Nothing can stop an adventure lover or a camper. They find alternatives to all the things they need to enjoy their traveling or camping to the full extent.

If it is about the toilet, then they feel comfortable with portable toilets. The portable toilets are actually for campers or adventure lovers who carry them in their van or RVs. As a result, they don’t have to be worried when they have natural calls. These portable toilets decrease the discomfort and worries in the adventures or camping sites with family or friends. They provide facilities so that you can get rid of the wastes without a mess. They are also lightweight so that you can carry them wherever you go camping, fishing, or hiking.

There are a bunch of portable toilets of different designs, sizes, and types from different brands. Consequently, when you decide to buy one you become overwhelmed with a variety of options. That’s why we’re here with a detailed list of 5 Best Portable Toilets.


  1. Porta Potti White Thetford Corp:

If you’re looking for a modern portable toilet, then this is the one you’re searching for. This Thetford 92360 Corp Portable Toilet comes with all innovative features and facilities that provide comfort to the users. It is suitable for different uses like boats, camping, RVs, trucks, medical, vans, and others.

It comes as a bowl along with a toilet seat that is the perfect size for most of the users. This features a holding tank that can hold 5.5-gallon waste and a water tank that can hold 4-gallon water. There is also a user-friendly carrying handle and a joint toilet tissue holder. Its curved shape design makes it comfortable to use.

The feature which makes it a unique one is its flush control that is battery-powered. It keeps the toilet neat and clean and enables the users to use it anywhere they want. You just have to ensure enough water in the tank. Another impressive feature is it is a leak-proof and odor-free toilet. It comes with a sealed valve that inhibits the odors from spreading. Again, emptying the waste is also simple with the rotating spout. It is also very easy to maintain and use with its straightforward tank level pointer.

Overall, this is an excellent portable toilet with enough versatility and functionality. Its comfy seat height, sleek design offers a homelike look wherever you carry it.


  • A multi-purpose toilet
  • Easy to use, maintain, clean and carry
  • Comfortable, and odor-free
  • Battery-powered flushing system


  • Flushing system malfunctions in some cases
  • Sometimes leaks


  1. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet:

This Camco 41541 portable toilet is another great, versatile toilet. For its great portability, it is suitable for boating, camping, RVs, trucks, and even vans. You can even use it for parties and family picnics. If you’re looking for something durable and functional, then this toilet is the right one for you. Though this toilet has a robust polyethylene construction, it is very lightweight with just 11 pounds weight.

It comes with a waste tank with 5.3 gallons holding capacity and a water tank with 2.5 gallons holding capacity. Both the tanks are separated from each other; the waste tank is at the bottom. Though the tanks are separated, they are sealed together securely with side locks.

There is a sliding gate valve that you can use for taking out wastes. This valve provides a water-tight seal and prevents splashes and odors from creating. There is a cap at the back of the waste tank that is used for emptying the waste. It also comes with a plastic seat and lid. Though it is very lightweight and easily portable, it can support a maximum of 330 pounds. This toilet features a bellow type flush that provides an effective flush.

Overall, this is an excellent portable toilet comfortable to use for different recreational purposes.


  • Easy to carry, use and clean
  • Solid construction but lightweight
  • Compact size perfect for small places and even vehicles
  • Manual pump flush offering longer durability


  • Sometimes leaks
  • Not much durable


  1. Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet:

If you’re looking for something very simple, easily portable and hassle-free, then you can choose this Luggable Loo Portable Toilet. This is a bucket attached with a toilet lid and seat. There is also a waste bucket inside of it which you can remove easily.

Moreover, it is very easy to carry and very small so that you can set it wherever you need it.  It weighs only 5 pounds and can hold 5 gallons of wastes. There is a metal handle for easy portability. So, it is suitable for a variety of purposes like hunting, camping, fishing, boating, RVs and trailers, and even any emergency survival situation and disaster preparedness.

Though it is very lightweight, its construction is sturdy enough to hold large and heavy adults. The toilet seat with the lid is also made of hard plastic. The toilet is very simple to use as you can use bags to dispose of wastes in a simple way. Using waste bags is more sanitary and many people prefer it also. Besides, it helps to clean the waste very easily by only throwing it into any dustbin. The toilet is also very easy to clean with just using some soap with water or any sanitizing wipe.

So, this is a good and simple portable toilet with a simple maintenance system.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Simple bucket type toilet fits any smaller place
  • Lightweight
  • Waste removal is very simple


  • Not much durable
  • Small in size
  1. Stansport 271 Portable Toilet:

If you prefer something easily portable yet sturdy for nature calls in your camping, boating, or traveling, then you’ll love this toilet. This toilet is designed with a robust high-profile body and superb portability for providing comfort in outdoor activities.

This toilet comes with a white plastic seat and tubular steel legs. The legs are made sturdy and heavy-duty that provides great stability and durability.  There is a plastic ring for holding containment bags in place and you can remove that for changing the bags. This toilet comes with six plastic bags. It can hold a maximum of 200 pounds of wastes.

The most unique feature of all of these portable toilets is this toilet offers an amazing transport and storage facility. This is very lightweight also. You can fold this toilet whenever you need to carry it. Again, you can store it after use even in a small place. So it doesn’t require a specific space. This splendid feature makes this toilet extraordinary. Thus, it is really good for hunting, fishing, hiking, RVs, trucks, coach travel, and other recreational activities.

Overall, this is a handy toilet with great durability, portability, and utmost comfort as well as satisfaction.


  • Easy to clean, use and maintain
  • Lightweight and foldable, so very easy to carry
  • Durable with good design and sturdy construction
  • One year of warranty


  • Very small and low seat, uncomfortable for adults
  • Not much durable for heavy use


5. Reliance Products Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet:


Are you looking for a good and affordable portable toilet, better than just a bucket type toilet, then this one is for you. This Reliance Hassock Portable toilet is designed as a lightweight and portable toilet to provide superb flexibility to the users in RVs, or tent. It will provide you with utmost comfort and 100% satisfaction in outdoors. This self-contained toilet is comfortable enough to sit even for a long time. No more hesitation about the toilet outdoors.

To ensure proper hygiene and easy cleaning, there is a bucket with a handle inside of it. You’ll place the waste bags in this bucket and thus you’ll be able to remove the wastes very simply. This is made durable enough to hold up sufficient weight as well as waste. The outer bucket is also made durable enough so that it can provide great stability and comfort while using it. It can carry a maximum of 275 pounds.

To add more comfort to the users, it comes with a toilet tissue holder. It will help you a lot to clean yourself in any situation.

Overall, it’s a great option to choose while planning for a trip or adventure for having a pleasant experience along.


  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Very simple to clean and use
  • Toilet paper holder is included
  • Comes with an inner bucket


  • The seat seems too small and uncomfortable for tall people
  • Made of plastic


So, we’ve gone through the details of 5 Best Portable Toilets. All of the toilets are designed for providing comfort outdoors. They are of different designs and features suitable for different situations. The flushing toilets offer a homelike feel to the users. But they aren’t suitable for all situations. So, there are self-contained, bucket type toilets also.

So, consider the situation before buying a portable toilet. The perfect portable toilet will act as a good companion for you on your trip or adventure.



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