Water is life and we all know the importance of it. However, even if water comes with life and carries on various important processes inside our bodies, it does contain some contaminants that can cause harm to our health. Hence, we must purify water before drinking it and for that, all of us should own the best water distiller.

So, we came up with this guide that consists of details about some of the best water distillers present in the market ensuring your good health by providing safe water to drink. Have a look at these for taking care of health by taking safe and purified water.

  1. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller:

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller provides the perfect temperature which is 212 degrees Fahrenheit for eliminating toxins and contaminants from your drinking water that can cause issues to your health. Other than just providing the proper temperature it comes with 6 activated charcoal filters.

It is optional if you want to use the filters or not. However, you should be using it. Since it can remove contaminants like chlorine or any other harmful toxins while the water is going under distillation. It comes with a great capacity of distilling one gallon of water within 5.5 hours.

No fear of the interior getting rusted since it is built using full stainless steel. The boil chamber, condensing coils and even the upper steam dome is built using stainless steel for ensuring that no rust formation occurs. To ensure that you can collect water purely, the distiller comes with a glass collection bottle.


  • Comes with a nozzle that is made up of porcelain and is easy to use for collecting water.
  • A 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
  • The glass bottle is included with the distiller for collecting water safely.
  • Comes with components made up of stainless steel.


  • The distiller has the capability of holding 1 gallon of water which might be not sufficient for some users as it takes time of about 5.5 hours to distill.
  1. H2oLabs Best-In-Class Water Distiller:

H2oLabs Best-In-Class Water Distiller is a well-known popular water distiller for its quality, design, functionality, and how easy it is to use. This distiller is designed to remove contaminants not only by using heat but also by filtration as well.

The distiller comes along with a 6-pack of activated carbon pods that removes contaminants with efficiency so you can have safe drinking water that is good for your health. The pods are enough for distilling water for the entire year. For the distiller to last long, and for the water inside it to be safe with no contaminants, the components are made with full stainless steel with grade 304.

The entire steam chamber that will be holding the water, the dome, sides, and bottom of the filter consists of stainless steel so there is no chance of rust formation. Any component that consists of plastic is BPA free and is completely made to the food safety standards. To further ensure that the drinking water does not come into contact with any sort of plastic or metal the nozzle of the distiller is made up of porcelain.

Even for hard scale water distillation, you will be getting a large jar of non-toxic crystals included. To bring out water from the distiller with safety so it does not come into contact with contaminants the distiller comes with a glass carafe included.


  • Comes with various components included cleaning crystals and glass carafe.
  • Easy to understand instruction manual included for using the distiller.
  • Carbon activated pods are included for efficient filtering of contaminants.
  • Full-year warranty provided by the manufacturer on the distiller.


  • Takes 6 hours to distill one gallon of water which is a lot of time.
  1. VEVOR Countertop Water Distiller:

VEVOR Countertop Water Distiller is perfect for household purposes because of the various features that it has. It has a quiet design so you can use the distiller even during nights without worrying about any sort of disturbance occurring. Furthermore, since the interior will require cleaning the distiller comes with a large opening. So it is easy and convenient for you to efficiently clean the chamber.

The distiller does come with temperature protection that will not allow the heat to rise above 160 degrees Celsius and will automatically shut off. You get to the option of setting up the temperature of the distiller up to 108 degrees Celsius. The great capacity of the distiller lets you distill up to 6 gallons of water per day making it suitable for a family to use.

Without any fear, you can directly intake the distilled water since it effectively removes impurities and kills bacteria even in tap water. To add more, the durable construction of the distiller makes it even more suitable for use since it is built with stainless steel. The shockproof glass used for beautifying the water distiller is food grade safe and as well as healthy.


  • Great working capacity as it distills 1 liter of water per hour.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Quiet operation system for distilling even during nights.
  • Built-in temperature protection that automatically shuts off the distiller when the inside reaches a very high temperature.


  • It is an electric distiller so it is not easily portable.
  1. Waterwise 4000 water distiller:

Waterwise 4000 water distiller is all about providing you convenience since it has the capability of distilling 1 gallon of water within 4 hours. Which is indeed pretty good enough if you have a family that consists of 4 to 5 members. Within 24 hours you will have 6 gallons of purified water to drink.

The distiller is designed to save electrical energy as well since it has an automatic shut off system that works after 1 gallon of water is purified. Easy to set up in the kitchen you don’t need any sort of professionals for installation. Just set it up, pour in the water, and press the start button. The distillation process will begin without any hassle.

Since it is for household purposes you will need to keep the interior clean. So it is built in a convenient way for easy cleaning. And for durability and strength, the distiller is built using stainless steel. This ensures that no rusting occurs to keep the water safe from getting contaminated.


  • Comes with a glass jug included collecting water from the distiller in the purest form.
  • 1 year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  • Great distilling capacity as it purifies 1 gallon of water every 4 hours.
  • Automatic shut off system after 1 gallon of water purifies.


  • Expensive in terms of price.
  1. ROVSUN Countertop Water distiller:

ROVSUN Countertop Water distiller is high in quality since its entire body is made with stainless steel that has grade 304. Even there is a shockproof glass jug that is included with the distiller so you can collect water in the purest form without letting any drop get into contact with contaminants. The jug is ensured to match the safety standards and is food safe.

For easy and convenient water collection the jug comes with an ergonomic handle so you can grab on to it easily. you are getting 3 sachets that consist of activated charcoal which is greatly efficient in removing contaminants even from ta water. For cleaning the internal chamber cleaning powder in included as well making it the perfect distiller for household purposes.

Consist of heating element that runs with the power of about 750W to help kill biological contaminants inside the water. This ensures that noting harmful enters your body. It does great performance since it distills 1 liter of water every hour and automatically shuts off when it is done with purifying saving up your bills.


  • Auto shut off the system when the temperature goes over 320 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Instruction manual included for easy installation and you will not need the help of professionals.
  • Comes with very useful accessories included for water collection and cleaning.
  • Holds up to 1.1 gallons of water.


  • Not portable.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, we hope that you found this entire guide very helpful for finding the best water distiller that is a vital necessity for having good health. It is known by all of us how important it is to stay hydrated for our proper health and the skin to stay good. So wait no longer and get the best water distiller today itself.

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