If you are someone that handles the chores of kitchen on a regular basis you surely know how important it is to have a high quality hand mixer. You need it for making cookies, cake and for mixing any kind of dough for it to have a perfect consistency. Hence, for you to make delicious snacks, dinner and lunch for your family we have listed down below detailed reviews regarding the best hand mixers available in the market.

With the detailed reviews of 5 hand mixers you will surely get the one that will perfectly match how you do things at your kitchen. But these 5 that we are mentioning are surely the best ones amongst the vast amount of them that is available in the market of hand mixer.

  1. Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer:

If uniqueness of technology fascinates you, then you will be surely loving the Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer. This unique hand mixer detects that size of particles that you will be mixing and then automatically adjusts the speed so that everything gets stirred up evenly and you will get the right consistency.

Sounds coming of hand mixers is surely an annoying thing. However, that is not what you will be facing in terms of using this unique hand mixer. The scrapper beater will ensure that the sound is minimized to being as low as possible by maximizing its contact with the surface of the bowl. Having a good contact with the bowl enables all the ingrediants to be mixed evenly.

The hand mixer has the technology for you to be able to run it in 9 different speeds by using the innovative scroll wheel to select your preferable speed. And the best part of this amazing mixer is that it comes with a perfect storage compartment. You will be able to keep the cord of the mixer and as well as all the attachments in a well-organized way.

  • Pros:
  • Comes with a spacious detachable storage compartment for keeping everything.
  • Does not create irritating noise while mixing.
  • It has a timer for precise mixing time as suggested by the recipe.
  • Comes with 9 different speeds to select from.


  • Cons:
  • The rubber coverings of the beater are not removable.


  1. KitchenAid KHM926CU Digital Hand Mixer:

If you want your experience to be comfortable while you use a hand mixer than this KitchenAid KHM926CU Digital Hand Mixer is what your eyes are searching for. This hand mixer has a comfortable soft grip handle that enables you to move the whisker around for even more proper mixing.

Maintain hygiene by easily cleaning the round cord by easily wiping it while you store it. You will not face any hassle while you work such as approaching the ingrediants because you can easily lock the cord to any of the side that you want. It can be right or even the left side depending on your personal preference.

You will be able to remove any detachable part from the hand mixer by just pressing the beater ejection button. Just simply pressing with one of your hand will do the job. Furthermore, don’t worry regarding the ingrediants spilling off because of the beater whisking. The speed of the whisker increases gradually. It won’t start at a supersonic speed causing a mess.

  • Pros:
  • The hand mixer has the feature of providing 9 different speed.
  • Lockable Swivel cord enables to secure the cord to prevent mess and disturbance.
  • Beater ejection button enables you to remove parts easily.
  • Very comfortable to use because of having a soft grip handle.


  • Cons:
  • Not suitable for performing heavy duty like making smoothies or puree of fruits.


  1. Cuisinart Power Advantage Hand Mixer:

Apart from the normal recipes that you know, which needs to be made using hand mixers, there is more recipes that you are unaware of. Hence, this amazing Cuisinart Power Advantage Hand mixer comes with a recipe booklet that contains great number of recipes that you will be surely loving to make.

Furthermore, to make using the hand mixer easy for you it comes with a user manual and free spatula. Using the spatula, you can clean of the batter from the whiskers so that no ingrediants gets wasted. Furthermore, the beaters are dishwasher safe so these can be cleaned easily without a fuss. For beaters to be easily taken out the beater release lever has been positioned at the right place.

It does not matter what sort of ingredient you will be mixing because with this hand mixer you will be getting five different speeds. You will be able to choose the convenient speed for mixing things evenly.

  • Pros:
  • Easy to clean as the beaker is dishwasher safe.
  • Convenient hand whisking as the cord can be locked to either left or the right side.
  • Speed can be varied in 5 different intensities.
  • Comes with a recipe book and a spatula.
  • Comes with a product manual containing detailed instruction.


  • Cons:
  • You will need to make sure that the beaters are being inserted to their designated correct side. You cannot just inset the beaters to any of the side randomly.


  1. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Hand Mixer:

None of us like machines that are complicated even in the case of hand mixers. You will just simply switch on or off the hand mixer using a button that has the option indicated. Also, with 1 touch speed control button you will be able to select your desired speed amongst 9 different options.

Don’t worry about the ingrediants splattering when dry. Because this amazing hand mixer has 3 speeds that are low in terms of intensity so that initially you can do the job of mixing without creating a mess around you. Furthermore, keeping the hand mixer and all the detachable parts that it comes with, well aligned has been made easy for you. The hand mixer comes with a clear storage compartment where you can store all these things after use safely.

To add more, this amazing hand mixer is the solution to almost all your problems. As it comes with chef’s whisk, dough hooks and as well as a spatula. You will get an instruction and recipe book as well for free.

  • Pros:
  • Beaters can be effortlessly ejected for cleaning by pressing just one switch.
  • Comes with a chef’s whisk, dough hooks and as well as spatula for cooking numerous number of recipes.
  • 9 different speed options are available for mixing things without letting ingrediants splatter.
  • Comes with 3 year limited warranty.


  • Cons:
  • For few seconds the hand mixer will start fast and then it will slow down.


  1. KRUPS GN4925 Quiet 10 Speed Hand Mixer

KRUPS GN4925 Quiet 10 Speed Hand Mixer makes sure that you do the job without getting to hear awful noises. Because the coated beaters of the mixer allow you to mix ingrediants in both bowls and pans without creating any noise.

If you want a very high speed for mixing ingredients that are kind of stubborn while getting together you can simply switch on the turbo boost option. It will save up a lot of your time. Also, don’t sweat out regarding ingrediants splattering all over because it will start at a low speed and gradually you can increase to up to ten different intensities according to your own preference.

Furthermore, you will not need to knead the dough anymore with your own hands. The hand mixer comes with hooks that will make the job easier for you.

  • Pros:
  • Comes with the option of running 10 different speeds for different recipes to be made.
  • Comes with extra dough hooks for easy dough preparation.
  • Extra turbo boost option for super-fast mixing.
  • Coated beaters to make sure no sound is emitted.


  • Cons:
  • Does not come with a storage compartment like other hand mixers.

Final Verdicts:

To sum up, get anyone amongst the top 5 best had mixers that we have listed above, we have surely made choosing easy for you by highlighting all the special features that each of the hand mixers serves. You can get yourself the one that seems to be perfect for the kind of cooking and job that you do at your kitchen.

However, if the decision of picking up one comes we would prefer recommending the KRUPS GN4925 Quiet 10 Speed Hand Mixer. This one is perfect to go with any regular kitchen because of how quietly it gets the job of mixing ingredients done. Furthermore, you will not need to worry about any of the accessory getting rusted because of coming into contact with moisture because they are coated with stainless steel.

In the end, the choice of getting the best one is yours this recommendation is only to help you with a bit of guidance. All the other hand mixers are surely the best at doing their jobs.











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