The steam shower is no longer confined to the necessary use to Gym and health clubs; it is now for fashionable usage at your home. Nowadays many homeowners prefer having a steam shower instead of the traditional shower.

A proper steam bath can rejuvenate your body, offer you relaxed muscle, and relieve your joint pain. A single shower after a long tiring day is enough to refresh both your body and mind. Choose any showing mode either regular or steam, listen to the FM or music, and enjoy the shower for hours.

In this article, we have arranged five Best Steam Showers of the market. Here, you would get a full detail to everything you need to know before you select the right one.

Luxury Shower Room
This heavy-duty L90S42WSHD shower shall offer you the best showering experience of your life. It will be comfortable as well as a fashionable part of your daily habits. Its spacious facility allows two people to enjoy their bath together. With its large cubicle and some marvelous features, this shower room is going to fascinate you.
This modern addition to your house not only comes with the art computerized control panel, aromatherapy, seats, and various jets. It has an exclusive addition of the control panel. Everything within the cubicle remains under your control with this digital panel. Through its connection to other parts, you can hear music, receive a phone call, or listen to the radio.
Its most important feature is the generator which is liable for your improved breath. So a single bath can give your lung a relief. Another thing you may love is its rainfall head, which helps to water to reach your whole body spontaneously. As an additional benefit, you will get the aromatherapy treatment, the bubble generator, foot massage, and 16 massage jets.
The shower has a durable waterproof configuration that gives you a long-lasting facility. The shower stands on a wooden board and the fiberglass. Its door prevents the water from coming outside. Its soft blue light gives your shower a stylish view and gives you the cosmic sensation.
·      The digital control panel gives you the total control of a comfortable bath
·      Rainfall head pours water evenly
·      The ventilation fan provides soothe from over-heat
·      Water-proof stainless steel frame
·      A soft light enlightens both at the bottom and the top
·      5 years of warranty
·      Only suitable for the spacious bathroom

Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L
Bring your SPA at home with Ariel Platinum DZ9559F-BLK-L. This easy-to-install home-friendly shower offers you both the regular and steam shower. This enclosed shower unit has six massage jets and one handheld showerhead along with the rainfall shower option leaves your choices to select the best shower for the day.

Are you in a hurry to get a shower? Don’t worry as you have the fastest heating 6KW generator. This product shall reach your expected high temperature within two minutes. There is overheat protection for your safe showering experience also.

The room has enough space for a pleasant shower. Its removable stool lets you enjoy the steam from any angle. Its aromatherapy as well as the Chroma-therapy lighting system offers you a healthy stress-relieving shower while listening to your favorite music from FM.

This classically designed shower comes in white color also. It has a disinfecting cleaning method and you can also clean the wooden floor every six months with the deck washing solution. Inside, you would also get a glass rack for soap, shampoos, etc.


The best cost-friendly shower

SPA-like fashionable and healthy showering experience at home

Has the ventilation and overheating protection system

Steam generator lifts to the high water temperature readily

Connect to the FM while taking a shower with a touch

Aromatherapy and Chroma-therapy system for stress-relieving


  • You need to access the panel at the back for any further service

ARIEL WS-600A Steam

Another Ariel product is present with the best possible configuration at your home. This shower room is also large enough with its 55″ X 55″ X 86.6″ dimensions.  So you can have a luxurious bath every time.

The steam generator is highly compatible to produce a high temperature within no-time. So, you can take a bath instantly as you decide. This shower also includes two types of head, handheld adjustable head, and the large rainfall head. You can choose any for your comfortable shower.

Its advanced LCD control panel enables you to control the temperature and time management. Its mild overhead LED light allows you to enjoy a relaxing shower. The ventilation fan also remains within to help the weather from getting overheated.

The sliding door of this shower remains perfectly sealed while taking a bath, and never lets the water go beyond the glass. To hold your bath kits this shower includes the storage selves and towel rack to hold your towel dry while bathing.

This shower also includes 6 massage jets, like others for your therapy-like experience. You will get your SPA-caring at home and feel like taking as many baths as possible.


  • Can enjoy both regular and steam shower
  • The rainfall ceiling shower head is oversized
  • Highly capable steam generator
  • Advanced LCD control panel
  • Temperature and time are adjustable
  • Massage jets give therapy-like experience
  • Ventilation fan to relieve the room of over-heating


  • The instruction for installing is vague

ARIEL 300A Steam

With a gorgeous looking, this Ariel 300A adds to the beauty of your bathroom. Its blue-tempered glass gives it stylish and attractive attire. Such a comfort of your vision! The shower includes all the features you may need for a fashionable shower room.

This 85″ shower room is great for a single person. Its door is of 23.5″ wide and you would need a height of 89-91″ ceiling height for the perfect installation of it. So, have a measure of your bathroom before you select this one.

Its steam generator of 3KW produces enough power to cover the room with steam fast. Its stainless steel configuration prevents any rust or clod from water. So, the longevity of the engine enhances. There is nothing to worry about overheating as it features the limiter for heating to heat the water fast and ensure safety.

You may easily control everything related to your showering with its digital control panel. Its rainfall and handheld showerhead will give you a regular showering experience. It slides downward, for water flow off, the seat will let you enjoy constant water falling over your head and thus, relieving your stress.


  • Exclusive stylish look
  • Perfect for both normal and steam shower
  • Digital control panel to control the activities
  • Stainless steel made engine has the longer-lasting capability
  • Includes aromatherapy facility
  • It has a structural warranty for 7 years and parts warranty for 1 year


  • Poor online instruction and becomes difficult to install


Mesa 803L 2-Person

Mesa 803L is an upgraded shower room from the contemporary bathroom. With ELT-certificate this shower is a 220V and requires 20amp constant power supply to operate. Like ARIEL 300A, this shower is also packed with marvelous blue-tinted glasses and the corner panels are of the aluminum alloys.

It also includes the powerful 3KW steam engine. The platinum dual computer control pad control panel lets you maintain the time, temperature, fan, light, FM, and others. It features a sliding door and you can set the door opening either at the left or at the right side according to your wish.

You can just tap on the switch and FM shall start. Its overhead Chroma-therapy LED lightning comes from the rainfall shower of the celling. The seven distinctive colors lightening along with your favorite song on FM improves your mental relaxation and elevates your mood.

Its two adjustable handheld shower wands and two folding seats at the corner give the facility to two persons to have a bath together. The overhead deluxe rainfall shower allows water to move gently through your body as if you are under a waterfall. The shower requires 2 gallons water per minute and it can be okay with your tank-less water heater.


  • Perfect for a two-person shower together
  • Chroma-therapy overhead lightening
  • Twelve acupuncture body jets
  • You may mix Vitamin C and E with water from the dispenser
  • A flexible drain hose connects the inner drain to the exit drain
  • It has towel rack and storage shelves


  • Some reviewers complain about leaking water
  • Temperature counts in Celsius only





Final Verdict

Bring a luxurious look to your home with the inclusion of the steam shower. The advanced showers are going to be the best stress reliever for you after a stressful day. The great lighting, fan, FM, and music can change your mood instantly. The aromatherapy facility is also a plus to bring your SPA at home.

These five showers are the Best Steam Showers available. They all shares some similar qualities and the distinctive parts make them all better than another. So, know them all and select the perfect one that suits you best.




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