Tired of moping around your hardwood floors? Are you looking for something that will require you to invest less time and less effort behind effectively cleaning hardwood floors? Then, we have listed down below some best vacuums for hardwood floors that will be your life, time, and effort savior.

These vacuum cleaners listed down below are designed to pick dirt, allergens, and debris from hardwood floors with precision and make it look polished. Yet they all have unique designs and functions making them stand out in the market.

  1. Shark Navigator NV356E Professional Vacuum:

Shark Navigator NV356E Professional Vacuum comes with built on swivel steering that navigates to provide you control when you are cleaning around various objects or furniture. other than just cleaning hardwoods you will get appropriate attachments for cleaning bare floor and carpet as well. You can deep clean the carpet as well as it comes with a brush roll as well.

The vacuum cleaner is lightweight enough so you can lift it for cleaning stairs or even ceiling. For applying traditional cleaning techniques on carpets or hard floors you can convert this vacuum cleaner into upright mode anytime required.

This vacuum cleaner comes with the capability of picking up all sorts of dirt and pet hair with its powerful suction system. The suction can take in hair and dirt that is deeply stuck on the carpet.

All of the allergens, dirt, and debris will be trapped inside the filter with 99.9% efficiency. So the environment of your home is free of allergens or any disease-causing germs as they don’t get a chance of escaping once they enter the vacuum cleaner.


  • Acts gentle for bare floor cleaning.
  • Comes with a brush roll included to deep clean carpet.
  • It is suitable for pet hair cleaning.
  • Comes with a HEPA filter that has 99.9% efficiency in trapping allergens and dirt.


  • The dust holding capacity of these vacuum cleaner is not very large.
  1. Dyson Upright Multi Floor Vacuum:

Dyson Upright Multi Floor Vacuum does not only clean hardwood floors but it does have the capability of cleaning other types of as well because of the cleaner head that has the self-adjusting capability. It automatically changes the intensity of the suction power for cleaning wood, vinyl, carpet, and even tile floors.

The long hose and the wand of this vacuum cleaner can be released by pressing one simple button. This helps you to easily reach under furniture and tight corners for about 40 feet. You can clean above-floor areas as well with this feature. The vacuum cleaner comes with a ball technology in it as well that helps the cleaner to easily move around difficult areas like legs of furniture or other obstacles.

For emptying the dirt bin of the vacuum cleaner you don’t need to touch any of the debris. All you have to do is just push a simple button and all the dirt will be emptied straight into your bin. No mess will be created. To add furthermore convenience to your experience the cord length of the vacuum cleaner is 31 feet.


  • It has the capability of cleaning all sorts of floors.
  • Easy to empty dirt bin hygienically.
  • Comes with a long electric cord that is 31 feet in length.
  • Captures very small microscopic dirt as well along with the large-sized ones.


  • Does not efficiently clean areas like the stairs.
  1. Shark APEX AZ1002 Upright Vacuum:

Shark APEX AZ1002 Upright Vacuum comes with a brush roll system that lets you clean carpets deeply and as well as floors for giving a polished and shining look. To add more, for extended the reach of the cleaner head so you can clean stairs and as well as beneath the furniture the canister can be easily detached. This makes the vacuum cleaner more lightweight so it can be easily lifted away for convenient cleaning experience.

The brush roll of this vacuum cleaner can capture pet and human hair. And the best part is, to give you nonstop hair removal experience the brush roll has a self-cleaning system. This reduces a lot of the work that you have to do for cleaning the vacuum.

The dirt holding bin of the vacuum cleaner comes along with an advanced HEPA filter. The seal technology of the filer locks in all the allergens and dirt that enters inside to ensure the environment of your homes stays hygienic and free of allergens.

Switch this vacuum cleaner to an upright mode anytime you want to give the carpet deep cleaning. The upright model also ensures to pick every spec of dirt and debris no matter how small or large it is.


  • Take in a lot of dirt at once as it comes with a cleaning path that is 11 inches in width.
  • The vacuum has the capability of cleaning both floors and carpets.
  • Comes with a HEPA filter that traps dirt with great efficiency.
  • Easily portable as it is lightweight.


  • The dirt-holding capacity of this vacuum cleaner is only 1.5 quarts which are not large enough.
  1. Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Stick Vacuum:

Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Stick Vacuum comes with the capability of keeping the large and small debris separate for efficient cleaning. With the help of the V-shaped design, the larger sized debris is directed towards the center of the suction path. The end of the v-shaped design does the job of picking up small and very fine-sized debris.

The vacuum cleaner comes with unique squeegees that have the capability of capturing pet hair embedded deep on the carpet or around difficult edges of hard floors. It funnels all the hair that it captures into the funnel leaving a very clean hardwood floor. The V-shaped design helps you clean accumulated debris on the difficult edges, corners, and hard to reach places as well.

Take the vacuum cleaner to any spot of your house without applying any sort of pressure to your back as it is very lightweight. This feature also makes it versatile as you can use it for cleaning your staircase as well. The swivel steering of the vacuum cleaner gives you the flexibility for cleaning difficult places around the furniture as well without causing any sort of damage.


  • Easy to an empty dirtbag.
  • Uniquely shaped V head of the vacuum cleans edges and corners.
  • Easily picks up pet hair with rubber squeezes.
  • Picks up both large-sized and small-sized debris.


  • The length of the cord is not very long enough.
  1. Hoover Linx BH50010 Stick Vacuum Cleaner:

Hoover Linx BH50010 Stick Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be cordless so you don’t have to face any limitations. Just attach the lithium-ion battery to it and it is ready to use. The handle of the vacuum cleaner can be reclined to give you the capability of reaching further without the need for moving furniture. This helps to make your cleaning session shorter to save a lot of your time.

The vacuum head comes with edge cleaning bristle so it can remove accumulated dirt, dust, and pet hair from edges that are very tough to reach. The vacuum cleaner has wind tunnel technology infused into it so the debris and dirt can be removed from the surface by using suction power where all the debris gets directly deposited into the dirtbag.

There are no limitations to where you can use the vacuum cleaner. You can clean surfaces starting from hardwood floors to carpet without worrying about compatibility. To add more, the vacuum cleaner is lightweight and only weighs under 10 pounds for easy portability. You can carry it from one room to another, up and down the stairs without getting fatigued.


  • Comes with power controls situated near your fingertips.
  • Battery fuel gauge included to update you about the charge percentage.
  • Cordless system gives user flexibility.
  • Low profile design lets you clean the area beneath the furniture as well.


  • It has a usage time of 20 minutes when you use it at high speed which might be not sufficient for large-sized houses.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, we hope that you liked one amongst these best vacuums for hardwood floors. Whichever vacuum you might choose amongst the ones listed above, we assure you that you will not be disappointed with the performance. You will find your homes cleaner than before and free of allergens making a healthy environment to live in.

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