A shop has regular visitors, who not only bring the shopkeeper a lot of profit but a lot of debris as well along with the shoes that they take in. Nothing can stop that from happening but all you can do is clean your shop regularly. And for that, you need to know about some best shop vacs that will deliver heavy performance and can take on the pressure of regular cleaning.

That is why we are here today to introduce you to the best shop vacs that can efficiently pick up both wet and dry debris. These vacuum cleaners are built to perform heavy duty and will serve you in the best way for getting professional cleaning experience.

  1. WORKSHOP WS1600VA Vacuum Cleaner:

WORKSHOP WS1600VA Vacuum Cleaner comes with a hose that has a flexibility of about 180 degrees so you can clean areas like beneath the furniture or tight corners. Keep the hose locked to the vacuum cleaner while using the hose to avoid spillage of dirt and debris by mistake and for dirt to go inside at a continuous flow.

This vacuum is suitable for picking up both wet and dry debris. During the case of picking up wet debris, the vacuum cleaner has an automatic shut off system that prevents the overflow of wet debris that you pick up inside the filter.

The dirt-holding capacity of this vacuum cleaner is up to 16 gallons. You can easily clean the wet debris with the help of the drain port included with the cleaner. The cleaner is more versatile than you have thought as it can be used as a blower as well.

The integrated blower mode of the vacuum cleaner is powerful enough that you can use it in commercial places as well. You can clean unwanted accumulated dirt from garages, driveways, and various job sites as well.


  • The vacuum can pick one gallon of dirty liquid per second.
  • The vacuum cleaner is resistant against rust, dents, and cracks.
  • Comes along with storage positioned on the feet and bottom of the cleaner.
  • Comes with nozzles that consist of LED lights.


  • It is not very lightweight, which makes it difficult to lift.
  1. CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum:

CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum is built to be used for commercial places like the garage, offices, and shops as well with the help of the powerful motor. The motor runs at a 6.5 peak for performing heavy-duty.

Instead of using the vacuum cleaner for just picking up dirt and debris, you can use it for blowing dirt as well. The vacuum cleaner does have a built-in blower port that can be used for garage, backyard, or lawn for cleaning dry leaves very quickly.

As it is a vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning both dry and wet debris, cleaning it is easy as well. For emptying wet and dry debris from the vacuum cleaner, it comes with an oversized drain that lets out the wet dirt without taking much time. The dirt holding capacity is 16 gallons so you don’t have to get bothered thinking about frequently needing to empty it.

For easy mobility, the vacuum does come with wheels attached beneath. You get to efficiently clean difficult to reach areas with this vacuum cleaner as it comes with a hose that has 180-degree flexibility and also features dual flex technology.


  • Comes with very useful accessories included making it suitable for cleaning cars as well.
  • Oversized drain for quick emptying of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Picks up both dry and wet debris up to 16 gallons.
  • Hose lock system.


  • The dust collection bag included with the accessories is not very useful.
  1. Stanley 6 Gallon Shop Vac:

If you want a very versatile vacuum cleaner, then this Stanley 6 Gallon Shop Vac is all that you want. You can use it as a blower for cleaning outdoors. Then, just a vacuum cleaner you can clean upholstery, carpet and all kinds of floors as well.

To add more, there is no limitation about what sort of place you can use it. You can use the vacuum cleaner for commercial places like a workshop, garage, shop, Jobsite, and laundry. You can also use it for household purposes like cleaning the bedroom, hotel rooms, kitchen, and upholster as well. It comes with a great horsepower of about 4.0 so it can take it all sort of dry debris and dirty dirt inside.

For regular use, the vacuum comes with a large dirt holding capacity that can hold about 6 gallons. You can keep going on with your cleaning session without getting interrupted for having to empty the dirtbag. To clean with precision, the vacuum cleaner comes included with three kinds of nozzles. These are gulper nozzle, crevice nozzle and the other is floor nozzle. Comes with a large-sized handle to hold on to for moving it around comfortably.


  • The vacuum can run continuously for 300 hours.
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Comes along with a long hose that is 6-foot-long for extended reach.
  • Extra-large drain lets you empty the vacuum in very little time.


  • Comes with a 10-foot-long cord that is not sufficient you will have to re-plug it very often.
  1. Shop-Vac 2021000 Micro Vac:

Shop-Vac 2021000 Micro Vac is specifically designed for cleaning in shops as it is lightweight for you to move it around easily. This vacuum cleaner comes along with a wall bracket that you can use for mounting on the wall. This helps in saving up a lot of storage space.

The vacuum comes included with important cleaning accessories for making your cleaning experience at your shop very easy and convenient. The included accessories are a crevice tool, gulper nozzle, filter bag, and a foam sleeve. To keep all these accessories well organized a tool holder is included as well.

The hose of the vacuum is 4 feet long and wide enough to pick up a lot of dirt or debris in one swipe. The top handle present on the vacuum helps you to hold onto it for easy portability. A powerful motor that runs at 1 HP peak gives the vacuum cleaner capability of picking up both wet and dry debris. Even micro-sized dirt or debris can be picked up with this vacuum cleaner.


  • Comes with 4 feet long hose for extended reach.
  • Useful attachments included for the efficient cleaning of your shop.
  • Comes with an accessory bag that lets you store all the attachments.
  • Wall bracket lets you keep the vacuum cleaner mounted for saving space.


  • The vacuum cleaner has the capacity of picking up only 1 gallon of dirt which is not enough.
  1. DeWALT 14 Vac:

DeWALT 14 Vac has a very sturdy and durable construction so it can be used for proper cleaning of a large amount of dirt. The vacuum picks up both dry and wet dirt for about 14 gallons which is a huge capacity.

To give users the ease and convenience of moving the vacuum cleaner around it comes with large rear wheels present on the front. For a smooth movement that the canisters of the vacuum cleaner are covered with rubber. We know that rubberized canisters are very durable and can provide great maneuverability.

The vacuum cleaner works great as a blower as well. This helps in making your cleaning experience very convenient as you can blow away dry leaves, sawdust, and accumulated debris from tight corners. It is adequate for cleaning commercial places and shops because of the great suction power and powerful motor that deliver 6 peak horsepower.

This vacuum comes with a drain built inside it for easy emptying of the dirty liquids that are picked up. The tank is large so the emptying process does not take a lot of time. To help you store all the accessories included with it, the vacuum cleaner does come with a storage system attached to it on the backside.


  • Large dirt holding capacity that is about 14 gallons.
  • Large and smooth rear wheels for easy portability.
  • Comes with important cleaning attachments.
  • Built-in storage compartment for storing all the accessories.


  • Not very lightweight so it is difficult to lift it.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, as you had a look at these best shop vacs we are sure that it has been a great relief for you. These vacuum cleaners that we have listed below are built especially for cleaning shops with proper efficiency and comes with various cleaning attachments included. So enjoy your day at your shop while making money in a very clean environment.


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