with two convenient foldable shelves.
  • Removable warming rack included.
  • Lockable wheels for secure parking.
  • Durable cast-iron grates for cooking.


  • Switching temperatures from high to low take time.
  1. Dyna-Glo Vertical Charcoal Smoker & Grill:

For experiencing versatility, you will enjoy this Dyna-Glo Vertical Charcoal Smoker & Grill. You can prepare grills and BBQ of food on top of its five chrome-plated cooking grates. You can also add the classic flavor of smoke to your food while your meat cooks slowly to be tender and juicy.

Sausage hooks come with this grill preinstalled to provide more flexibility to your cooking life. You are also getting the flexibility of parking the grill anywhere you want using the oversized steel wheels. To add more, to ensure safety and to keep food at a safer environment the grill comes with a lid.

It has a cool to touch grip for quick and convenient monitoring of food. Analog temperature gauge comes with indicators of two zones. One is “grill zone” and the other is “smoke zone”. These two zones have ideal temperatures set for ease in setting up the heat.



  • Comes with a 1382 square inches sized cooking surface.
  • Sausage hooks included cooking sausages by infusing smoky flavor.
  • Cool to touch handle provides safe operation.
  • Removable ash pan that collects ash produced from burning ashes.


  • Even if the assembly of the grill is easy, you cannot do that without owning some essential tools.
  1. Davy Crockett Pellet Grill:

Monitoring grill temperature is now easy with the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill. The internal thermal sensor does the job of measuring internal temperature so you can plan the cooking time accordingly.

The best thing about this grill is, all the necessary accessories required for the ultimate convenient cooking experience is included with it. To start with, you will be getting a premium grill cover to keep your grill safe from getting dirty and wet because of rain.

Magnetic grill lights included with the grill makes your cooking time at night easy. You don’t need to purchase the light yourself. To add more, the grill itself has a 219 square inches cooking surface and still, you can extend it more with the collapsible rack.

It is a great grill that you can carry with you for enjoying picnics, beach parties, or just a simple family gathering at the backyard of your house. The legs are foldable making it easy to carry and store. To add more, you can easily set the temperature range of the grill according to the recipe you are following between the range 150 to 550.


  • The auto-start function makes it easy to operate.
  • It comes with a hood made up of stainless steel that can be used for covering food.
  • Useful accessories like magnetic lights, grill cover, and a stainless steel rack included.
  • The large cooking surface area is 219 square inches in size.


  • It is heavy in terms of weight which makes it slightly difficult to carry it around.
  1. Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill:

Burger lovers will love to use this Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill. You can prepare up to 13 delicious and juicy burgers all at once with this weber burger press. To add more, you can easily clean and cook the durable steel cooking grate as it retains heat.

The bowl and the lid are made up of porcelain that is enameled to give it a classy look. The paint will not come off the surface or get peeled off due to high heat. Using the dampers present on the top and the bottom of the grill you can control the airflow which then lets you regulate the temperature of the grill.

The ash pan collects all the ashes easily without creating any mess. Just remove the ash pan after collecting the ashes and it is all ready for you to dispose of it. Cleaning is easy as you can simply wipe the exterior of the porcelain bowl since it is rust-resistant.

It is small in dimensions for easy portability. You can carry it with you to your favorite picnic spots, camps, or just enjoy a great meal in the backyard of your homes. Furthermore, it comes with two wheels attached at the bottom for mobility.


  • It comes with cool to touch handle to open the lid conveniently.
  • Consistent temperature is maintained due to superior heat retention.
  • Durable and easy to clean cooking grate made up of plated steel.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • You need charcoal to operate it, which can add up to the expenses you have to bear.

Final Verdict

To sum up, for enjoying grills and juicy meat this article about the best grill smoker combo surely come handy. We ensured that anyone who will be reading this guide can choose a grill that will meet their requirements and impress them with useful functions.


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