For sudden emergencies that might arrive because of water supply cut off or shortage of water, we all need to have a backup since water is a vital necessity. And for backup, we need to own the best water storage containers that will not only store a sufficient amount of water but will ensure that the water stays under proper hygienic conditions.

So, have a look at the water storage containers that we have compiled together in this guide that have amazing quality and will keep your water safe so you can have it ready to use during emergencies.

  1. Water Prepared Blue 55 Gallon Water Storage Tank:

Water Prepared Blue 55 Gallon Water Storage Tank will be a great backup for you since it stores your water safely and in a very convenient way. This ensures that you have a backup ready for emergencies like water shortage or if water supply gets cut off because of any reason.

The storage tank comes with great capacity as it can hold up to 55 gallons of water. You can keep the tank in your garage for cleaning purposes and even in the garden or backyard for watering your plants or any other purposes. Other than preserving water for usage you can store water for drinking as well since it provides a hygienic environment.

The plastic comes with the capability of being UV resistant for protecting your water and keeping it safe until the time you need it for an emergency. The tank is built with strong and high-density polyethylene material for taking on the pressure of 55 gallons of water inside it for decades.

Using water from this storage tank is not at all a hassle since it comes with a spigot that lets you connect any hose with it for pouring out the water from the inside. To offer you full flexibility the tank comes with valves that you use the water for emergency.


  • The storage tank does not let buildup of bacteria or harmful contaminants.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Stores water that can be used for up to 55 days.
  • Comes with a spigot included for easy attachment of hose for easy access to water.


  • Some customers found assembling the components of the tank slightly tough.
  1. Reliance Products Aqua Rigid Water Container:

Reliance Products Aqua Rigid Water Container is designed to have a molded contour grip so you don’t have any difficulty in collecting water from it. The container is indeed rigid to take on the pressure of 7 gallons of water that it can fit in. The rigid construction also ensures that it has durability for lasting very long.

It is rectangular shaped water storing container so that it will not take up much space and can be easily placed inside a garage, and can even be carried in the back of a car. To help in appropriately utilizing water so that not even a drop is wasted, the container comes with a spigot. This can be used for connecting a hose and to dispense water properly.

The gallon is easily portable making it perfect for use during outdoor activities and even for keeping water stored for emergency purposes. You will be getting a 5-year warranty against any defects that have been caused because of some mistake in manufacturing.


  • Suitable for carrying while going on picnics or for any outdoor activities.
  • Great water holding capacity that is up to 7 gallons.
  • Comes with a contoured grip to grab onto for easy carrying.
  • Spigot included for the connecting hose for dispensing water.


  • The container cannot be exposed to sunlight for a very long time this causes the construction to degrade and become brittle.
  1. Water Brick Tan Water Storage Container:

Water Brick Tan Water Storage Container can serve multiple purposes since you can use it for storing many other materials like a block of ice, sand, and many other needy things that you need to have as a backup. The construction of the container is completely BPA free and matches the safety standards of food grade.

This storage container comes with 6 of them included in a pack. Each of the containers can hold 3.5 gallons of water and any other things that you wish to store inside. All the containers are easily stackable since it can be closed securely so nothing leaks. This makes the container very space-saving as well.

To add more, the containers are small enough so you can easily carry them and each of them comes with a handle to hold onto. The refrigerator can easily fit behind cars, under the beds and can be kept inside refrigerators as well.


  • Easily portable since it is small in dimensions.
  • Comes with a convenient handle to hold onto while lifting the containers.
  • Durable construction is food grade approved making it suitable for storing water.
  • The containers can be used for multiple purposes other than just storing water.


  • The container is made up of plastic so it can get crushed because of force or pressure when it is empty.
  1. Augason Farms Water Storage Barrel:

Augason Farms Water Storage Barrel is a great thing that a homeowner who has issues of water shortage should invest in. This storage barrel helps in conserving 55 gallons of water that you can utilize for many important purposes. You can easily keep the barrel in your garage or your backyard for gardening purposes and cleaning as well whenever an emergency arrives.

Since the construction of the storage barrel is done with food-grade polyethylene the barrel is safe for storing drinking water as well. The construction meets the strict guidelines of EPA as well so you can keep your drinking water stored inside it without any stress about contamination.

Since the barrel has a large opening, you will not face any kind of difficulty with trying to clean the interior. The shelf life of the water that you store inside the barrel will greatly depend on the conditions and temperature of the place where you will be storing the barrel. So we recommend you store the barrel in a place that has a temperature between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Great water storing capacity that is about 55 gallons.
  • Strong and very durable construction for taking on the pressure of 55 gallons of water.
  • Does not take up much storage space as not very large in dimensions.
  • Completely safe for storing drinking water as the components meet safety standards of EPA guidelines.


  • Difficult to dispense water out from the barrel since it does not come with a spigot to connect a hose.
  1. Legacy Premium Water Storage Barrel:

Legacy Premium Water Storage Barrel is designed so you can carry a sufficient amount of drinking water for all the members of your family when you are heading out for an outing. The lightweight design makes it easy for you to take it behind your car and is portable since it weighs about 125 lbs.

This barrel lets you store up to 15 gallons of drinking water. And if you are wondering about the contamination and safety of the water then don’t stress about it at all. The barrel is made up of plastic that is BPA free and also matches the safety standards of food grade. It is dark blue to restrict the entrance of light inside the barrel to prevent the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

For ease in lifting the barrel comes with 2 handles that you can hold onto for carrying. For providing even more security and keeping the barrel shut properly rubber gaskets are included along with vent spouts.


  • Comes with handles to hold onto for easy portability.
  • The dark blue color exterior prevents the entrance of sunlight and the growth of bacteria.
  • Comes with the capability of holding 15 gallons of water.
  • Does not take up a lot of storage space as it is small in dimensions and lightweight.


  • A bit expensive in terms of price compared to the amount of water that it holds.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, since we got you introduced to the details of some of the best water storage containers we hope that you will no longer face difficulties during a water shortage. Some of the portable water storage containers will come very handy when you go outdoors so you will have safe water for drinking and you don’t need to compromise with your health.

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